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How I Lost 62lbs With The Beyond Diet + My 3 Step Plan… … And With A Total Budget Of Less Than $50! I used to yell at my baby for no reason, was always bitter and just stopped doing activities with her. Next, I started trying various “shakes”… shakeology, visalus, itworks, and many others… result? On a Sunday morning, at breakfast, I asked her whether she wasn’t feeling well or something?
If my Nana, at 84 can be in such good health, it is my duty, no, my responsibility to be there for my daughter too! With all that research, studying and analyzing… I knew I needed a diet plan that would help me eat correctly, but still not restrict me so much that I would quit it.
Today, it’s a full-fledged community with literally thousands of members, coaches, recipes, meal plans, tools, all at a single price. And in fact, most of the new members at Beyond Diet miss 2 critical steps that I figured out! Planned intermittent fasting has been one of the eastern world’s most powerful ways to slim down, control cravings, and give you back, the control over what you eat. Now, when we combine my unique way of fasting with Beyond Diet = The result is MUCH better health, fat loss especially from the ugly areas with no muscle loss, and no yo-yo’ing with the weight.

Lisa (my trainer) was very costly initially, but the above workout she customized for me was superb, and it was especially FOR the obese!
When you combine the above 3… the result is one super fit, strong, and healthy human being! Seriously, those folks DON’T get that kind of results with powders and shakes, instead, they all have a plan, and they then STICK to it.
The reason I am explaining everything in so much detail here is coz I want to help you realize that only those folks who stick to ONE path lose weight. Luck did not help me lose 62lbs, what helped was finding a plan that I would love to stick with, which I found in Beyond Diet… and then… adding two more proven powerful techniques to it… then… actually working and sticking to it! My first step with this new resolve was to read every nutrition and diet book I could get my hands on.
If the book quoted scientific references, I sought out the reference and reviewed it in its entirety (my medical background helped here). On top of this, I also read and critically analyzed hundreds (not an exaggeration) of research papers, and re-read several of my old nutrition textbooks. Now, this is not meant as a self-serving ego-boosting statement, but rather as a testament to the importance of proper research and analysis. STICK with this plan for a few weeks, and when your body starts showing fantastic results in the mirror, come down to Denver and buy me a treat!

We’ve worked with our members to provide Meal Plans that are easy to cook during the week, but that are also interesting and flavorful.
There is a full meal plan, and two shopping lists; one for taking the Flex Day off, and one for following the plan every day. We provide shopping lists to help you make sure you have all the food you need when you go to make it.
All Rights Reserved.The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Paleo Plan.
We also try to offer creative and slightly more complex recipes during the weekend, when you may have more time to dedicate to your meals.
This is exactly as it is shown in the Member’s area, so you know exactly what to expect when you sign up. And from the feedback of our users, we’ve even instituted a Flex Day, which is a day that is simple to leave out of your plan, either for a business trip, a holiday, or simply a scheduled cheat day. We know you may not want to follow the plan every day, so we’ve made it simple to adjust.

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