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A selection of well-known design schools from around the world that offer Courses in Transportation Design. That sounds like the way to do it Justin, concentrate on improving your driving than going for more power.
David and the MX5 Mania (local MX-5 shop) car actually did a 1.07 in wet conditions and came 2nd in the Auto Salon Circuit Battle at Wakefield a few years ago beating many more powerful cars (Mark Berry's R32 GT-R came first if I remember right). Ok several weeks ago I pulled the complete HVAC system out of the car to put it on a severe diet.
So now after all the weight trimming I'm happy to announce the HVAC system (what's left of it) that's going back in weighs only 9.5 lbs! Now that it is split open and the AC evaporator removed you can see better the whole structure. Here's the picture of the front portion of the assembly minus the front vents and minus some excess plastic. As you can see a few places were trimmed and other areas may get done at a later date when I see how the whole assembly fits in the car and is being held in position.
In a stock engine MX5 you can do dead consistent 1.16's every single lap at Wakies, the game becomes trying your hardest to get it a second faster. These ducts are going to be completely eliminated by cutting them off and trimming down the excess plastic. Depending on how much hot or cold air you want through a series of ducts and temperature sensors the proper ones will open and close accordingly.

You can clearly see the centre vents taped up and I decided to keep the small levers that were originally electrically controlled to adjust the defroster flaps. That's a great game to play as it makes you a better driver faster than trying to learn a car which just bites every time you push it.
So the front was sealed, mainly the centre vents are no longer needed and are part of the defrost ducts. Both the AC condenser and heater core sit basically one behind the other so it is easy to modulate the temperature. I'll try to rig myself a manual control to open and close the defrost as I wish and in this way control the heat too.
This can be done in a number of ways including mechanical, aerodynamic and specification changes to the car.
As with Hypermiling, great care must be taken you ensure the roadworthiness and safety of your trusty steed. Both the upper and lower flaps are linked together but are separate from the left to the right side.
Some of the modifications below may not be deemed legal in your country of residence so we would advise speaking to a qualified mechanic before you get the spanners and overalls out. So I purposely set the left side to the full cold position and the right side to the full hot position so you can see the difference.
We’ll start with simple things that can be done at home with basic tools and progress to modifications that required specialist tools and skills.

Weight Saving Extreme weight saving Reducing weight is by far the quickest and cheapest way of instantly improving economy.
On the left the bottom flap is closed deflecting the air upwards and through the open ducts because the upper flap is open, again to the central vents or defrost area.
How much of an improvement you want to make by weight saving comes down to how much comfort and equipment you are willing to compromise. Weight saving is also a great way of improving your cars performance, manufacturers often opt for a course of weight saving to not only reduce emissions but also improve performance. This is also why race cars don’t have such comforts as aircon, carpets or even radios. Aerodynamic parts removals Spoilers, fancy bumpers, vents and shirts are a boy racers dream.
Many of these additions can not only attract the wrong kind of attention to your car but they also increase drag.
The less drag, the less effect the air passing over it has and the less force needed to push the object through it.

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