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After my first pregnancy I put on 55 pounds (25kgs)and after I had my baby was so depressed  at how I looked and tired from being up with the baby that I just didn’t have the energy to exercise. What I have found is that if you are skinny and below or you are at your recommended weight that you can’t lose weight as you could be depriving your baby of its required nutrients.
There are actually benefits for overweight women to lose weight while pregnant as obesity is actually associated with a number of medical conditions such as pre-eclampsia, which is a characterized by high blood pressure and increased amounts of protein in the urine and can be life threatening.
Certain studies have shown that overweight women can actually gain less weight that is recommended or actually have a weight loss without any harm to the foetus.
In order to lose weight while pregnant safely you just need the knowledge of what you and your baby need nutritionally, and once you are armed with this knowledge losing weight while pregnant can be easy.
After researching and reviewing all the products out there in the market today I have found one product called Pregnancy without Pounds by Michelle Moss and it did help me through my second pregnancy, I just wish I had found it for my first pregnancy. Just wanted to say how excited I was to first find your website… I am a mother of 3 boys and expecting my fourth child so I have done a LOT of reading out there about pregnancy (I am always fascinated by the miracle of each pregnancy and the changes my body goes through), but I have got to tell you how thrilled I am with how practical and honest and helpful your material is! Here is another video you might find of interest on some good excercise that are safe to do and will help you lose weight while pregnant. The average weight gain during pregnancy is only a guide, as discussed it can be higher or lower than the 25 – 35 pounds.
Some women experience cravings of sugary foods, like I did, I craved ice cream every day and with my first pregnancy caved in and ate it for dessert every night, with my second pregnancy I was more conscious of this and still ate ice cream but watched portion size, tried reduced fat ones and didn’t eat it every night (more in moderation). If you are looking to lose weight while pregnant or to stop gaining unnecessary weight whilst being pregnant, you've come to the right place.
If you have not been following my weight journey, you can review all of my #Cinchspiration posts here. June 12, 2012: I was accepted into the #Cinchspiration blog campaign and knew this was an opportunity for me to be part of a supportive community of women that would hold me accountable during my weight loss. In reality, on average, I lost a little less than 0.5 pounds a week over the 6 month program. The scale, my measurements, and the photos above tell you part of my overall transformation story, but oh, there’s so much more. The amazing #Cinchspiration bloggers have helped me transform my weight loss behaviors and strategies.
I truly hope to continue on my weight loss journey with the other amazing #Cinchspiration bloggers and friends I have met over the last 6 months. If you are not familiar with the Shaklee Cinch Program, it is a comprehensive lifestyle program that includes exercise recommendations, social support, meal planning guidelines, health education content, and self-monitoring tools. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation’s Team #Cinchspiration Campaign. Tiffani Amber Thiessen is looking to get back into shape after becoming a mom, just after four months of giving birth. The 36-year-old gained 50 pounds while she was pregnant and now she’s planning to lose weight enough to get back to the size she was at the end of 2009. If you think this former 90210 and Saved by the Bell star will resort to crash weight loss diets to achieve a rapid weight loss, you’re dead wrong. Her first healthy weight loss program step was to hire a personal fitness trainer and start a fitness exercise program to help her get in shape.  The actress is planning to lose weight of at least 20 pounds before she can have another baby. Tiffani Amber Thiessen is not picky or whinny about doing fitness training exercise program, but she does have a problem when it comes to fitness exercise: she can become bored very quickly, which means she needs to be doing new stuff all the time. Tiffani Amber Thiessen does her fitness exercise program five times a week and her fitness exercise program routine includes yoga exercise, Pilates exercise and weight training exercise. While she participates in a women’s fitness exercise program of regular fitness exercise and keeping a healthy diet plan, it may take a few months for her to reach her targeted weight loss.
In a recent interview with People Magazine, Thiessen was quoted as saying, “I’d love to be my size again but my body is just not that way and I’m okay with that.” Enjoying her time with baby Harper, Thiessen is trying not to stress out about her weight loss — certainly a good attitude to take when it comes to weight loss  after giving birth, as women should keep a positive attitude about their self- image. Tiffani Amber Thiessen is also a fan of the Sensa Weight Loss System which is a patent-pending technology that uses non-caloric Tastant Crystals to enhance gustatory evoked satiety, reducing overall caloric consumption. The Sensa Weight Loss System works because it addresses the number one cause of weight gain: overeating.
But reports have been coming out this week with claims that Kardashian shed her pregnancy pounds with the help of surgery–$80,000 worth of procedures. Although seeking help from your health supervisor should be your first priority, you can try a few things during your 9 month period to keep your weight in control.
Don’t worry, you have options that can help you stay fit and in shape, despite the fact that pregnancy forces a woman’s body to put on weight easily. Exercises, which have been developed and designed keeping the health situation of pregnant women in mind, should help you lose your weight.
There are lots of controversies surrounding whether you should go for dieting during pregnancy.
Hi Mummies, my name is Lacey Maguire and I am very excited to be a Lose Baby Weight motivating mum for January and bringing you my weight loss results on the Healthy Mummy weight loss plan – which I hope will inspire you too. I felt ready to lose weight when my son was five months old and we had got over an operation he needed. I started on the 28 day plan and the healthy mummy smoothies and got great results, losing 10kgs in the first nine weeks.
I have a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast and lunch, my favourite is the banana, honey and oat. I find the 28 day plan so easy to follow and now understand calories thanks to the calorie bible. Unfortunately there is not much you can do with the lower side of this (25lbs) as this is made of a full term baby, placenta, blood etc.

There is not much you can do about putting on the additional weight of your baby, the placenta and the extra blood required. There is also pre gestational diabetes which leads to higher risk of requiring a Cesarean and also a large baby, which can lead to further complications later on. A study in 2000 to 20007 of 700,000 women actually found overweight or obese women who underwent weight loss during pregnancy largely decreased their chances of these medical conditions, a decrease in the likelihood of a Cesarean and gave birth to a healthier baby of normal weight. It took me a long time to find a program that I could stick with in order to lose the weight.
I’m a physically fit person to begin with, but was nervous for my health and the health of my child. I wish I had known about it before because I would’ve bought it for ALL of my friends last year when they were ALL pregnant! This all depends on a variety of factors including age; your normal nutritional habits and exercise, how much your blood volume increases, how many babies you are carrying.
Some women put on a lot more weight and this can be due to the myth that they are eating for 2. I pride myself in providing visitors and readers with completely unbiased and honest reviews. It’s really hard to believe it was a half a year ago (June 16, 2012) when I took my first #Cinchspiration measurements. I knew this was going to be exactly what I needed to move the scale DOWN, closer to my ideal weight! I wanted to lose 20 pounds during the first 10 weeks of the program (2 pounds a week) and 22 more pounds during the last 15 weeks of the campaign (1.5 pounds a week). Yes, I know I didn’t meet my big aggressive goal…but OMG, I was able to lose 10 pounds and keep it off!
The Shaklee Cinch Program and the #Cinchspiration blog campaign provided me with a transformational process that allowed me to make permanent changes to my lifestyle.
In January, I will be applying to be the official #Cinchspiration Blogger Spokesperson for 2013. Shaklee 180™.  The new name also brought new additions to the program, such as workout programs, Turnaround™ parties, DVD, online tools and a mobile app for tracking with rewards and more! I think the transformations this program has facilitated are so much bigger than numbers on a scale or how we look in the mirror. She says she wants to have a healthy weight loss plan at hand because she doesn’t want to sacrifice her health.
And what’s more, she advises all new moms not to put pressure on themselves to lose weight, and to take it one step at a time.
By sprinkling it onto food, the Sensa Tastants help suppress the appetite and cravings, making a person less inclined to overindulge stick to their diet plan. Alan Hirsch’s entire career has been dedicated to studying the sensory system of the human body and regarding the impact of smell and taste on weight loss led him to develop the patent-pending technology used in the Sensa Weight Loss System.
She went topless in her fiance’s new video for “Bound 2,” and she’s been wearing crop tops and sheer shirts on every outing for the last few weeks. I’m sure she would have ignored it, but most people commenting on the stories blasted her for possibly lying about her weight loss.
The whole 9 month period of pregnancy is so delicate that you can’t take any risk with your health. Common sense says that foods that do not increase the chances of weight gain should be your first choice. Any exercises during pregnancy has to be carried under the guidance of the medical supervisors. You have to be very choosy about food this time if you want to manage weight while you are pregnant.
According to a special report released by one of the reputed medical organizations from the UK, women can manage their weight with the help of healthy eating throughout pregnancy. Why to store fat inside your body unnecessarily when you can’t do any extensive workouts now to get rid of them? If you can keep your weight in control, you will see how easy it will be delivering the child. I was 76kgs before I fell pregnant and tipped the scales at 90kgs just before he was born (I was carrying alot of fluid). While I returned to my prepregnancy weight a few weeks after birth, my body shape had totally changed.
I came across the Lose Baby Weight facebook page through a mutual friend and started researching their website. My favourite meal from the 28 day plan is the thai beef salad and the healthy mexican lasagna from the website is delicious! I cant believe that a store-bought flavoured milk has more calories than an entire lbw dinner! It’s quite a controversial topic with a lot of negativity out there about trying to lose weight while pregnant. So, when I went into my second pregnancy I thought this time I wasn’t going to put on any more excess weight and actually wanted to still lose my additional 1st pregnancy weight. But if you are classified as overweight and are carrying extra weight it is possible to lose weight while pregnant and not put your baby at risk as long as you are still eating the required nutrients that your baby needs to grow and develop. As your body is busy growing your baby you can feel hungrier than normal and you may eat more than what you did beforehand.
I was so excited, so focused, and so ready to lose the extra 35 pounds I had gained over the last two years.

It’s going to take time, dedication, and focus…it may even take me another year to reach this goal, but I know I am going to do it!
And even with my pregnancy induced diastasis (a separation of my abdominal muscles that makes me still look pregnant), I can definitely see a difference in my abdominal area.
It would be JOYFUL to encourage, inspire, and empower a new group of bloggers during the next #Cinchspiration campaign.
The Shaklee 180 program is based on 90 days to lose the weight  and 90 days to learn how to keep it off!
I didn’t reach my 6 month goal either but the mini goals we have accomplished are big steps in the right direction. Four months after giving birth to daughter Harper, the White Collar star told Us magazine of her weight loss ambitions: “It takes some time, but I’m doing my best. Hirsch discovered that the best weight loss results were achieved when the Sensa Weight Loss System is used as a 6 month plan.
So instead of brushing the rumors off like she usually does, Kardashian took to her Twitter yesterday to refute such rumors and share her frustration with it all. I worked so hard to train myself to eat right & healthy, I work out so hard & this was such a challenge for me but I did it!!! Exercise increases muscle flexibility and will help you manage back pain, which is a common symptom of pregnancy.
High calorie and sodium rich processed foods may taste delicious, but they are just worthless when it comes to providing nutritional elements. If you were overweight or obese, and then you got pregnant suddenly, you have to ask the help of your health supervisor. I take my son for a walk in his pram most days, though I would like to try some exercises from the LBW exercise DVD. So I set about to research as much as I could and want to share with other expecting mothers what I found as there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The trick is you can still eat more often but try to consume healthy food choices like fruit, nuts to avoid putting on excess weight. With the help of the Shaklee Cinch Program, I was able to turn the scale and keep it moving down for the first time in over two years! Congrats on all that you have accomplished thus far and I wish you much more success on your journey. I’m so proud of my accomplishment & NO ONE will take this away from me with fake reports! The chemical composition of the dietary supplements may not be suitable for you in this type of situation. The processed foods can never replace the fresh fruits and foods made from fresh vegetables.
I would have three slices of white toast with jam and a large cold Milo for breakfast and two chocolate LCM bars for morning tea – yikes!
Not like other weight loss plans where you pay a couple hundred dollars before you can access eating and exercise plans.
For the first time since I numbingly gained those 35 pounds, I am eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight!
Say what u want about me but I work hard & am the most disciplined person u will ever meet! As lots of things, like massive hormonal changes take place in your body now, you need to keep an eye on what you put in your body.
However, don’t involve in any such physical activities that put you and your child health in danger. Although you will feel an extreme craving for ice creams this time, you should always go for the healthiest options.
You have to understand that if you put on too much weight during your pregnancy, you may have to face unexpected health problems even after delivery. So, if you have already become overweight, try to lower it down before it becomes too hard to manage. I was nervous as I had never successfully lost weight before but I was inspired by the other mums’ stories and their before and after photos. When I wanted to eat brownies, they encouraged me to have a small bite instead of the entire piece. You have to learn a few physical activities that will help you manage your weight when you are pregnant.
Dietary supplements are made of different herbs that can create negative reactions in your body.
If you eat less, eat healthy and continue doing yoga, managing the weight during pregnancy won’t be a big deal for you. If you can manage your weight during this critical phase, you will be able to shed off the extra pregnancy weight after delivery easily. If you are gaining weight strangely during this time, you have to consult your gynaecologist immediately.

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