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The world’s greatest collection of awesome, crazy & original travels tales, trip testimonies and adventures that kick ass!! The Photographer Peter Menzel and author Faith D’Aluisio, have taken it to a whole new level (and perspective) by  spending three years traveling to over 30 countries and more than a dozen US states to cook and eat with a hugely diverse group of people. They took their camera and notebook and went out in the world spending time with local families. The result of their global food is a surprising and confronting photo portrait from people’s caloric intake around the world which have been published in the highly acclaimed book “What I eat: around the world in 80 diets”. Around the world in 80 Diets includes food portraits ranging from an Egyptian camel broker, a Japanese sumo wrestler, a Namibian diamond polisher a Sudanese refugee in Chad, a Bangladeshi factory seamstress, an Arctic hunter, a Tibetan yak herder, an Indian Hindu sadhu,, to a wounded Iraq war veteran. The centerpiece of each photo essay is a portrait of the subject with that day’s worth of food, a text about daily life, and an exhaustively researched food list detailing every item consumed, along with the total calorie count.
Camel broker Saleh Abdul Fadlallah with his day’s worth of food at the Birqash Camel Market outside Cairo, Egypt. Xu Zhipeng, a freelance computer graphics artist and Internet gamer, with his typical day’s worth of food in his rented chair at the Ming Wang Internet Cafe in Shanghai, China. Ahmed Ahmed Swaid, a qat merchant, sits on a rooftop in the old Yemeni city of Sanaa with his typical day’s worth of food. Cao Xiaoli, a professional acrobat, balances on one hand with her day’s worth of food at Shanghai Circus World in Shanghai, China. George Bahna, an engineering company executive and martial arts instructor with his day’s worth of food at his apartment home in Zamelek, Cairo, Egypt that he shares with his brother. Conrad Tolby, a long-distance truck driver and ex-biker, with his typical day’s worth of food on the cab hood of his semi tractor trailer at the Flying J truck stop in Effingham, Illinois. Saada Haidar, a housewife, with her typical day’s worth of food at her home in the city of Sanaa, Yemen. Maria Ermelinda Ayme Sichigalo, a farmer and mother of eight with her typical day’s worth of food in her adobe kitchen house in Tingo village, central Andes, Ecuador. Mariel Booth, a professional model and New York University student, at the Ten Ton Studio in Brooklyn with her typical day’s worth of food.
Willie Ishulutak, an Innuit soapstone carver in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada with one day’s typical food, and drink. Oswaldo Gutierrez, Chief of the PDVSA Oil Platform GP 19 in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela with his typical day’s worth of food. Robina Weiser-Linnartz, a master baker and confectioner with her typical day’s worth of food in her parent’s bakery in Cologne, Germany.
Ruma Akhter, a seamstress and one of over 6,000 employees at the Ananta Apparels company in Dhaka, Bangladesh with her typical day’s worth of food. Shashi Kanth, a call center worker, with his day’s worth of food in his office at the AOL call center in Bangalore, India. Sitarani Tyaagi, an ascetic Hindu priest, with his typical day’s worth of food at an ashram in Ujjain, India.
Rick Bumgardener with his recommended daily weight-loss diet at his home in Halls, Tennessee. Takeuchi Masato, a professional sumo wrestler whose ring name is Miyabiyama (meaning “Graceful Mountain”), with his day’s worth of food in the team’s practice ring in Nagoya, Japan. Viahondjera Musutua, a Himba tribeswoman, sits outside the house at her father’s village with her youngest son and her typical day’s worth of food.
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As the panels go to work in the first few minutes, the patient feels a sensation of intense cold. Patients may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after their treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after two months. Dogs usually gain weight for the same reasons people do–too much food and too little exercise. Talk to your vet if you feel uneasy about your dog’s weight no matter what the circumstances.

Their journey’s mission: to document in both word and image what people around the world consume on a daily base. After having spent some time with them they would generally ask them permission to photograph them next to a display of their daily foods. The caloric value of her day’s worth of food on a typical day in June was 1,700 kcals. Army soldier, with his typical day’s worth of food at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin in California’s Mojave Desert. The caloric value of her day’s worth of food on a day in the month of October was 2,400 kcals.
The caloric value of his day’s worth of food on a typical day in the month of October was 4700 kcals. The caloric value of his typical day’s worth of food in the month of April was 1000 kcals. Patients often spend the one to two hours of procedure time reading, working on their laptops, or simply relaxing. If the patient's treatment plan calls for a second procedure, an additional 20% reduction can be experienced. For instance, if the patient's goal is to reduce their love handles, the doctor will position the system on the patient's side. The CoolSculptingA® procedure is completely non-invasive, so the patient can return to normal activities immediately. As long as the patient maintains his or her weight with their normal diet and exercise, long-term results should remain stable.
Consistency will help you keep your dog’s weight consistent and alert you to rapid changes. A suddenly heavy or swollen abdomen indicates a serious disorder such as liver disease or a ruptured bladder. The result is a fascinating gathering of 80 very different food patterns from individuals around the world. Like many of the thousands of call center workers in India, he relies on fast-food meals, candy bars, and coffee to sustain him through the long nights spent talking to Westerners about various technical questions and billing problems. Patients may experience redness, minor bruising, tingling, or numbness in the treated area, but this is temporary. Ahmed, who wears a jambiya dagger as many Yemeni men do, has been a qat dealer in the old city souk for eight years. George eats four to five times a day but doesn’t worry about gaining weight because he’s active, working out in a special room in his flat and at the private Gezira Sporting Club near his apartment. In public, Saada and most Yemeni women cover themselves for modesty, in accordance with tradition. With no tables or chairs, Ermelinda cooks all the family’s meals while kneeling over the hearth on the earthen floor, tending an open fire of sticks and straw. At a healthier weight than when modeling full-time, she feels good but laments that she’s making much less money. She’s wearing her Bread Queen sash and crown, which she dons whenever she appears at festivals, trade shows, and educational events, representing the baker’s guild of Germany’s greater Cologne region. He took a temporary detour into the call center world to pay medical and school bills but finds himself still there after two years, not knowing when or if he will return to his professional studies.
Wheelchair-bound outside the house and suffering from a bad back and type 2 diabetes, he needs to lose 100 pounds to be eligible for weight-loss surgery.
Miyabiyama’s stable runs through a brutal three-hour practice—sweaty, combative, and silent. The 23-year-old mother of three lives in a small village a seven-hour walk south from her father’s village but visits yearly to collect her share of the family corn.
Carving is one of the few traditions of the Inuit that has made the leap into the wage-earning modern world. The sensation is a firm tug and pulla€”enough of a pull to ensure the selected tissue will be cooled most efficiently.
Camels are well suited for desert climes: their long legs and huge, two-toed feet with leathery pads enable them to walk easily in sand, and their eyelids, nostrils, and thick coat protect them from heat and blowing sand.
Although qat chewing isn’t as severe a health hazard as smoking tobacco, it has drastic social, economic, and environmental consequences. She started her career as a child, performing with a regional troupe in her home province of Anhui. During a two-week stint before his second deployment to Iraq, he spends 12-hour shifts manning the radio communication tent (behind him).

The Nile River bisects the cacophonous metropolis of Cairo, home to 17 million people, many of them very poor. Guinea pigs that skitter about looking for scraps or spilled grain will eventually end up on the fire themselves when the family eats them for a holiday treat.
While on the platform he jogs on its helipad, practices karate, lifts weights, and jumps rope to keep fit. Rick tries to stick to the low-calorie diet pictured here but admits to lapses of willpower. Her traditional dress includes a full body glaze of otjize, a cosmetic made of ground ochre, butterfat, and plant resin.
Willie says he can complete two or three pieces in a day, then sell them in the evening at bars and restaurants in Iqaluit for $100 ($93 USD) each, and sometimes more. These characteristics, along with their ability to eat thorny vegetation and derive sufficient moisture from tough green herbage, allow camels to survive in very inhospitable terrain. Now she practises five hours a day, attends school with the other members of her troupe, and performs seven days a week.
He eats his morning and evening meals in a mess hall tent, but his lunch consists of a variety of instant meals in the form of MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat). Although Egypt’s stock market and gross domestic product have risen steadily for the past four years, the standard of living for the average Egyptian has not.
His food for the seven days comes from the platform cafeteria which, though plagued with cockroaches, turns out food choices that run from healthful to greasy-fried. Before an 18-year career driving a school bus, he delivered milk to stores and schools, and often traded with other delivery drivers for ice cream.
His food may not look like much for a 400-pound man, but it’s enough to maintain his weight and give him energy for the ring.
She wears a fertility necklace and other jewelry made with leather and metal beads, a goatskin leather skirt she made herself, and an erembe, the traditional Himba headdress of married women. Qat is chewed several times a week by a large percentage of the population: 90 percent of Yemen’s men and 25 percent of its women. The government continues to provide food subsidies for those in need, creating a sizable budget deficit.
Unvented smoke from cooking fires accounts for a high level of respiratory disease and, in one study in rural Ecuador, was accountable for half of infant mortality. Fresh squeezed orange juice is on the menu as well and Gutierrez drinks three liters of it a day himself. School cafeteria staff would feed the charming Southerner at delivery stops, and he gained 100 pounds in one year.
When he isn’t in intensive training before a match, he is wined and dined nightly by sponsors. The hairstyles and adornments of both men and women change according to their stage of life.
You’ve only got so much time to deliver or you get fined big time.” After two heart attacks, both of them in the cab of his truck, and a divorce back in Mississippi, Conrad now travels with his best friend and constant companion, a five-year-old shar pei dog, named Imperial Fancy Pants, who gets his own McDonald’s burger and splits the fries with Conrad. His diet changed about ten years ago when he decided that he’d rather be more fit than fat like many of his platform colleagues.
The prescription drug fen-phen helped him lose 100 pounds in seven months, but he gained it all back, plus more. The portrait above is a composite, taken on two consecutive days: the sumo association wouldn’t allow Miyabiyama to be photographed during practice.
A mile behind him, toward the base of the mountains, is Medina Wasl, a fabricated Iraqi village—one of 13 built for training exercises, with hidden video cameras and microphones linked to the base control center for performance reviews.
He is one of the largest of the Japanese sumos and would probably have moved up even further in the ranks had he not suffered a severe shoulder injury. Sumos cook and eat chanko nabe—a stew pot of vegetable and meat or fish at nearly every meal. Miyabiyama eats now to maintain his weight rather than to gain it, unlike the younger less gargantuan wrestlers in his stable who are eating a lot to pack on weight. Although he is wined and dined by the sponsors of his team, during the period of these photographs he was training for the next matches in Nagoya, and therefore he wasn’t eating out in restaurants nor drinking alcohol.

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