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At Derma med spa, the skin clinic, Our Non-surgical facelift procedures provide amazing results in restoring your youthful self and rejuvenating several key areas of your face. Laser hair removal is a gentle, non-invasive procedure to get rid of unwanted hair forever.
Acne is a common, highly treatable skin condition which occurs when clogged pores can no longer drain oil from oily glands.
If you’re looking to cut excess fat, tone and sculpt the body you desire, Look nowhere else. At Derma med spa, we have some of the most clinically-proven procedures for Hyperpigmentation, Melasma and sun-damaged skin. At Derma med spa, Our Dermatologists offer some of the most effective treatments for wrinkle reduction, erasing fine-lines and replenishing lost volume giving you fuller, firmer and wrinkle-free skin.
Skin conditions such as acne scarring and excess pigmentation are no more a problem with the advances in medical technology available today.

I went to Derma med spa for an under-eye Fill(Juvederm), and the procedure erased the eye bags that made me look tired everyday. Dr Gayathri is an exceptional Cosmetic Specialist with an Aesthetic Eye, I've been going to her for years and extremely pleased with the results each time*.
Doc is honest, intelligent and knows what will look good for your face type, i'm so happy with facial filler and treatment work done on me! Love the Office, the staff are always friendly and attentive, going there many years and could not be happier. Doc is very refined and friendly in approach, she has an excellent eye, i've taken treatment for wrinkles and fillers from her and my friends can't tell what i've had but just that i look great*. Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, illnessor pain. Dft and thrive reviews and testimonials – le-vel, Testimonials from thrive and le-vel users a new era in weight loss.

Thrive for women 3 day weight loss trial package includes, 3 day trial of the remarkable thrive products. Le-vel thrive reviews – the myths that are most discussed, Le-vel thrive experience come take the le-vel thrive experience today, and see what everyone is talking about!. At Derma med spa, we’re equipped with the most advanced body sculpting technology currently available. Treatments which include gentle peels, exfoliating-intensive medifacials and our anti-aging skin lightening procedures. We are top Independent Herbalife India Distributor ready to answer your questions and guide you with the Herbalife Products .

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