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Their Men’s Plan is a little higher in calories at 1300 and men can supplement the diet with dairy and fruit to equal 1600 calories per day.
My order of a week’s worth of food arrived when they promised and was semi-frozen and well packaged.
All food was in perfect condition and eDiets recommends that when the food arrives, it is stored in your refrigerator and not frozen as the heating instructions are for thawed meals and the meals have an expiration date of about two weeks from delivery. Most food is packaged in sealed microwaveable plastic trays and the intended reheating method is the microwave. Some of the highlights include the Turkey and Black Bean Chili and the Blackened Chicken Breast with Seasoned Potatoes and Peas. Overall, eDiets provides a good service for those that cannot control portion size and who don’t have time to prepare healthy meals.
I would have liked to have seen other heating options apart from the microwave as I’m not a big fan of microwaveable food.
2) Radiance CleanseIt's London Fashion Week, so we've all spotted more than a few models clutching their Radiance Cleanse bottles on the tube.
I would say don't try this for more than three days, unless you have the willpower of Gwyneth Paltrow. Since the 90s, dieters have been signing up for food delivery services as a way to lose weight worry-free. Plus, all the decisions are made for you right off the bat: no impulse potato chip or pie buys. As with anything, diet delivery services can be great tools or can be unrealistic in terms of a sustainable plan. 1) Bistro MD is a weekly service, providing chef-prepared, fully cooked foods throughout the country. Bistro MD meals are flash frozen and can be reheated using a microwave, or hot water, giving them a more homemade taste.
2) Ediets is a large online dieting resource, and while it has one of the more expensive services, at nearly $40 per day (including shipping), it’s praised for offering more than 400 food choices. While there are indeed several benefits the services can bring, there can also be downsides.
Convenience: Perhaps it is the convenience of diet food delivery services that appeals to people committed to make a positive life change. Time-Saving: Busy people want simplicity, and don’t want to add stress or time to their already-hectic lives. Portion Control: Paying attention to portion control is one of the main issues with weight management. Unsustainable: While it is important to attain a healthy weight and to say “no” to external temptations, it is also important to maintain a well-rounded outlook on life.
And if you are set on diet delivery, and believe it would be a sustainable and affordable way for you to get lean, try it out. If you try out one or more of these diet food delivery services, let us know how it works out and what you think about these options. I’ve had a few clients use diet delivery services (BisroMD) and for some people, they simply work. In the most qualitative part of our review, we took ourselves out of the equation and invited five individuals to sample the meals.
Our testers knew the brand names, and we provided each cooked meal in the containers in which they were prepared alongside the packages. Bistro MD received the most five-point scores, while Diet To Go scored only as high as a 4 for its Lentil Chili with Grilled Cheese and a Brownie. The most common comment across all brands was too much salt, evident in taste and on nutrition labels. Bistro MD and Diet To Go both included standard nutrition and ingredient labels on their packaging; Freshology skipped this entirely, which we found very disconcerting. These brands were mostly true to their word to use whole, fresh ingredients in their meals. Bistro MD impressed us with whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat flour, seaweed in the vegetarian burrito, and cane syrup in the sweet potato pancakes.
Diet To Go had some interesting inclusions – like whole cups of Yoplait yogurt which is something we say is worse for you than a candy bar.
Freshology was the most expensive at $42.95 per day for their Dancing With the Stars-themed 10-day meal plan. LaRosa’s MarketData found that the average cost for a month on a meal delivery diet can cost $726, and these plans were no exception. Meals for this review were provided by the brands, but we were under no obligation to any for a biased or in-favor review.

Brandi is a health journalist who enjoys the task of keeping DietsInReview running like a well-oiled machine.
The information provided within this site is strictly for the purposes of information only and is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice, doctors visit or treatment. If you live in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Chicago, Dallas or Toronto, you can enjoy The Fresh Diet for $419.93 per week.
Zero Effort Nutrition is only available in California but features an internationally inspired selection of foods. If you live in New York or Boston, you can take a bite out of the Sakara Life delivery service. The food was packed by meal so it was easy to sort it out according to the printed menu provided. Because of this, the food really didn’t stand out as much different then microwaveable diet food from the grocery store with the exceptions being smaller portions, lower in sodium, and greater variety. It's also very pricey, but it remains one of the most popular cleanses for a reason.A  I love that they have a 'new mum' box as a gift to give a friend who has just had a baby or is expecting - not as a standalone cleanse, but as a way to top up their meals with nutritious juices. You are literally never hungry and feel like you've been eating at Zuma or Nobu.A  Packed with antioxidants and essential minerals this three-day boost felt original, inventive and was utterly delicious. There are numerous options to choose from as well, so if you’re thinking about trying one out, you should consider which program will be the best fit with your lifestyle and fitness goal. It offers four types of plans, ranging from $130 to $180 each week (about $26 to $29 per day), plus a $25 weekly shipping fee.3 As a BistroMD customer, you can also speak to a nutritionist for free. The company delivers meals on a one-week or two-week basis, and includes menus totaling 1,000 to 1,100 calories for females and 1,300 calories for men.
A New York Times reporter investigating diet delivery services said Chef’s Diet cost him nearly $400 for the first week.5 Calories range from 1,300 to 1,500 per day, although the company claims to focus more on portion sizes and food groupings.
It really depends both on your personal preference and how realistic it is for you to sustain these delivered diets, or a facsimile of the portion control, in the long term. The weekly or monthly trips to the grocery store may seem daunting and difficult to someone trying to shed pounds. Many people think eating healthy requires a lot of time and effort, and delivery services seem like the solution. With these services, portion sizes are under control, without having to bust out the measuring cups or think twice about how much you actually should eat.
While there are cheaper deals, like NutriSystem’s $12 per day, some other brands like Chef’s Diet can reach over $50 per day. Having portion sizes pre-set is essentially covering up and failing to address the real problem. Limiting yourself to only delivered meals could eventually hinder social interaction, which is important to our health as human beings.
However, it may be smart to first speak with a dietitian who can work with you, and make sure your meals fit your personal goals and lifestyle. Lifestyle changes through the use of delivered meals and dietary counseling in a single-blind study. I lost most of my baby weight doing it and although it seems expensive once you add up your daily spend on junk like take out coffees and maybe a chocolate bar etc it really is not that bad. Testers scored each on a 1 (worst) to 5 (best) scale and left any notes they thought worthwhile. The worst offender for Bistro had 850 milligrams in the Jerk Chicken meal; while Diet To Go had three meals with alarming amounts of sodium (1110mg, 1300mg, 1430mg).
However, we were dismayed by the inclusion of sucralose (or Splenda) in the berry crepes and veal stock in the stuffed chicken breast. A DanActive yogurt, V8 Fusion, and Ocean Spray orange juice and apple juice were also included; we would have rather seen whole fruit.
Their name and marketing imply fresh foods, but the processing dates printed on our meals (received the first week of January) were November 12, and December 1, 2, and 3. The brand underwent a major update in recent months with changes from their menus to website and logo. The results, comments, and review of these meals remains our own opinion and a reflection of our own experience and that of our independent, volunteer testing panel.
The provided content on this site should serve, at most, as a companion to a professional consult. Many of their dishes are rich in antioxidants and naturally occurring anti-inflammatory super foods. The non-perishable snacks and desserts were in a separate box located within the main package. I decided to give myself a break for the first few months of 2014 and enlist some professional help.

I did the easiest one, their signature cleanse which includes a cashew milk juice with maple syrup and Himalayan pink salt, which is divine. Really super-clean tasting food that is unprocessed and ethically sourced.A  A great variety of options, like spelt pasta salad, as well as a healthy take on a classic coconut and almond curry. Each week enjoy five 1200-calorie days, from three healthy meals Days five and six are both 600-calorie fasting days, from three smaller meals.Choose either red meat, poultry and fish, or a vegetarian plan.
The service focuses on helping dieters to maintain lean muscle mass through eating protein (40-50% of overall nutrient intake) throughout the day and even out blood sugar levels with low-glycemic carbs (30-35%).
Starting daily calorie intake is 1,200, and is created to help a person lose 1 to 2 pounds per week, depending on motivation and amount of physical activity.
However, the shelf life of NutriSystem meals exceed six months and no freezing or refrigeration is necessary, but the company did recently start a line of new flash-frozen foods.
The company claims customers lose anywhere from 8 to 10 pounds in the first month, followed by 6 to 8 pounds in each month thereafter. Create a budget to fit your finances, and put a little time aside each week to plan nutritious and realistic meals. Every now and then if I have had a bad week eating bad food I will have a week on Bistro MD.
It was a stand out favorite on many levels, from nutrition to taste and quality, as well as packaging. Mary Hartley, RD suggests a frozen meal should have 300-450 calories, 0 trans fat, less than 3.5 grams fat, less than 1 gram saturated fat, more than 5 grams fiber, less than 600 milligrams sodium, and less than 2 grams sugar. Enriched flour was used for the cornbread muffin breakfast, but wheat pasta was used for the macaroni and cheese.
Bistro MD provided meals from their brand and Freshology; Diet To Go provided their own meals. Practically guaranteed to be healthy and taste like heaven, your three meals, two sides and two snacks are created by an executive Le Cordon Bleu chef.
They have several programs to choose from, including gluten-free, vegetarian, healthy living and weight loss.
While the meals focus on leading a healthy life and not necessarily dieting, people find the switch leads to weight lost. The food is delicious, spicy with a nod to a variety of ethnic food tastes, with things like egg-fried rice, turkey biryani, and tortilla and green bean salad. The company caters to men, women and diabetics, with daily calorie intakes ranging from 1,200 to 1,500. In their turkey burger, no vegetable toppings nor instructions to add them were included, and a ketchup packet with high fructose corn syrup was.
You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime. Tasty choices like Chia Waffles and Spicy Sea Veggie Rolls will keep your taste buds satisfied. The only downside was that I could NOT handle the Miso soup with Shiitake Mushrooms in the morning - but if you let them know they may be able to substitute something else.A  It's pricey, but if I could afford this I would happily do this indefinitely.
Really delicious.A  This one I really would do for a month, based on taste, cost and how easy it was to stick to it. However, the plan requires customers to purchase a certain number of meals, estimated to total $400. Things like Filet Mignon and Whole Grain Strawberry Pancakes are yours for $454.65 per week! If you love spicy food this is definitely not the one for you, on the other hand if you really want to eat clean and seasonally, give it a try.
With 100 dishes to choose from I loved their Indian curries, Italian foods and Thai options - I really didn't feel like I was on a diet.
The company believes that while juice cleanses are great, they understand that a full-on juice cleanse isn't for everyone.
If you want to feel healthy, energetic and maybe even lose a few pounds (but a 100 per cent juice cleanse isn't for you) then the Raw Til 4 plan is a great alternative.A  My juice highlights were Betty Blue - blueberries, matcha tea powder and raw almonds - along with their Green Banana - coconut water, flax seed, pineapple and banana. Each cleanse comes with (in addition to juices and meals) Pukka cleanse teas, Lipicol Pysillium Husks and Westlab epsom salt bath crystals.

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