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Last year, I shared with you Foreign Language Friends a valuable online resource for Spanish-speaking familias and Spanish-learners. The site is theme-based, and covers topics such as colors, shapes, numbers, body parts, transportation, and many more. A subscription to the site is $9 a month, but MommyMaestra readers can enjoy an additional 25% discount if they use the promo code: LATINBABY. When exploring her printables, I found a whole series of downloadable booklets dedicated to the alphabet, numbers, shapes.
They also offer an Alphabet Smiles Kit that includes an alphabet poster, book cover, an ideas & suggestions page, and one handwriting page for every letter of the alphabet. According to an article last June in Fox News Latino, "The prevalence of autism among white children in the U.S.
My friend, Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, is the publisher of Autism Wonderland, a blog chronicling her experiences as a mother of a child with autism. I continued to think about those questions after coming home from that initial evaluation and looked at my son’s baby calendar.
By the second year, when he entered Pre-K, I sent my son to school on his first day with a five-page entry in a new notebook.
But the more I researched developmental milestones, the more I realized something was wrong. My only regret is not acting on my initial instincts; my son could have started Early Intervention so much sooner. For those of you who are homeschooling, I wonder if you are starting the school year today, too? The fervor that surrounds this time of year, the excitement of beginning school again, never ceases to thrill me. I'm looking at ways to better document all of my children's work without keeping every bitty piece of paper. I am super excited about the next few weeks, I have another great giveaway, a moving and informative guest post, and lots of books, products, companies, and websites to share with you! Thank you, Dear Readers, for helping to keep me motivated and for your interest in our children's education.
Along the same lines, one of their blogs, The Blender, has recently posted an article on 4 Ways to Make Kids' Lunches More Fun.
One of the best things about having this Nutrition Week on MommyMaestra is that I was able to pick your brains. In addition, some of my blogging hermanas have shared their healthy recipes and snack choices with me. If you are looking for natural energy bars, check out Ericka's Honey Nutty Tree-Hugger Bars - they look deliciosos!! Erick Recinos’ Top Tips for Getting Kids and Parents Ready for the ClassroomErick Recinos is a certified nutritionist and health expert.

Genesis Today has generously offered a sample package of some of their products to one MommyMaestra reader.
1) Using pretzel stick as skewer, thread on grape, cheese square, apple cube and California avocado cube.
1) Place two teaspoons mashed avocado on tortilla, spreading to within 1 inch of tortilla edge.
I’m happy to say that I never even thought about giving up and chucking the idea of writing one!┬áThat must be confirmation that menu planning has become a habit. There is also a new and improved format for the menu plan to make it more visually appealing and easier to read.
Sign up for my weekly newsletter to receive nutritional therapy advice, real food recipes, and exclusive offers for FREE. Latest news on infant and toddler nutrition and provides age specific information on feeding children for the first two years. I love the product because my kids loved it when FLF offered me a review subscription last year. DJ Inkers does charge a small fee per download, but I think it is reasonable and some are on sale.
If it wasn’t for autism, I may not have remembered that my son gave his first real kiss on Christmas day of the same year.
Early Intervention is crucial in a special needs child development; the earlier one can receive a diagnosis, the earlier services can begin. As mamis, we are the ones who decide what our family is going to eat and we establish our children's eating routines.
So because I'm all about saving time, I started buying Gerber baby food - just the fruits, like bananas, strawberry and banana, sometimes pear. I want to try the muffins in the morning sometime and see how my kids do in school afterwards. Genesis Today’s Omega Orange juice delivers key plant-derived omega fatty acids to support brain health, plus 200% daily value of vitamin C, with less sugar than leading orange juice brands.
Genesis Today’s Superfruit Immunity gummy vitamins are found at Walgreens and contain a unique blend of superfruits acerola and pomegranate, along with vitamin C, zinc and Echinacea to pack a powerful immunity punch. Many adults reach for caffeinated beverages that can contain harmful additives or artificial sweeteners. Genesis Today’s Acai Vitamin Super Chews are a quick grab-and-go snack with 2,000 mgs of the beauty boosting berry. The goji berry can be difficult to find in your everyday grocery store, but Genesis Today’s Cranberry Goji juice is available at Wal-Mart and other major retailers and features 10,000 mgs of goji berry. I received the same package a few weeks ago and agreed to offer one to you because the kids and I loved it.
They are my healthy snack of choice because they can be eaten sliced, or as an ingredient in any number of recipes.

So below, I'm excited to share some of my favorite discoveries of snacks and meals (that feature avocados) for students. I had to put the whole project down yesterday and come back to it after a night’s sleep. Katie reacted to something she ate this week with bellyaches, emotional oversensitivity, and hiccups. He was enrolled in a center-based program and I started using a compensation notebook to communicate with the teachers. We covered so many topics, read so many books, and learned so many new and wonderful things! When we don't take the time to think about what we are buying at the grocery store and what our meal plan for the week is, it becomes SO easy for junk food sneak into our lives. I have never been a great cook like my 'Buelita, mainly because I don't make it a priority. Two recipes that immediately caught my eye were the Cuban Beef Picadillo (yum!) and the Honey-Lime Sweet Potatoes. It took me hours to wring out the meals and snacks from the kitchen inventory list, look through recipes, and then make a grocery list that squeezed every penny as far as it would go without compromising on the foods I wanted to incorporate into our diet this week. They specialize in fun, teacher-friendly fonts and dowloads for the classroom and digital scrapbooking.
According to the data from 2001, white children had the highest rates of autism, 90 percent higher than Hispanic children. Children with autism have the capacity to learn and to love; they have just as much potential as any other child. I try to keep all sugary foods to a minimum, and items like these are only allowed as a dessert - IF they finish their entire meal. But I have embraced the methods of the numerous therapists and teachers that have come into our home to work with our son. A chapter excerpt (The Last Time of Anything) from A Thousand Branches received Honorable Mention in Glimmertrain's Family Matters October 2010 competition. Plus, their little bodies are close to full, so they are less likely to eat too much of it.
I have mentally removed the timetable of milestones, allowing my son to learn at his own pace. So I thought why not just create my own healthy, fruit "pudding?" And then I realized that, hey, Gerber already has! Recalling words from memory, constantly listening for words I may have forgotten or overlooked.

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