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I have lost 43+ pounds in a little over five months by clean eating (usually 1,275-1,500 calories a day) and working out (core+strength+cardio) three days a week with a shared trainer at a gym. Although I was never overweight, I felt extremely unhealthy because of the foods I was eating. I know I am only 14, but I am reasonably intelligent, I have had experience, and I am mature about what I am doing. So I slowly began upping my calories to 1750 per day, and I have eaten at that for the last month and a bit… but still, I have seen no changes. Much like that "Slippery When Wet" patch that you still inexplicably have sewn onto your acid washed denim jacket, the tongue patch is, well, a patch that's sewn onto your tongue. If you're thinking people get these to cover the hole from an old tongue piercing, well, that's actually quite a bit less retarded than the real reason.
The patch makes eating solid food so painful that the only nourishment possible to take in is liquid.
The patch stays sewed onto your tongue for a month so you can shed 15-30 pounds in the most horrific manner possible this side of tape worms.
After just seven days, a liquid only diet can cause hair loss, fainting, gallstones and comas.
This can lead to other bad things, not the least of which being that your body is eating its own muscle and organ tissue. Who among us hasn't been in the uncomfortable situation of preparing to breach the border of Boningville when, suddenly, you catch a glimpse of your mate's floppy, shriveled knees and find that it's enough to put you off sex forever? You know how, despite being approximately 109-years old, Demi Moore still looks pretty damn hot? In Demi Moore's case, part of that budget was spent tightening up her unsightly knee flaps. So, let's say you've bought every kind of plastic surgery the medical profession has thought of, but still have cash left over.

Yes, now a neutered animal can have solid silicone implants placed in its ball sack to replicate the look and feel of testicles. We know what you're asking: "What if I want to give my kitty cat gigantic tennis ball-sized nuts for my own amusement?" The answer is, it can't hurt to ask! And check out some men that could probably use some of this surgery, in The Top 25 Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get dick jokes sent straight to your news feed. Yes it may take a little longer but by making true adjustments to your lifestyle to make it healthier overall you’ll lose the weight, feel amazing, and keep it off permanently!
This is the photo that made me notice how tubby I was getting (especially in the arms and face, as you can see in this photo) and so I decided to make a new years resolution to lose weight. Whenever finances got tough I always managed to find a sales gig or worked at a gym to supplement my income. Not a horrible situation really, until you consider that the point is to lose weight and relying on Natty Light for your nourishment would spit in the face of everything you're trying to accomplish. According to this article, the tongue patch "is taking California by storm - ten people have it." While 10 people may qualify as a good starting point for a decent sized cult, it certainly doesn't make for a plastic surgery craze. It's a simple tuck procedure where sagging skin is removed and the remaining skin is stitched back together tight to create a more "youthful" appearing knee. But unlike a tummy tuck or a breast lift, there's nowhere to hide the scars from a knee lift. But hey, if it meant cashing in a life of platonic family time with Bruce Willis for a fun-filled marriage with Ashton Kutcher, wouldn't you do it too?
There are many different sizes to accommodate all pets; from dogs, cats, horses, bulls, monkeys, prairie dogs and even rats. Or find out who the cat woman is, in 7 People Who Never Gave Up (But Absolutely Should Have).

I suffer with social anxiety, so being public makes me tense up, and my shoulders had tensed into a forward slouching position.
Strength, when you have it, you feel better, you handle stress better, your sexlife is way better and you command confidence in yourself and this shows on the outside [not to mention the physical change that’s a byproduct of strength training]. Most of it will come right back when you reintroduce delicious baby back ribs into your diet.
It takes years and years of eating right and exercising and just generally taking good care of ones self. And if those skinny jeans you're rocking right now have anything to say about it, you may want to look into it.
Oh, and also a plastic surgery budget the likes of which could finance the invasion and overthrow of a mid-level dictatorship.
One of the biggest trends that has been picking up steam in the past few years is pet plastic surgery.
As for Neuticles, business is going so well they actually offer pretenda-balls in several different sizes and textures.
For those who don't know much about nutrition, the highest quality proteins available come in the form of solid food.
This means that there are people out there choosing prosthetic pet testicles based on which one they believe will feel better inside their pet's sack.
Your body goes all John Dillinger on itself and will rob protein from wherever it can get it, usually from muscles and organ tissue.
Sure, the IG Nobel Peace Prize is to science what the Razzie Awards are to acting chops, but still, they won y'all!

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