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The root of contention comes from the idea that fat loss and muscle building are opposing goals. The important thing to realise is that we are dealing with two different tissues, fat and muscle. Of course exercise can help you burn more calories helping you reduce fat stores and yes if you don’t eat enough that can impede muscle growth. In this way, we can see the possibility that fat loss and muscle building may not be in opposition of one another. So far as I can tell, I can’t find a direct correlation between X amount of protein consumed equals Y amount of muscle growth.
So in the end, yes diet matters when it comes to muscle, but it’s a good chance that exercise matters more.
Hi, just wondering would you suggest a small calorie deficit such as 10% reduction to do this?
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There’s nothing like a rainy, cold or snowy day to take the wind right out of your well-intentioned workout plans.
These three circuit workouts from Daily Burn 365 will help you fit in a workout anytime, anywhere — no equipment required. Reverse tabletop leg lifts: Sit on the ground feet planted hips-width distance apart, hands behind you with fingers pointing towards your toes.

Plie squat: Stand with feet wider than hips-width distance apart, toes pointed slightly out. Squat with alternating heel raise: At the bottom of your squat, raise your right heel, then left heel. Squat to press: While holding a squat, position arms like a goalpost, elbows bent to 90-degrees. Knee-lift to squat: Perform a squat, then lift your right knee up towards your chest as you stand. Squat punches: Perform a squat, punching upwards to the right as you come to standing, downwards to the right as you squat. Touchdown jacks: Start with legs together, then jump them apart, reaching down to touch the ground in between your feet. However, I’m willing to bet that if you’re getting 3 square meals a day you won’t have to worry. Wouldn’t it be great if you’re body had some sort of calorie storage tank that it could access in such a situation? If I really needed extra protein to do that I would have had to eat about 11-12 grams a day.
But before you scrap your sweat session and curl up with some hot chocolate, consider the fact that you could squeeze in an entire workout without straying too far from your couch. Whether you’ve got 10, 15 or 20 minutes, each series of moves is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your legs burning.

With heels glued together, lift top knee, rotating leg open, then bring it back down again.
Hop to the right, bringing your left leg behind your right, then hop to the left and bring your right leg behind your left. If you lose fat, it means you’re burning more than you’re eating within a given amount of time.
It’s like Captain Kirk yelling at Scottie for more power and Scotie says “I’m giv’n ‘er all I’ve got Capt’n. If you’re not able to eat enough to build muscle you may have bigger problems than not having a V cut. If the body needs calories and it’s not getting them, it’s going to use more fat for the difference. Losing body fat happens because you need more calories than you’re eating so you need to use them from your fat stores.

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