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You may, from time to time, have heard that how “antioxidants” can relieve “oxidative stress” and fight “free radicals”. On February 8, Food Matters designed a 7-Day Skin Detox guide with easy steps and clear instructions to give our body and skin some delicious treats.
Photo by Jonathan McInotosh As promised in my post on post-holiday detox diet plans, here come the food combination theories that will help you minimize chances for bloating, constipation and lack of energy. Enjoy my welcome gift for you, my discoveries and personal insights that I only talk about in this newsletter by entering your name and email below. Recipes for foods that are packed with vital ingredients which will restore your health and help you achieve life extension. If you overindulged this Christmas and are looking to jump on the New Year diet bandwagon, our favourite A-list health guru is here to help. Writing on her site Goop, she says: 'You know we love a good detox here at goop, and this January is no exception. The menu advises detoxers to start the day with room temperature water and lemon, followed by a herbal tea and special shake.Lunch consists of either a balsamic miso root salad or chickpea or carrot soup (bread rolls not included, obviously).
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Sassy Water has been named after Cynthia Sass, co-author of the world’s bestseller “The Flat Belly Diet”.
This drink not only calms down your gastrointestinal tract, also helps you get rid of the excessive water in your body. In order to provide optimal digestion and to keep your body energy stable, you should eat your meals in every four hours.
It is also important to know Why You Should Drink Hot Water With Lemon and Turmeric and Why You Should Drink A Few Cups of Ginger Lemon Tea Every Day. Drinking water, especially Sassy Water and using low calorie food will cause immense changes, in & on your body in only four days.

Besides all possible negative effects of Sassy Water Diet, there are some benefits for the detoxification process.
Doctors Are Speechless: Boil These 2 Ingredients, Drink The Beverage For 7 Days, Lose Up To 5 Pounds! This Exercise Is More Powerful Than 1,000 Sit-Ups: Spare 60 Seconds A Day And In Only A Month You Will Have A Flat Stomach! This time’s news include: food news, exfoliating and other skin detox advice, and meditation tips.
From Week 7 to Week 10 I drastically switched my diet plan from raw-food-based to cooked-food-based.
Unexpectedly, I have discovered that my detox journey not only gives me physical benefits, but emotional rewards as well. In Week 5, I started to realize my detox diet journey is a relationship-bonding opportunity for me and my body.  I can understand better what my body really needs and become a more mindful eater. LifeBotanica offers a program which is beyond just colon cleansing which results in quick weight loss and water weight reduction.
Health advocate Gwyneth Paltrow has unveiled a January detox meal plan, which she promises is 'warming, filling and doesn't feel like a sacrifice'.While the 41-year-old probably didn't shovel in as much stuffing and Christmas pudding as we did this festive season, she has joined forces with a nutritionist to create a healthy and cleansing meal plan. If you're feeling peckish in the afternoon, Gwyneth suggests snacking on walnut lentil pate or a handful of nuts before feasting on coconut poached salmon, quinoa stuffed squash or pan-steamed chicken and broccoli for dinner. Your body will rehydrate and eliminate toxins in few days, but that does not guarantee that the lost weight won’t come back when you start consuming a “real food”. The nutrition is focused on monounsaturated fats which comes from olive oil, nuts and other herbal food.
We believe there is no such thing as a colon cleanses, kidney cleanses and repair liver cleanse in just a 5, 7 or 10 day cleansing period.
Our aim is to help you support and guide you for a Life Style Change achieve a lifestyle extension.

With nutrition plan and by drinking 8 glasses of Sassy Water per day, dieters can achieve their goal. Ginger is very useful for calming down your gastrointestinal tract and it is proved cancer fighter.
By eliminating carbohydrates, red meat, sugar and caffeine from your daily menu, your body will stop storing water. Your body can start storing water at the moment when you start consuming carbohydrates and sugar. Eat monounsaturated fats in every meal – you are satiated and you take low amount of calories at the same time. Please enjoy;-) I started my diet experiment at the beginning of June, 2013 in the hopes of having better skin and learning more about healthy eating and the science behind it.
To truly achieve a lifestyle change and avoid constipation, colon cleanses, colon Detox, we recommend LifeBotanica Detox Complete.
To help you restructure you’re eating habits and slowly acquire skills to choose the best food categories which keep you healthy and prolong your life. This diet is unique because you are allowed to eat at least one dish of monounsaturated fats during each meal. A proper nutrition and consuming of additional liquids will prevent bloating and constipation.
Sassy Water can be a good plan for those who don’t want to lose weight, but only to clean their system.
This mixture of ginger, cucumber, lemon and water can improve digestion and maintain hydration in your body that decrease the desire of sugar.

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