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Two sisters managed to shed a 10 stone - after creating a weight loss photo diary that they stuck on their bedroom walls. Both sisters weighed in at just over 16 stone when they signed up to the weight loss plan - after agreeing that they both needed a confidence boost.Amazingly, they both lost the same amount of weight every week - until they both hit their 11 stone target six months after they began.
Paula, 33, said: 'Ia€™ve struggled with my weight since I gave birth to my son, Connor, 13 years ago.
It’s no secret that I (Stacy) have been on a bit of a diet kick over the last few months (Upcoming Wedding!!) and after trying almost every diet on the market, I really have found a program that worked for me and worked well! It started last New Years Eve, I knew that I had gradually been gaining weight over the last couple of years, I’m going to blame leggings, they just stretched with me! The next day I stepped on the scales to discover what I had been denying to myself… I had gained, overall, 3 stones (I was gutted, I had been this particular weight before and lost it years ago, only to be back here again) something had to change, so I embarked on a calorie counting expedition, joined a running club and weighed in every week. One of my friends suggested I try something different, something that she had tried and had success with. Jenny was there for me every step of the way, any time that I needed advice or guidance, all I had to do was call…The rest as they say is history, I have managed to drop 3 dress sizes on this plan and I feel amazing, plus Jenny was right, after the first few days, my hunger pangs and cravings had all but disappeared!
I have since decided that I want to help other people feel as good as I do, whether they want to lose 7lb or 7 stone, I believe in this plan (and have the before and after pictures to prove it!) and am now a qualified Cambridge consultant. We will be holding two discovery sessions in our serenity suite on Thursday 30th Oct 6-8pm and Sat 1st Nov 2-4pm, where you can find out more about the plan, meet Jenny and see if the Cambridge weight plan is for you! We only have limited spaces so please call us on 01455 230747  and reserve your space, you can even bring a friend. You can of course contact us in the meantime if you are wanting more information or want to get started ASAP! This week I was so pleased to have lost 2lbs having had a dodgy couple of weeks without losing much at all and seeing hard work finally rewarded. I have 10 weeks left till my final wedding dress fitting so things are starting to hot up a bit with everything and I am not going to hit 6 stone total loss before then, but curbing negativity I reckon I can lose 20 more lbs between now and then which will take me just over 5 stone so pretty darn close to where I wanna be. This week at group we had a taster night which is always good as you get loads of new recipe ideas from people and get to make something nice to share too so my usual sick on a plate presentation skills needed to change I made a SW cheesecake (in picture above) and here is the recipe which went down a stormer so I was really pleased everyone like it and wanted to try it.

Taster nights are really useful and I wish we had more of them, once a month would be good. So I have been buying myself a couple or so new t shirts for work recently and I have never been able to fit into Super Dry stuff before, I did buy a couple of fairly tight fitting ones a few weeks back here to inspire me to keep going which I reckon when I am at goal I will look pretty darn good in haha but I popped in on Saturday to have a look round and spotted a t shirt I really liked which actually looked quite a bit bigger but it is a standard ladies large size (Super Dry stuff is tight fitting) and after trying it on I couldn’t believe it fitted so I bought it. Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day.
Hi my name is Nosayaba, and I would love to share my weight loss journey with you and the world.
By October, I had lost over 66 pounds and decided to dedicate myself to living a totally healthy lifestyle because I realized that this journey is not short term. My advice to anyone who is trying to loose weight, is “Never give up.” It is very possible as long as you believe that you can do it.
Angie and Paula McShane, from Rutherglen, Glasgow, had tried dozens of diets after trying to lose weight for almost two decades. They have gone from struggling to squeeze into a size 20 to easily slipping into size 12 clothes. The most exercise I got was walking to the vending machine at work to stock up on crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks.'I felt awful, but I just couldn't believe that I would ever be anything but fat. Problem was, I was hungry, always so hungry and to top it off, after losing half a stone, I plateaued and no matter what I did..
If you would like to see my ‘before and after’ please send us a message and I will be happy to send them to you ?? plus, you can ask any questions that you may have now! I am now 51lbs down (3 stone 9 lbs) and will be hitting my 4 stone loss soon which will be another milestone in my journey.
I also discovered rice pudding made with blue diamond almond milk which I have never tried before and think I am a tad addicted to it at the moment. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys. I eat mainly protein meals (Fish, Chicken and Mats all types) with loads and loads of fruits and vegetables.

It is gonna be a long ride, but with consistency, dedication, discipline and hard work you will get there. But it was only when they started a weight loss programme together - and took regular photos of their weight loss - that the pounds dropped off rapidly. I'd struggled with my weight since I was in my early 20s, , and after 15 years, I didn't think it was possible for me to become slim now.'But once I'd started losing weight, it became addictive. We created a chart which had a block for every pound I had to lose until my target weight, and Connor would colour in the blocks to show us how far we had come.'And I made sure that I kept my photo diary pictures on my wall so I saw them every morning when I was getting ready, and that kept me going. The plan consisted of having some nutritionally packed meal replacements, such as shakes, bars and soups and healthy, simple foods. Either way, I would love to be that person to give the support that Jenny gave to me and give you back your confidence, health, energy or just help get you back into your fave pair of jeans. I started slowly by walking on the threadmill for 30 minutess a day and taking aerobic classes.
It was so nice when friends and family kept complimenting us and saying how good we looked.'I couldn't have done it without our photo diaries though.
Sometimes, when I felt like I wasn't losing any weight, I'd just have to look at the pictures and I'd be back on track. Any way, I digress… So NYE came along and after the Christmas binges, nothing in my wardrobe fit me, NOTHING. With no time to go shopping I dragged out a black skater style dress, which came close enough.
The seam around my waist dug in uncomfortably, the tops of my arms felt like the sleeves were trying to amputate them and I was sure that all of the mulled wine and mince pies that I had consumed was sitting on my stomach, in a vat. Of course the other half told me I looked fine and he didn’t care if I had gained a little insulation, but I did, and sure enough, I felt miserable.

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