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Carbohydrate Cycling is when you eat high carb foods on some days and medium or low carb foods on others; this is a structured diet plan that makes your body burn fat for fuel if done correctly. Know how many calories you need to eat to lose weight, use the BMR calorie counter to figure this out. Know how many calories you are getting in your diet, fat-protein-carbs and have a diet plan printed out or on your phone to reference.
Eat a higher amount of carbs on large muscle group training days and less or no carbs on smaller groups and days off.
If you are above 15-20% body fat, you will want to keep your carbs very low opting for more low days in the week.
If you are above 20% body fat, you might want to look at just having one cheat meal instead of a high carb day.
Avoid starchy carbs, potatoes, legumes, cereals, rice, grains, and breads if you do not train-cardio (2-3 times per week). The reason why those who are over 20% body fat cannot have many carb meals or days is because their insulin levels are probably out of whack. If you change the variables to fit your body, make sure you get in at least 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. On low carb days, have a couple higher fat protein sources and the rest of the meals have lower fat proteins. On your high carb days, stick with very lean protein sources and get your fats mostly from fish oil or something like Udos oil.
Make sure on all days you train at least 1 hour after eating carbs unless you are consuming something very high glycemic like dextrose, in that case you will want to ingest 5 minutes before training. Look forward to higher carb days, they are your carrots for your inner dieting rabbit to keep you motivated mentally. DO NOT HAVE GUILT on high carb day, it is part of the equation and if you avoid these days (feeling like they will make you fat), you will just slow down your metabolism and become skinny fat. On your low carb days and high carb days, time the meal with the most carbs in it after your workout. On your no carb day, simply do not eat any carbs, no vegetables no protein with sugar in it, no carbs!!!
Your weight will go up and down while carb cycling and you might even feel bloated on the higher carb days because of how much water is retained during the medium and high carb days. On this diet or any other diet, make sure you are accounting for your dressings and condiments; they do add up and it is critical you do not forget it.
If you have a dinner or date planned, simply swap a high carb day for a lower carb day; the rule is that you can not have two high carb days back to back. If you are not losing weight on the diet you chose, simply switch a medium carb day for a high carb day, if that does not work, look at your calories; are you eating too much or not working out enough for the amount you are eating? On these plans, it is highly suggested to keep it simple, keep your fats and proteins together on low carb day and keep your carbohydrates and proteins together on high carb days. Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Choose More, Lose More for Life (2013) is a carb-cycling diet written by Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. The book argues that high-carb days boost your metabolism, which then stays high on low-carb days, burning more fat than it would on a static or stable nutrition program that has you eating the same way every day.
Select which cycle you want to follow, then follow the guidelines for what to eat and avoid in general and on low carb days, high carb days, reward meals, and reward days. There are 4 variations of carb cycling for you to choose from, based on your lifestyle and needs. This is for you if you’re already super-active but you want to drop some weight; it allows you more carbs while exceling in your sport or training for long stretches of time each day. If your body adapts to the three weeks on, one week off pattern, do a Slingshot then and there to get off your plateau. Don’t try to speed up weight loss by eating fewer calories – if you do that, your body will get the signal to protect its fuel reserves. Dairy – cheeses – blue cheese, brie, cream cheese, egg yolk, feta cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, romano, sliced cheeses (e.g. Note that you may go through detoxification if you’ve been eating junk food, particularly high-sugar high-fat foods, for years. This is a summary of the foods to eat on the diet – for a full description of the diet, please see the book.
There are a number of other fruits that you can eat, listed above under General Foods to Eat.

I have the book and have read it cover to cover and I still can’t figure something out. The portion sizes he gives for snacks is the same as for meals; I think that he words it this way because people are more used to the concept of 3 meals and 2 snacks. Clenched fist size portion for the whole meal or one thing in meal should be of this size .
Eat all the foods listed for that meal, and for each type of food use the portion size listed for that meal. It’s possible the plan might not be so effective if you do that, but reality exists so do what you can! Chris says “I’ve made Sunday the reward day in the programs that follow, but if there is another day of the week that would be a better reward day for your life, you can declare it your reward day. Count popcorn as a carb, and look for the meals where you’re allowed carbs and the portion sizes for them. Hi, i just started the classic carb cycling plan and i am a little confused about how to properly use condiments. Chris says that sauces, dressings, and condiments portions should be no larger than the size of your index and middle finger, from the base up.
Note that ketchup and hummus contain carbs – and on low carb days you should only have carbs for breakfast. I’m so confused, can someone list an example of what you would eat on a high carb day VS A low carb day? On a high carb day, you can also have whole-grain or unprocessed carbs at certain meals – whole grain bread, whole grain cereals, legumes, whole grain pasta, root vegetables, starchy vegetables. The plan you choose depends on your weight and fat percentage written as the titles of each plan.
On these days, you will want to stick to strictly fibrous vegetables enabling you to stay under your number. Your insulin levels are probably all messed up, so you will want to keep them in check until you drop below 15%. This would mean, you would have a high carb meal (up to 150 carbs for men and 100 carbs for women) instead of a high carb day. Refer to the calorie counter to make sure you are getting enough protein before you write your macros for the day. I like to stick with anything that ends with berry to stay simple and avoid the calorie per servings fruit. They hurt your body’s ability to store glycogen; this is the sugar in the muscle that usually directly affects your muscles feeling full or flat.
Leave out carbs accept vegetables on low carb day and leave out fats entirely on high carb day (if you eat meat on high carb days, you will find small amounts of fat in the meals, this will be enough for this day).
Dr Oz said fitness expert Jorge Cruise has the solutions that could help you get rid of those unwanted carb cravings for a slim belly and start using some smart flour substitutes. Jorge Cruise’s brand new book, Happy Hormones, Slim Belly, promises weight loss if you stick to the plan. He was born with a remote control in his hand, and is grateful to finally have a haven at Recapo for his pathological love of daytime television.
It claims to increase your performance – on your low-carb days, when you deplete your glycogen stores, your muscles develop insulin sensitivity, so when you eat high-carb your insulin-sensitive muscles super-compensate and soak up more carbs than they normally would. This page describes what the authors of the diet recommend – Chewfo is describing the diet only, not endorsing it. But it looks like if you want to do a long exercise program you should do it after your first meal. I mean the whole meal should be if clenched fist size or protein also carbs etc each of them should be this size ? The serving sizes for these foods are very small and the book says you can eat them at that portion size. So on low-carb days you should have them in the only meal that allows carbs, which is breakfast.
But, we hope you’ve got a handle on basic math, because it requires some number-crunching at first. This is a very effective way to keep muscle and burn fat or build muscle while maintaining your body fat level and it is highly suggested by the KIMMERLEPLAN. Stick with vegetables and mostly fruits for your carbs on any day until you are down to below 20% body fat. Following this protocol with your meal plans will help you avoid the higher glycemic carbs as well.
Women have more carb cravings compared to men, and Cruise said this is related to Serotonin levels, which women produce less of overall.

Tabasco), ketchup (low-sodium), lemon juice, lime juice, low-sodium broth, low-sodium soy sauce, marinara sauce, mustard, salsa, tomato paste, tomato sauce, vinegar (e.g. You do a weekly weigh-in each Saturday (no more often than that, as your weight fluctuates from day to day!), but sometimes from week to week you might not see a change in that number on the scale.
I can see what fruits are ok under smart foods but can you have fruits on both high carb and low carb days? In fact, you’re most likely burning fat as your body develops new muscle— which burns fat faster.
Many have the same information and ground rules, although each site will tweak the concept for what works for THEM.
The basic principles are to combine a restricted calorie diet, aiming for weight (fat) loss, with a high protein diet, to maintain and build muscle mass. This ensures that your body is always kept guessing and optimises your fat burning and muscle building. This was because it works with my training much better than a random cycle, because I like to train on the same days each week. I know that it is the only way you can truly lose weight extremely fast and get to the holy grail of 4% body fat, but I am not a bodybuilder and within my current lifestyle I often don’t have time to fit in any more exercise than my lifting splits above. They take priority.However, what this does mean is that this whole experiment will be a true test of the effect that diet alone has on your body shape.
I may also alter my training days to coincide with a 3 or 4 day cycle for the same reasons, such is the beauty of the diet plan.Personal Daily LimitsIn terms of where I have set my personal carbohydrate and protein limits for each type of day, it is all relevant to my starting weight and basal metabolic rate (BMR). I then utilised the Harris Benedict Formula to determine my true daily BMR based on how much exercise I do a week. Some encourage more carbs, some encourage less protein and the calorie total is simply based on the fact that we do need a percentage reduction from my BMR in order to lose weight and expend more calories overall than we are consuming.All these figures are subject to change based on how the diet is going and my body is responding.
As Maximuscle are sponsoring the project, they are providing us with the right supplements in order to help achieve our goals. Fast acting whey protein, BCAAs and a whole host of other ingredients should help ensure I keep as much muscle mass as possible.
They are packed full of high quality carbohydrates and calories, so they are strictly for use on high carb days, but also contain 22g of protein per bar AND a healthy dose of CLAs and creatine. The casein ensures the nutrients within the shake are released slowly over time, almost like drip feeding your muscles consistently. As you can imagine, this is great during the night when your body grows the most and you are in starvation mode.
I wanted to try Thermobol as I have always heard good reviews about it from magazines, friends and the like.
I am not expecting miracles, but I am hoping the blend will help increase my fat burning potential and I will even be able use them just before training as a type of pre-workout pill (due to it containing caffeine amongst other things). The only days where I felt I could eat more food were the no carb days, and generally my work kept me busy enough that it was a non-issue. That is one way that a cycling program such as this can help you stick to the diet.On low (200g of carbs) and high (300-350g of carbs) I actually felt full most of the time. I’ve been training 4 years but the diet has always let me down so hopefully this will change that!Could you list a few other foods you ate a lot of during the program which are not listed in the article if there were any please? Great article.I’ve calculated both my protein and varying carb levels based on my bodyweight in pounds but how do I work out my daily fat allowance?Also, on low and no carb days, should I be increasing my Protein and fat intake to compensate for the lack of carbs and always hit my recommended calories ? Just had a question around your level of carbs – in the article you have low days as no more than 95g.
However given that I am a dad of two boys, busy at work, frequent traveler and married to a Greek who loves food, how do you see life post-diet?
Given my personal circumstances I would probably find it difficult maintaining the regime as my lifestyle.
I’m following your diet and work out routin, but I can’t see any where your abs exersice! My chest and arms are much better now, but still I’m suffering with my mid section, so can you please advise what should I do?

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