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After giving birth to baby Aaradhya, Aishwarya Rai became a center of criticism by both the media as well as the public. Weight watchers have always proven useful for people who want to lose weight and worked towards it.
Kaabil shooting pictures are here and we can say that Yami Gautham and Hrithik Roshan make a very attractive couple.
A number of movie promotions that she participated in are credited for the loss of some of her weight (about 2kgs). In terms of diet, she has been advised to eat small proportions of meals within two hour intervals.
Aish fans were unhappy that she is not taking the initiative of cutting the extra pounds gained during pregnancy.

However, the celebrity defended herself by telling the critics that she was more concerned about mothering her child and was enjoying every bit of it. After drawing criticisms for her fluctuating body size and weight, she decided to work on this problem to come up with a concrete solution. She does between five to six workouts every week with the aim of maintaining the curvaceous body while losing fats. She eats lots of wholesome natural foods with her diet comprising majorly of small proportions of brown rice, 1 or 2 chapattis per serving, wholesome wheat sandwich together with vegetable juices and salads.
Soon, she was once again the talk of both the media and the public when she donned her new looks. Her glowing skin is attributed to her fat free diet which also brings about her svelte physique.

Her personal trainer Vilayat Hussein recommended the calisthenics form of exercise for her.
She is now slim, having a graceful figure that has none of the extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy. In addition, she prefers the high fibrous brown rice (that increases rates of body metabolism thereby burning fat) to white rice. In this exercise, you use your own body to strengthen your body core by simply and rhythmically moving your body.

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