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When you purchase our Smart Cleanse you will begin eliminating waste from your primary and secondary emunctories, and restoring vital health to your organs so they can absorb nutrients and flush fat naturally.
Our Smart Cleanse is formulated to contain 11 natural herbs, fibers, and nutrients that work synergistically to purge your body from poisons and toxins that build up over time.
SEEING IS BELIEVING – Feel better, lighter, and cleaner as you purge waste from your colon that has been stored there for days, weeks, months, even years! THE SMART CHOICE – Lumen Naturals Smart Cleanse is formulated to include 11 detoxifying ingredients. CONQUER YOUR WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU – Every weight loss journey should begin with a biotherapeutic colon cleanse and system detox to maximize results when using other dietary supplements.

Offenders who are caught will be swiftly charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.
Each persons lemon detox diet results will vary according to individual efforts and personal circumstances.
This will relieve your body’s primary and secondary emunctories from vile poisons and allow them to function at peak performance levels, increasing their ability to absorb nutrients and remove waste naturally. No longer will you be weighed down by the toxic materials in your body as you lift off the weight from your waist.
These natural herbs, fibers, and nutrients are more effective and more affordable than time-consuming juice blend cleanses, which means you will clean out your colon, not your wallet.

Now, open the bottle and take 2 powerful tablets, along with a refreshing beverage to kick start your weight loss journey!
INCLUDED PLANS ? Kind Diet ? Gaga Diet ? Fruit Flush ? Deep Clean ? Balanced Diet ? Carb Conscious ? Master Cleanse ? 21-Day Cleanse ? Organic Vegan Diet ? Delicious Supermodel ? Quick Supermodel Diet UNIQUE FEATURES ? Complete meal-by-meal diet plans ? Checkable shopping list for each plan ? Meal reminders MEAL REMINDERS Your body has different metabolic needs at different times of day. Perfect for women and men who want a RISK-FREE way to detoxify their system and kick-start their weight loss goals.

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