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All three of our paleo Miami plans use the same paleo diet menu, what differs is the amount of food in each meal. The Skinny weight loss meal plans are extremely popular for anyone looking to shed a few pounds of fat. The Primal Diet is based on the diet created by Mark Sisson in his book The Primal Blueprint. The thought process behind the primal diet way eating is that humans evolved to eat a certain way and it is not the way we eat now. For those with limited mobility, meal delivery services are the best way to get the critical nutrients one needs without the use of reliable transportation. The Prime meal plans are for those not looking to stay lean, and The Athlete meal plans are great for those with large appetites.
In it Mark provides guiding principles for an entire daily regime that encourages our peak well being, leads to fat loss, and increased endurance. Each meal is made from scratch using our original paleo diet recipes, whole food, and gluten-free ingredients. These meals literally come as lifesavers to the bed ridden or those who are unable to cook for themselves. These great tasting meals have already become a favorite for so many, we know you will enjoy it too. Featuring 200-300 calories, minimal carbs, a solid amount of vegetables and enough protein to hold lean muscle.

The Skinny is the smallest portions, The Prime is medium portions, and The Athlete is the largest portions.
Those environmentally conscious individuals will be pleased to know delivery services offer less waste packaging than other quick food methods. Many people who can not do their own grocery shopping rely on delivery as a convenient and reliable way to fulfill their nutrition needs.
The time you save with this healthy choice, will be obvious in your increased energy and well being. Next complete our easy and secure online ordering process delivery is free, but you must live in or near Dade County, and the rest is up to us!
Our menu changes weekly but  all meals consist primarily of meat, fish, non-starchy vegetables, and fruit. You can trust what you are eating is healthy since no preservatives and all natural and fresh ingredients are used. Whether you have an active lifestyle or limited mobility, delivery services will make your meal planning easier.
The meals are as just as easy to grab as a frozen dinner but have a higher nutritional value and actually taste delicious.
If you are not interested in our Primal Meal Delivery we recommend you check out Mark Sisson’s Primal Overview PDF flyer that covers much of what the primal diet preaches. On this site we are often guilty of using “Primal diet” and “Primal diet” as interchangeable terms.

The high quality, enjoyable food delivered directly to you, helps you feel good about knowing your nutritional needs are met. Your health and the quality of our food are two of the most important aspects that drive our business. Note the Primal Diet is not the same thing as the paleo diet.The Primal diet allows for more leeway in some areas including dairy. Since both the paleo and primal diet stem from the fundamental belief of eating plants and animals (AKA the foods our bodies were designed to eat) many consider the terms to be one and the same. We deliver delicious Paleo, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Grain Free meals everywhere in Dade County. At Primal Organic meal plan delivery we believe clean healthy eating can bring balance, and energy to your days as well as improving your quality of life.
Forget the fads, listen to your bodyThe AustralianSeveral years ago I spent two weeks in India on a yoga and study retreat.
The Primal Diet is made up of Grass-fed meats, natural fats, eggs, mostly fibrous vegetables and greens, nuts, seeds and fruit.

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