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You have to prepare skim milk or water, low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt, fruits and whey protein powder. Just prepare 2 pieces of bananas, 2 cups skim milk or water, 1 cup  crushed ice, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1 scoop protein powder, 2 tbsp. Prepare 12 ounces of water, 4 ice cubes, 1 tbsp whipping cream, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, 2 scoops chocolate protein powder. Maxine’s BURN Low Carb Cookies are High Protein, Low Carbohydrate and have a unique Thermogenic formula to help BURN fat so you get leaner and more toned.
Maxine’s BURN Thermogenic Protein Cookies are a delicious and convenient way to get great nutrition on the run.
Maxine's is all about providing many great ways of getting the protein and nutrients you need to burn, tone and shape your body. You plan to lose the extra fat, which is creating the somewhat unsightly belly tyre, but will you ?
Having endured the sense of deprivation for weeks, the scale cheerfully declares that your body has lost weight. The weeks of biting the bullet and turning down chocolate cake ends up providing few, if any health benefits.
When you’re not on diet, it is not a major problem, because you’re eating enough calories to keep your muscles sustained. If you can’t burn fat because your body chemistry is programmed for fat storage , and you’re not eating much – something has to be burned to sustain you.
Research published in the Journal of Nutrition, suggests eating more protein, is one way to protect yourself from this muscle melt.
The group that were following a higher protein programme, experienced greater whole-body fat and abdomen fat losses and ended up with more muscle (lean mass) and more strength. The benefits of less fat are profound and probably don’t need too much explanation – fewer crying baby fats cells, translates to less inflammation, less inflammation means better health. Having more muscle or even the same amount of muscle as when you started, is also hugely significant.
You typically follow a high carb, low fat programme or if you are a little unorthodox or better informed, a low carb, high fat programme, but no one really talks much about the protein.
Eating according to the rule of thirds keeps all three macronutrients on an equal footing – it keeps inflammation in check and the extra protein will keep your muscles safe from cannabilization. Increased Consumption of Dairy Foods and Protein during Diet- and Exercise-Induced Weight Loss Promotes Fat Mass Loss and Lean Mass Gain in Overweight and Obese Premenopausal Women.
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Reflex nutrition Diet protein is their very own blend of slow and fast release proteins, perfectly mixed to create a powerful weight loss product. For anyone looking to lose weight and improve lean muscle mass Reflex diet protein is a terrific product! This amino acid can be found in high amounts in tissues that use fatty acids as the main fuel. Whey protein delivers your body the perfect amino acid profile for muscle strength, weight loss and recovery as well as muscle. Good news: Pancakes are no longer carbohydrate-laden belly bombs — they’re getting a healthy makeover with high-protein ingredients. Instant oats, vanilla protein powder, egg whites and Greek yogurt make up the protein-packed base of these decadent (but healthy!) pancakes, while banana and cream cheese create a decadent flavor and texture. At 21 grams of protein per serving, these pancakes are the perfect way to start any morning off right. It can’t get more simple than these whole-wheat Greek yogurt pancakes: Just combine Greek yogurt, an egg, whole-wheat flour and baking soda, mix it up, and cook in a skillet. Using high protein and low fat ingredients, these mouth-watering shakes are fast to make and healthy to consume even when you are on diet. But if you are going to use powdered flavorings, use water or a cup of low fat liquid as an option.

To make your shake more delicious and appetizing, add some fruits like bananas and strawberries to tease your tongue.
Just be sure to read the labels before buying them to make sure that these ingredients has low fat content.
They are a great guilt free snack as part of your Fat BURNing diet program or a fantastic post exercise meal for optimum recovery after a hard workout. These have valuable health promoting properties including boosting your immune system and stabilizing hormone function. After ingestion, this protein forms a slow digesting gel in your stomach that gives you an ongoing feeling of satisfaction so you won’t feel hungry – the ideal protein to help your willpower while watching your kilojoules. It acts to block the digestion of starches like bread, rice and potatoes in your digestive tract. For hard trainers and active people, an adequate supply of L-Carnitine is essential for optimal energy and maximum fat burning. They made from a special blend of high quality proteins without unwanted bad fats and simple sugars.
Whether it's fat burning protein powders, bars, or amino's, Maxine's has got the your nutritional needs covered. If it is not the extra layers of fat that you’ve faithfully stored for a rainy day, then the only other option is the protein in muscle. All dieters cut their calories, but they followed slightly different programmes varying the macronutrient compositions.
The amount of muscle sets your basal metabolic rate – the more you have, the more energy you use being you, which going forward means you can get away with eating a few more calories before you hit the “more than you need mark”. Reflex have created an incredibly sophisticated product which contains a whey protein blend, micellar casein, CLA and a little green tea extract thrown into the mix.
It gives your body the amazing ability to shift its preferred energy source from carbohydrate to fat. When it comes to losing weight and burning fat it is important to ensure you do not eat away at your muscle tissue as the muscle tissue will be where the fat is burnt. So, how much should you eat and what are the best sources?How Much Protein to burn Fat?Well that depends on your height, weight and shape.
Whether it’s Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, almond flour, or protein powder, switching up the basic ingredients can give this breakfast favorite a much healthier nutritional profile.
These flour-free pancakes deliver a protein-packed breakfast, thanks to one scoop of protein powder, real pumpkin and oats.
A quarter-cup of flour holds it all together, and vanilla extract and coconut oil give the cakes a unique — and crave-worthy — flavor. In addition to lending protein, the quinoa creates a great slightly crunchy, slightly chewy texture without losing typical pancake fluffiness. Two of these cakes provide 11 grams of protein and nine grams of fiber, which comes primarily from the half-cup of coconut flour and six eggs in the recipe.
Whip up this batter at night and store in the fridge before cooking in the morning for a quick and filling hot breakfast. Oat flour, coconut flour and vanilla protein powder combine for the base of these fruit-filled cakes.
These vanilla and coconut-scented pancakes are made from spelt flour, almond meal and protein powder.
In addition to fulfilling even the most persistent of chocolate cravings, these babies are dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free. Oats give the cakes some body, while customized toppings add an irresistible peanut-buttery-banana-chocolaty flavor. Protein shake is the best way to fire up your goal to lose weight without depriving yourself from eating your favorite desserts. The intake of protein shake gets you through your cravings and at the same time help you stick to your diet and keep you energized.
There are also many health risks associated with your belly fat.Normally when you tend to gain weight, you also gain more fat in your belly.

It is widely recognised by elite athletes and sports scientists as the pinnacle of proteins for building and toning human muscle.
This high protein formula stimulates your metabolism to produce heat, which is known a Thermogenesis. This then massively enhances exercise by burning fat faster and improving muscle formation. L-Carnitine’s unique ability to promote muscle tone and definition allows you to essentially become a natural fat burning machine.
During the catabolic state after your workout whey can also give your body a fast injection of protein. Clearly, a 200lb man will need more than a 100lb woman.50 grams per day is really the absolute minimum for anyone trying to lose weight. The protein pancake recipes below contain at least nine grams of protein per serving, with some hitting upwards of 38 grams (we’re looking at you, cinnamon roll pancakes). All that great Almond Joy flavor is thanks to almond extract and (of course) dark chocolate. Peach-flavored Greek yogurt, diced peaches, coconut and almond extract add sweetness, a bit of texture, and fresh flavors to the mix as well.
This could also help you give all the energy and protein you need to help you build lean muscles and burn fat.
However, some people accumulate fat in belly faster as compared to the the other body parts.
When combined with powerful carb blockers and fat burners, Maxine’s BURN Bars are a great snack to help you get in shape.
They gymed 7 days a weeks – 5 days were aerobic workouts and the other two days they did resistance training. Top with freshly toasted coconut, roasted almonds and fresh, diced peaches for an even more exciting dish and varied texture. Protein shake can keep you full and satisfied for hours because protein slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Now, you need not worry if you have big belly.Why Some Men Develop Belly Fat?Now you can burn your belly fat with these yummy smoothies. This equates to approximately 30% of your daily calorie requirements coming from protein.Dr David Heber, Clinical Director of the Center for Human Nutrition, UCLA, recommends 29%. Therefore, it reduces your hunger by lowering insulin levels, making it easier for your body to burn excess fat. It’s up to you if you want to add some more ice cream to create a frosty consistency, especially during the summer. This is a figure arrived at after extensive research and not a million miles away from the amount recommended by most researchers following weight loss trials. Drink this everyday and you will notice a huge benefit it can contribute to your health and weight. They can be also used as a drink after meals to burn belly fat.Making smoothies with frozen fruits gives it thickness and this thick consistency of a smoothie fills your stomach well. This way you avoid over eating and contribute to more weight loss.8 Risks Associated With Belly FatSmoothies also kill your cravings for sugar and in this way you stay healthy.
Because it’s your lean tissue, muscle primarily that is responsible for most of the calories you burn each day.
You not only lose belly fat but can also lose overall weight including those fatty thighs and butts. I’d recommend that you invest in one as measuring your body fat is a better way to guage the effectiveness of you weight loss programme than weighing yourself on the scales.

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