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Vitamin C plays a role in the synthesis of norepinephrine, a substance secreted by the adrenal gland and which plays a role in storing fat. Vitamin C also facilitates the absorption of iron in the body, hence its anti-fatigue action.
B-complex vitamins limit the effects of stress, reducing the risk of weight gain due to the feeling of frustration. Specifically, they ensure the production of neurotransmitters (tryptophan, dopamine, serotonin) that help in getting the mood. Scientists do not yet know the mechanisms by which calcium helps us lose weight, but the results speak for themselves. Potassium regulates the water present in the cells, facilitating renal elimination, and manages aldosterone and cortico-adrenal gland hormone that interferes with the metabolism of sodium.

Chromium improves the effectiveness of insulin, a hormone that allows sugar to penetrate into cells. Life Plus New Core Line Health Nutrition Supplements.You'll Look and Feel Better - Guaranteed! Home of the Real OPC (antioxidant) that has been extracted by methods pioneered and developed by Dr. I continue to be impressed by your professional service, your follow-up to orders, and the high quality of your products.
Vita Saurus Children's Vitamin - For your child's smile Vita-Saurus is one of the best, if not the best, children's vitamin on the market today. Routinely cleansing your system promotes overall wellness by helping to maintain a healthy colon.

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According to one study, daily consumption of 800 mg calcium helps you maintain your weight. They have also been featured in worldwide newspapers including The Sun and The New York Times.

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