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Even my body in my teens and young adulthood does not compare to now being a 35 year old working father of twin boys and a 1 year old son and of course a husband. It’s been a wonderful ride these past 12 weeks and I will say with some pride here - that I am very happy with my results I got personally from Turbulence Training. I decided to jump in the the 4th TT contest and try to really get to some solid – yet very reachable goals and have fun with a lot of others who joined in for the accountability.
I knew by entering this contest would really give me that accountability I needed and it worked to my advantage. 2) Setting short term and long term goals (now this really made a big difference in my transformation).
I learned not to look too far forward because I realized that I might just miss the beauty of the journey to begin with. Nowadays, when I do play volleyball - I can last longer on the court, my jumps are surprisingly HIGHER and my swings have even more power in them. If you read any magazines or websites about bodybuilding, fitness or nutrition, then you will read a lot about cutting, but what is it? When people talk about cutting, they are generally referring to reducing body fat percentage, without losing muscle mass (or at least as little as possible).
That is a really key point when it comes to any discussion about what methods are good or not good for cutting. Most people wouldn’t be very happy if they went through a 6 – 12 week cutting phase, got down to their desired body fat percentage, only to find that they had also lost much of their muscle size and definition in the process.
Cutting body fat without simultaneously reducing muscle size and definition is actually one of the most complicated and controversial topics in fitness and bodybuilding.
This explains why there is so much confusion about what cutting methods actually work and why so many experts have conflicting views.
One element that you will find in most guides, methods or strategies for cutting is High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. HIIT is a term used to describe workouts that rotate short bursts of intense activity with periods of less intense activity or rest periods. One of the key reasons that HIIT workouts are so effective is because of what is known as the after burn effect.
During a HIIT workout, your body needs a vast amount of oxygen, and at the conclusion of the workout you will be left with an oxygen shortage.
In the hours that follow your workout, your body is fighting to get everything in your body back to a steady state, which requires lots of extra oxygen and speeds up your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours after you finish the workout. This is why a 30 minute HIIT workout can burn so many more calories than a 60 minute steady state cardio workout, and why HIIT workouts are so great for cutting. For maximum fat burning effect try to include 5x 30 minute HIIT workouts into your routine each week during your cutting phase. Another reason HIIT workouts are great is because they can be done anywhere with no equipment required.
HIIT workouts are excellent for burning fat, but if you want to reach that all important goal of cutting down fat without losing muscle mass, then you need to make sure you regulate your diet carefully as well. Incrementally reduce your calorie intake during your cutting phase, keeping a high level of protein the whole time, and increase your diet back towards your normal level towards the end of the cutting phase.
As I mentioned before though, one of the critical things about effective cutting, is reducing your body fat WITHOUT reducing your muscle size or definition.

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Are you looking for some information about blonde scene hairstyles for girls with medium hair? Going to prom is a very important moment and for women, there are some nice shoulder length curly hairstyles for prom to start with. Copyright © 2013 Natural Hair Care, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. I felt really heavy and with alot of Holiday gatherings going on at the time, my BF shot up to 17% - how did I let 3 months of my life ruin me that way?
I knew it was primarily up to my nutrition and that's what I focused on - but still keeping consistent with my exercise. And quite frankly, I no longer have the temptation for those high carb foods as much compared to the end of last year. If my goal was to lose a pound by next Friday…I was determined to do that and I did.
I really realized how effective it is to be really accountable not only to myself but to a great number of friends and family that will really give you a good pull of the ears when things may have went bad on a nutrition day for instance.
To top this off and this summed it all for me - I was recently approached by a high school varsity player at our local volleyball gym one night and was asked what high school I was playing for. If you drastically reduce your calorie intake, remove carbs from your diet and increase your cardio all at once, your body won’t have the fuel it needs to keep up and your muscles will start to atrophy.

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But I do believe in rewards and will indulge once a week so that I can at least share a great time eating pizza or ice cream with the family - guilt free as long as I know I was 90% compliant throughout the week. The TT Hardcore Fat Loss Program and Craig’s newer workout the March Madness Program were 2 programs I really enjoyed doing the most. I knew the plan going into this was simple yet the hardest to stay consistent with: nutrition.
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