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Well, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the top reasons you’re not losing weight. Performing routines like full-body workouts or HIIT (High Intensity interval Training) can give you an amazing calorie burn. If you got shitty toilet stains and nothing to clean it with then don't worry… Just use a can of soda and let the carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids in soda breakdown the stains exactly the same way they weaken your bones and rot your teeth.
Bonus: You can also use soda to clean tough stains off vitreous china, soda removes grease stains from clothes, soda removes rust spots from chrome car bumpers and soda cleans corrosion off car battery terminals. Soda leeches vitamin A, calcium and magnesium out of your body which are all needed to help you lose weight. Even though you are still drinking soda it won't be as bad for your health since the amount of water you're drinking far outweighs the tiny amount of soda you're drinking daily. AbiI'm 17, I drink sodas a lot at college i only go there 3days a week n sometime I drink some soda at my grandparents, what can I do? The posts for whiter teeth and how to stop drinking fizzy drinks have given me the motivation I need to try to do something about my bad fizzy drinking habit.
NathanielThere are so many grammatical errors in this article that I have cancer, now, so I think I'm going to replace this article, with soda, instead of any of that scare tactic bullshit you wrote. People shouldn't be able to write things like this if the only evidence they have is other peoples say so. BarasJust wanting to drop by and say quitting soda was awesome and helped play a part in losing most of my weight in the beginning. I'll admit the nausea from quitting nearly broke me but damned if I didn't pull through anyway. Emum I m Emily and i have have a BIG problem I drink 1 2liter every 2 days so in 14 days Ive drank 7 or more 2 liters. DestinyI'm an 11 year old girl and I am having a pool party for my 12th birthday and I am going to wear a boyshorts bikini. You could be eating the right foods but too much of the right foods will prevent you from being in a calorie deficit. As long as your consistent, keep your motivation high and keep your diet clean, your results will come. There have been reports of people who have put a broken tooth in a bottle of soda and then in 10 days the acids in the soda dissolved the tooth completely.
Do I have to try avoid it and I drink water alot so do I need to drink water then drinking crappy soda?

I was wonering how can i gain weight, I am 113 pounds and my goal is to get to atleast 130 pounds.
Usually when I see posts containing content that warns just how bad types of food or drink are, I get frustrated because a lot of them go overboard.
Quit smoking earlier this year using a refillable e cig can order on line (Charleston e cig) stepped down the nicotine until I reached 0 that way I had no side effects. It can bring on migraines (I get them) and also heighten anxiety which can bring headaches. Id like to get down to about 110 or 115 as soon as possible , any ideas how to make that work? My birthday is on July 31st in a little less than 5 weeks and I need to loose this little bit of excess belly fat.
Making sure you are eating the right foods (high-protein meals) in moderation, ensuring you’re in a calorie deficit, could be the determining factors whether you get results or not. Funnily enough, mum has been on a mission to try to get the family to cut down on fizzy by hiding the six pack of cans, and only revealing them at the weekend so that we don't finish the six pack off quickly then go buy more during the weekend. It was really hard at first, so I replaced all the soft drinks I usually drank with orange juice, then slowly I started drinking pure green tea.
You do have to be mindful of what you eat when you quit smoking as your taste bubs were somewhat damaged by the smoking as they come back food taste much better so be careful how much you eat. I do boxing but I have stopped for a couple weeks and now I am 112 pounds because of my muscle gain up. Since our body wants to maintain its comfortability at all times, it will adapt at the rate it feels most comfortable. Whilst I think mum's method will help money-wise, I think that all it does is make us grumpy and miserable (and slightly mad as we go on a hunt around the house for hidden fizzy drinks)! So thank you, for hinting at the fact that, if I don't want to become a moron like you, I should, if anything, drink MORE soda. Well since I'm the one actually drinking it and your just posting things you Googled, who has more of a solid here?
I am back on it but I am buying the small 250 ml cans and when I get the craving having one of them or a zero.
I need some very good advice on how I can loose my little excess belly fat in less than 5 weeks.
So I have faith that your method will allow me to finally give myself the upper hand over fizzy drinks!

So, who ever says that you can't lose weight by cutting off on soft drinks is rather stupid. By the way, I drink soda like a fucking fish drinks water, and I'm 160 pounds, male, and there's very little fat on my body, WHATSOEVER, and I barely work out, so what's your response to that? I traded the soda for the yummy goodness of concord graper juice and water, and within 6 weeks I was only drinking water.
This post outlined that stopping an "addiction" as such takes time, and realises that it is not easy.
In June of 2011 I quit smoking cigarettes, cause I thought, if I can quit 1 thing I can quit 2 things. I also searched the net for sugar-free gum containing xylitol (regarding whiter teeth post) and am very pleased that the first site to pop up in the engine was Trident's. Whilst at the time I thought it was weird and felt sorry for her missing out on the tasty fizzy drinks, I think it was a brilliant idea from her parents to prevent her from getting hooked on fizzy drinks.
Now this reminds me of when my friend and I chewed Trident gum quite often back in secondary school.
So mums, if you are reading this, maybe this will make a possible future battle between the addictive fizzy drinks and your child need not happen. Click Here to lose weight (burn fat) and build muscle at the same time but… Start here If you're extremely overweight. Around that time, another friend asked me "how do you get your teeth so white?" I thought nothing of it - just put it down to genes. I'm going to try to quit smoking again this spring, I hope I can't quit without packing on the pounds.
But now I realise it could be that the gum chewing did have other benefits besides helping me to relax in class (very nervous person here); just had to make sure I was quiet and didn't get caught by the teacher (that would be an ultimate embarrassment for sure)!
If I crave it (twice yearly, it seems) I smell, -rather huff it instead of actually tasting it, since all the other people I know I drink soda.
But the really good news is that since I've started drinking water, several family members have traded at least one soda per day to a 16oz bottle of water.

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