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With graduate school and subbing starting up again, my life is back to super busy, as I’m sure all of you are experiencing as well!
Please remember, I am not a nutritionist, dietician, or personal trainer, this is just what works best for me and my body. Remember, do what works best for you though, if cooking everything at once on Sunday is too much because that’s your day of rest, pick two days to meal prep then, this is what I do sometimes!

An inside peak at what one of my already prepped meals for the week looks like- a turkey burger, with one half of a sweet potato, and my favorite, green beans and mushrooms!You can pack your meals all together like this OR you can store all your protein, veggies, and starches separately then just scoop out what you need through out the week!Depending on what I’ve cooked, I will vary with how I store my prepped meals! Some chicken I grilled up, Honey Mustard and Italian Seasoned, stored separately because I don’t like when flavors of my food mix!

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