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Metabolic dysfunction (MD), or metabolic syndrome (MetS), affects 50 million Americans and is characterized by a group of risk factors, including high cholesterol, high glucose levels and increased blood pressure.
After getting a proper diagnosis through a combination of blood work, a physical exam and lifestyle questions, diet modifications are a must. With the significant risk to your health and the relatively straightforward ways to fix it, there seems little reason why metabolic syndrome can’t be a controllable illness, according to Dr.
Healthcare providers should communicate to patients that if they’re having difficulty losing weight, the normal advice of eating less and exercising more may not work for them, suggest Dr. While metabolic syndrome is becoming more and more common, it’s not normal and needs to be corrected, according to Dr.
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If you are having problems losing weight it could be due to a medical condition that has not been diagnosed yet.
This prompts me to ask the question -- When was the last time you have had your blood drawn? Blood work automatically gives information about the state of some health diseases and may, in some instances, explain why someone is having difficulty losing pounds or inches.

For example, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, diabetes and thyroid conditions are a few common conditions that can be diagnosed with simple blood work.
Metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes and diabetes all affect blood sugar level, insulin and cortisol levels which affect people’s ability to release fat from the body. The thyroid gland is responsible for the body's metabolism so when it is not functioning correctly due to hypothyroidism, it may cause the body to gain weight. Once the underlying condition has been addressed through naturopathic or conventional methods, you may find that the ability to lose weight comes much more easily. If you are interested in looking into having blood work done, contact your naturopathic or conventional physician.
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These factors not only prevent you from losing weight, but they increase your chances of developing heart disease and diabetes.
The reason I ask is that blood work is an objective measure that helps us identify diseases that don’t always present with symptoms. Many of our writers are speaking from personal experience, and what's worked for them may not work for you.

She developed a symptom checklist for patients called a “Metabolic Dysfunction Quiz,” which when combined with lab results can strongly determine their likelihood of having the condition. If the numbers on the scale aren’t budging, check in and communicate your concerns with your doctor.
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