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FacebookTwitterReddit There are thousands of fat cutting diet plans available freely for download so why bother reading this article?
First of all creating your own fat cutting diet plan isn’t as nearly as hard as most people think. If you don’t know your body well enough how can you expect some random anonymous guy over the internet to know?

Think about it, if you are having trouble putting in the effort to learn your body what are theThe biggest problem with 99% of online fat cutting diet plansI’d say the biggest problem is that they are made just too damn generic to produce any results. So as far as body composition goes food is just energy, fat loss or fat gain depends on how much energy (calories) you eat and spend.
The main benefit of healthy food over junk food is that it just has far more nutrients which allow your body to operate optimal but weight loss comes down to one basic thing, how much you eat and how much you spend.ConclusionThe key point from this article is that any meal plan can be modified to become a fat cutting diet plan.

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