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After losing 121 pounds and winning The Biggest Loser in March, Danni Allen has been on a whirlwind tour sharing what she's learned on the ranch (no doubt a lot, with Jillian Michaels as her coach). Bring a snack: You never know when hunger is going to strike, so make sure you're prepared. Research your destination: It can be easy to just pull into whatever drive-through you spy first from the freeway, but a few minutes on your phone before you get to your next stop can help you line up healthier alternatives.
BYOB: Bring your own water bottle — drinking more water can help get your mind off a grumbling stomach.
The latest Biggest Loser winner in the US, Rachel Frederickson, has heard the concerns but she’s not listening. Her dramatic transformation, however, has led to criticism and fears that she’s now too skinny, with some wondering whether she has an eating disorder. At 165 centimetres and 47.6kg, Frederickson is considered officially underweight, according to the Body Mass Index charts. During a media conference call, however, the one-time competitive swimmer who says she has reclaimed the athlete within sidestepped pointed questions repeatedly. Frederickson said that when she looks in the mirror, “I see a strong, confident woman.
She said she lost all her weight under the direct supervision of the show’s medical experts and training staff.

Now, with victory in hand, Frederickson said she was looking to find the balance that will allow her to maintain her weight loss and fuel an active new lifestyle. She said she was also looking forward to sharing recipes for the foods she enjoyed the most, such as egg white French toast, omelettes, sweet potato chips and a homemade ice cream made with protein powder that tastes like a decadent splurge even though it only has 200 calories per pint (473ml). She says she had no plans for the prize money, beyond buying new clothes and saving the rest.
Some also lashed out at what they said was hypocrisy, asking why so much controversy was swirling around Frederickson when, for example, Hollywood rains down the accolades (and awards season trophies) on actors who dramatically alter their appearance for a role?
But one teenage viewer who e-mailed the network said there was a big difference: The Biggest Loser holds itself out as a show dedicated to helping people win back their health and their lives, and encourages obese Americans to use the show for motivation and inspiration to do the same.
Seconds after pouring my smoothie into the glass, and snapping a picture of it, my apartment building’s fire alarm went off! Aside from the fire drill, yesterday was great!  I ran, stuck to my detox plan, had plenty of energy considering the small amount of sleep I was working with, was NOT starving, lifted weights over lunch, and got all of my laundry done last night.  It was a great Monday and a fantastic first day on the Whole Living Detox plan. I wonder if today is going to be tougher, diet wise, as my body continues to adjust to a fruit, veggies, and nut diet.   After day 1 I feel that the key is bringing snacks to work, having a hearty lunch, and drinking lots of water. All three of these women have inspired me and motivated me to lose weight and to take my body to the next level.  I want to keep their journey in mind as I continue mine and I’m excited to see the contestants on the Biggest Loser tonight! I have to ask- that diet looks incredibly low in calories- did you keep track of that at all?

I caught up with her at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in LA and asked her how she's been sticking with her new healthy-living goals even while being on the road all Summer. Danni packs celery sticks with hummus and nuts (a handful at a time, about two ounces) mixed with Craisins to help power through hunger. Danni relives the ranch by always carrying Jillian Michaels DVDs in her bag; the first-time marathoner — she's currently training for the Chicago Marathon in October — also makes sure she packs running shoes to stay fit no matter where she is.
Even the show’s trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels seemed surprised when she first walked onto the stage at the finale. She declined to specifically address the extent of her weight loss, or the backlash of criticism brewing on social media.
It’s my favorite and I always add salt, pepper, basil, and garlic to give it some extra punch.
Sometimes dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, so filling up your reusable water bottle throughout the day is a smart idea. Now she plans to start hitting the weights to build muscle, as well as try new fitness options, such as dance classes.

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