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Over 90 per cent of cancers are preventable, says a mammoth new report which focuses on the part that diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity play in causing cancer.
The American Association For Cancer Research says the “war on cancer” has been a “qualified failure,” with cancer the second highest cause of death in the US after heart disease at 23 per cent. But while heart disease deaths have been steadily falling, there has been little change in the cancer death rate in the last 40 years. Only 5 to 10 per cent of these deaths will be due to genetic defects.  All the rest will have their roots in lifestyle and environmental causes. And while we have often been warned of how obesity causes heart disease and diabetes, no one talks so much about the fact that obesity is also believed to cause about 20 per cent of the cancers in women and about 14 per cent of male cancers. The mechanism by which weight influences cancer varies by the type of cancer, but it has to do with the way a skewed body mass index disrupts the body’s hormones, which then go on to disrupt DNA. How diet contributes to cancer is not fully understood, although it is thought most carcinogens are ingested from food, food additives, or from cooking. The types of cancers caused by diet vary widely, with as many as 70% of colorectal cancer cases related to diet.
Heavy consumption of red meat is a risk factor for gastrointestinal tract cancers, but also for colorectal, prostate, bladder, breast, gastric), pancreatic, and oral cancers.
It is thought substances produced during the cooking of meat (heterocyclic amines) are carcinogens. Long-term exposure to food additives such as nitrite preservatives and azo dyes has been associated cancer.
Bisphenol from plastic food containers can migrate into food and may increase the risk of breast and prostate cancers. Saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids, and refined sugars and flour present in most foods have also been associated with various cancers.
The report concludes cancer is a preventable disease that requires major life style changes. Most popular diets cut calories by restricting or eliminating a certain type of food or by replacing normal food with prepackaged substitutes.
Balancing healthy eating with regular exercise seems like it should be simple, but many people struggle with it.
The real key for me, and for countless clients I’ve worked with over the years, is nutrition.
Without a doubt, my dedication to the combination of both vigorous exercise and eating a clean diet by avoiding processed foods, sugar and starches has changed my life dramatically. Sign on today: Look for sites or apps with social-support, goal-setting and tracking features—many are free! The eatery: An app founded on the believe that losing weight starts with changing your habits.
Fitness app guru, Runtastic has four new apps to help you reach your fitness goals with 100 push-ups, 30 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups and 150 squats. Download each app to get a scientific sports training plan that helps you gradually reach your number goal with each exercise.

Like your own personal trainer, when you start to feel the burn your smart phone will let you know how much time you have left before you can take a rest. For those of you who need a little more motivation, the voice coach feature will literally help you stick to your goals. Let your friends know when you reach your goals by sharing your statistics and records on Facebook, Twitter or through e-mail. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them.
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Being overweight or obese is linked to colorectal, endometrial, gallbladder, kidney, pancreatic, and postmenopausal breast cancer.
It’s certainly not healthy to go out and eat a double cheeseburger and a large fries after a workout, but it’s also not healthy to skip your next meal either. Here to help you are the nutrition and fitness experts at The Solana Club, the premier health club serving Roakone, Trophy Club, Westlake, the Metroport area, and Denton County.
His fitness “wake up call” came while watching one of those “E True Hollywood Stories” featuring Brad Pitt.
Eating right not only affects my waistline, but I’ve found that it directly affects my mood too. Stock your fridge with Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, lean meats, salads, and lots of cold water. We recommend upgrading your browser, checking your Compatibility Settings or switching to another browser for an optimal experience.
Online programs help you shed pounds more effectively, according to a new review of 14 weight-loss studies involving more than 2,500 people. Scan the bar codes of packaged foods and get the scoop on key nutritional details with this app. There’s also an extensive database of nutritional information and super-supportive communities for words of encouragement! Take pictures of your meals and rate them (fit or fat) to track how well you’re eating and get helpful feedback from other users. These apps are a step outside the box for Runtastic, a company whose apps, up to this point, have been geared towards the cardio set.
Each app uses a sensor (built into your phone) to keep track of your reps allowing you to focus on more important things…like the burn.
This is great for those of you who are just starting out and need some positive reinforcements. Uploaded to the Runtastic fitness site for an in-depth look at how far you’ve come…and far you may have to go. Health and Wellness Videos(Documentaries) Reaping The Maximum Health Benefits From Both Diet and Exercise November 27, 2012 by Chad Jones Leave a Comment Last updated on: January 10, 2015 Ideally, everyone should perform exercise and eat a well-balanced diet.

Today, the exercise and nutrition authorities at The Solana Club, the premier fitness center in Roanoke, discuss balancing a healthy diet with your favorite exercise routine. Dramatically restricting the intake of any food group, be it carbohydrates or fat, can result in weight loss. For more information or to schedule nutrition counseling with our registered and licensed dietician, Karen Henry, call 817-430-0038. I found that my passion for fitness and my personal transformation grew with each workout, and I decided to turn training into a career.
While I am dedicated to an eat clean diet (although it's not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle) I’m not perfect.
The combination of both exercise and healthy diet is the key to achieving an excellent degree of health and fitness. To find out how many calories you need in a day, we encourage you to use an online calorie calculator. We are open from 5 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday and from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
If I slip up on the weekend by indulging in dessert, I know I have to make it up by eating clean and working out harder the during the week.
If you put more than that, the shredder runs funny, and if you continue to feed paper through it, the shredder will overheat and shut down. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. The easiest way to do this is to modify the types and amounts of foods you currently enjoy in a way that helps you meet your daily nutritional needs.
Errick went in with the knowledge he gained from an athletics background and an “I will not fail” attitude. And the results are encouraging: Computer-based programs helped users lose over five pounds more than offline dieters. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. Weight Loss Losing weight involves picking the right foods and cutting some amount of calories. If you eat more than what your body can handle at one time (everyone is different but the base rule is 500 calories per meal), you will start to run funny too.
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