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As the holidays come to an end, now is the time to look at doing a regular weight loss workout. Our new goals may be to create a new lifestyle for a healthier future, breaking with the bad habits we have accumulated in the past year. 95% of people are setting new weight loss and exercise goals for the beginning of the new year. According to a survey, carried out in the United States, 98% of people give up on exercise after the first month. The simple answer is, it’s not easy to change or to break out of the rut of the old familiar comfort zone and start a healthy lifestyle.
If your resolution is to do a regular weight loss workout, then maintaining a good level of motivation is important. As a personal trainer I understand the importance of establishing good motivation early on. If you feel that it is impossible for you to motivate yourself to regularly undertake your weight loss workouts, then professional help might be the answer. Besides a regular weight loss workout, if you are looking to lose a few pounds, then it is important that you also watch your eating. Jump rope - An average sized male, weighing about 75 kg can burn 300 kcal within 30 minutes if jumping at a moderate tempo. Jump using varying speed and techniques.This requires a lot of energy and also promotes co-ordination and stamina. Sit ups - Great for developing the abdominals, sit-ups can be done anywhere and at anytime. Leg raises - lie on the floor and slowly lower and raise your legs, either together or one at a time.
Squats - Put your hands behind your head and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Peter is a registered personal trainer with more than 20 years experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. He graduated with qualifications as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition adviser, and has worked with a range of clients over the past two decades.

There is so much information on this available online so what’s the best way to lose weight and keep it lost so you never have to worry about your weight again. I say the best way not the fastest way, the best way is the healthy way and the only really good and effective way. Many people who hear this simple explanation will disregard it, stating it doesn’t apply to them because they have a slow metabolism, bad genetics or some other nonsense.
This is a very simple explanation and idea however it does go into much complexity and it’s backed up by scientific facts. So forget about low fat low carbohydrate diets because if even if you eat low carb low fat foods you can still consume too much causing weight gain. Some people will say this can’t be true because they claim to eat very little yet they continue to increase their weight.
After two weeks or more of eating and drinking, now is the time to think about our goals for the coming year.
These goals can involve all sorts of lifestyle changes, but whatever they are, our goals should make a positive change to our lives. Unfortunately, people often do not really believe in their own ability and underestimate themselves. This is often my own personal experience. No matter what your motivation – it might be to tone up, lose weight or a healthier general lifestyle – getting a routine is important. The process may be slow and sometimes painful, but to succeed, it is important not to give up at the first hurdle.
A personal trainer will help you to do your weight loss workouts regularly, and will also help you to reach your goals. As you reach a target, then a new goal will maintain or reinvigorate your motivation levels. Eat less sugar, reduce soft drink, eat less processed, less sweets… and do not forget the daily activity!
The beauty of jump rope is that it can be carried out almost anywhere with a very small financial investment.

This is a very simple exercise that can be found in every gym and it’s not expensive. Using the eliptical machines as part of a weight loss workout will guarantee almost the whole body is exercised. What we are really talking about is fat loss, not water loss, muscle loss or loss of food in our stomach or anything else, just burning body fat. Fast weight loss techniques are always unhealthy such as for example starvation which can damage our organs and lead to muscle loss, both of which can reduce the body’s ability to burn off fat which is exactly the opposite of what the person is trying to achieve.
It’s true genetics and our metabolisms can have an effect however the effect is massively exaggerated.
What you do eat still matters, ideally your calories should come from good quality nutrient rich foods. I my experience this is only a self deception, if this applies to you, the only way you will know for sure is if you actually count and keep track of what you consume on a average day.
Also if the caloric deficit is not continuous for example day 1 calorie deficit day 2 calorie surplus if this is the case you are unlikely to see any results. There are thousands of variations of abdominal exercises, use a combination as part of your weight loss workout. It will be hard to start a routine, but once you start to see results, then your motivation will grow. These foods will help your body function better and help to maintain a healthy weight or more accurately a healthy level of body fat. If you are achieving a calorie deficit however those calories are coming from poor foods it could affect health, metabolism and reduce muscle, all thing which can affect the body’s ability to burn body fat. For example if you consume 2000 calories in a single day and if your body uses up 2500 calories in that same day your body will require extra energy and if it cannot get it externally(Food) it will look for internal sources of energy Ideally body fat.

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