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If you are looking for a proper diet in order to lose those few extra pounds and some of your fat, you have stumbled to the right website because here I will reveal the secrets of the cavemen to you.
I am currently in the Marine Corps, I'm not out of shape or anything but I want to be fitter and have a goal of doing better in my physical aspect.
But yes, read up on the link that was provided and that will give you all the info you need to know.
Today I'm going to start a three part series on how I use Mark Sisson's guidelines to set up my own weight-loss plan.
This is a "no deprivation" plan because it includes all the treats that make my meals enjoyable - bread, berries, chocolate and wine, which makes it very sustainable over a long period of time.
I'm sure that as I get closer to my goal I will need to cut down a bit more, but because I have started out with a very liberal menu, I will be able to do this easily without totally depriving myself of the foods I enjoy. The key for me is in getting most of my protein from seafood and also from a protein shake so I can afford to have these little splurges, still eat a well balanced diet, and keep my calorie count and carbohydrate count low enough that I lose weight. I'm not saying this will work for everyone because everyone is different, but it does work for me and possibly could also work for some of you as well, which is why I am sharing it today. His recommendations are that she get between 60 to 110 grams of protein, under 80 grams of carbs, and 100 grams of fat per day which will keep her calorie count between 1400 and 2200 per day. I try to keep my calories as low as possible, since this has been proven to be a good anti-aging strategy as well as a weightloss one. I add various dinners during the week, but I eat the same breakfast, lunch and snack each day. Today I want to give you an example of the other meals I eat during the day and how the nutritional counts add up.

If you work in an office you could start your day with a cup of coffee and a hard boiled egg, then take your bread and jam to have with coffee for your morning break. For lunch I usually have the same salad every day because it's my favourite - a big bowl of mixed salad greens, 4 slices of chopped cooked bacon, one chopped hard-boiled egg, a chopped small tomato, and some orange vinaigrette (fresh orange juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper). Since I get up so early, by 3 or 4 pm I start feeling a bit tired but I usually work a 10 or 12 hour day, so to keep myself going I have a Primal protein shake while I work. When I'm focusing on weight loss I have a raspberry shake because I think it gives me the most bang for my buck.
This gives me a good range for my evening meal and I don't find it a problem to fit my recipes into this plan, as I will show you in the next couple of days. During the day, when I am thirsty or want a warm drink I will have Perrier with some lemon or lime, herbal tea, or green tea.
In part 2 I will get into the specifics of how my menu plan fits into my weightloss plan. Valid comments are always encouraged and welcome, but please remember this is not a platform for self-promotion.
I will explain what Paleo Diet is and provide very healthy and effective Paleo Diet plan, and later we will discuss its pros and the cons.
The Paleo (also known as Caveman) diet is a kind of diet which is very different from the other diets you know. Keep in mind that you can change this plan according your needs, as long as you stick to the Caveman Diet we have described in the previous part. Please leave feedback on what improvements I need to make since I am new to all this diet plans.

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It is very simple and the only thing we need to do is to eat healthy like our ancestors – the cavemen, and adopt their lifestyle with consuming only lean proteins, seasonal fruits and vegetables and fats but only the good ones.
For breakfast, you can have bowl of delicious berries with some coconut milk, Italian spaghetti, delicious spinach omelet, yummy bacon and eggs, steamed broccoli etc.  For lunch you can have some roasted chicken with some salad, vegetable soup, salad with tuna, bacon and salad, egg salad etc.
The cons of this diet plan are: it can be expensive and it requires huge adjustments in your lifestyle. I'm also planning on doing P90X on my lunch hours, P90X wont be consistent due to the fact of my working hours but plan on doing atleast 4-5 times a week. Paleolithic nutrition will make us to consume more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and we will reduce the grains, legumes and diary. Dinner is also reach and it can be spaghetti, beef goulash, any soup, potato, chicken, roasted beef and roasted vegetables etc.
This is a great way for us to stay lean, strong and energetic and we will lose those few extra pounds in our body with some of our fat. You are even allowed to have snacks like nuts, hard boiled eggs, berries, dark chocolate, vegetables etc.
All the fruits and vegetables will provide the vitamins and the minerals needed to keep us healthy and prevent us from many diseases. In the Paleo lifestyle, there is even place for healthy fats from the seeds and nuts which will also prevent us from many diseases.

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