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Full Circle Motivation has developed a new online recognition system called Awardbox (currently being piloted) which provides businesses with a low cost, electronic means of recognising performance and with back-end analytics, businesses are able to overlay results onto sales, morale, attendance, sick days etc. In short, performance measurement creates a sales leapfrogging process whilst preventing routines from becoming entrenched and stagnant and it forces people to try out new processes and ideas. In an interview Dr Andrey Pavlov of the Centre for Business Performance at Cranfield University’s School of Management sheds some light on the mysterious relationship between performance measurement and organisational performance. As Pavlov explains, to date all that can be said with some certainty is that performance measurement does affect performance in some way but exactly how or why it happens remains unclear. Pavlov identified ‘organisational routines’ that consist of two parts: understanding followed by action. When performance drops below the target level, a change is triggered in the organisational routine to rectify the shortfall.
Perhaps the most interesting effect is what Pavlov calls ‘intensification’ – that the mere fact of this measurement tends to force people to think about their performance, try something new, assess the effects of their actions and then try something new again if performance wasn’t enhanced. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Matthew Stafford, QB for the Lions may have been the only one that believed they could still win the game.  Even the sportscasters were talking about the concession speech the coach was going to have to make in the Detroit locker room. I had the opportunity to see Matthew play in High School when he led Highland Park High School to the Texas State Championship.
If you are in a leadership position, your confidence and drive (or lack of it) will lift your team to excellence, or sink the ship. For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. However, I have a different answer for you to consider.  You are your best investment.  What are you doing to improve your investment?
Taking care of you is the best investment you can make.  Once you are balanced in the areas listed above, you can not only have a fulfilled and joyful life, you can be a true blessing to others.  Isn’t that what we all seek? Sometimes prayer is all we’ve got, but sometimes prayer is all we need.  Prayer is an amazing thing!
You are doing your customer a disservice if you do not explain to them the difference between cost and price.

The Dallas Cowboys are arguably one of the most popular (and most hated) teams in the world.  It is hard to go anywhere in this country or the world for that matter and not have them come up as a topic of discussion in sports. When we had the old Texas Stadium with the hole in roof, the joke was that the hole was there so God could watch His team.  That went over well with the haters, I am sure.
Key players consistently stepped up to make great plays often at the last moment.  Who can forget the “hail Mary pass” or Emmitt Smith setting the all-time rushing record? Great drafting.  They always seemed to find the right mix of players that could make magic happen on the field.
The Cowboys have a history of finding quarterbacks that are not just great players…but are great leaders.  Meredith, Morton, White, Staubach, Aikman…and now Romo. I think most of us have asked this question before when bad things happen to us.  That is a normal response, but not how everyone responds to tragedy. Value family.  Ardys always stayed in touch and always let us know we were in her thoughts and prayers.
What I find odd is that now prosecutors are saying that the question is why did the officers wait to come forward?  My thoughts are, why did they not do the right thing and stop the madness? Sergio Consuegra was late for church and came upon the scene.  He stepped in between the men assaulting Alexian and said, “That’s it guy, let it go!  Let it go!”  They stared at each other for a moment, then the rage subsided. If you are a policeman, on duty or off duty, under cover, plain clothes, or uniformed, you have a moral responsibility to stop violence.  That code supersedes your directive. It took one lone unarmed civilian to intervene and stop the road rage.  Evil will back down when confronted head on.
The bikers who participated in the mauling and taunts take no responsibility for their actions.  Until they accept responsibility for their actions and show remorse, all they can expect is severe punishment. Had this happened in Texas, there is a good chance that a few people would have ended up shot.  But who knows, had the bikers seen a gun, they might have thought twice about messing with Alexian. Several of the men who were involved in the beating are career criminals.  Why are they on the streets again and again?  Who do they have to assault or kill before the justice system quits letting them out.  I realize this is a delicate issue because of prison overcrowding, but when we release violent people back into society time and time again to free up space, what are we accomplishing? I pray for our country that we come to our senses, that we take responsibility for our actions, and that we turn our hearts back to God.  We can’t face evil on our own. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign up to receive emails from Back to Her Roots and get a FREE copy of my 13 Simple Smoothies eCookbook.You’ll get notified of each new post on Back to Her Roots.
Perhaps the most interesting effect is what Cranfield University’s Andrey Pavlov calls ‘intensification’ – that the mere fact of performance measurement tends to force people to think about their performance, try something new, assess the effects of their actions and then try something new again if performance wasn’t enhanced.

Pavlov and his colleague Mike Bourne focussed directly on this issue: What goes on between measurement and the subsequent business performance? His study then traced the effects of measurements on these routines, pinpointing three precise effects: the trigger effect, the guidance effect and the intensification effect. The rivalry between the Cowboys and the Redskins, the Eagles, and the Steelers are legendary. But in the past few years, I’ve started to appreciate exercise for its benefits beyond a smaller number on the scale.
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He continues: “Our sales incentive programmes for example measure individuals’ performance against a control period and against their peers, on a week by week basis. The first step in his study was to ask a fundamental question: How is organisational performance actually delivered in organisations? The measure acts as a goalpost for staff, pushing performance towards a particular performance metric. Follow along as a I cook healthy food, play in the garden, wrangle chickens, and enjoy the (not always) simple country life.
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These results are then communicated (also on a weekly basis) so that all participants know where they and their colleagues stand”. She was a teenager when her family was taken to the camp.  They separated her father from her and the rest of her family as soon as they arrived and they never saw him again.
When I’m consistently exercising, I get sick less, I sleep better and I am a better person to be around.

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