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First of all, Donna has been vlogging her entire weight loss journey since the very start of her 127lb weightloss.A  The best way to feel confidence in this protocol is to see the transformation that others make with it. You can watch her journey from 270lbs to 145lbs at her youtube channel:A  Givingitmyall2011.
Her doctor vetoed the idea of doing the diet and encouraged her to be happy with her situation.A  She says this was difficult considering that sheA  was literally crawling around her house some days because her condition was so bad.
But for Donna it was different and I totally agree that there are occasions where doing rounds closer together is warranted. For her this was the right thing to do- it was freeing and she stuck to the protocol and didn’t need the scale to keep her going. While she of course still deals with her MS, being able to lose 127 lbs withA HCG Injections has given her a better measure of health that she would not otherwise have. The biggest lesson I personally took away from my interview with Donna is that no matter what a person has been through, we all have the ability to do our best to make whatever changes to our circumstances we have- it won’t make life perfect, but it will make it a lot better than it would have been otherwise. This is an amazing blog run by teenager Kim, who had lost over 100lbs and posts some quality updates and motivational pics! If you would like to be added to this list or be in our next version, please email us or leave a comment below!
Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss story has become many girls’ weight loss motivation as many girls thanked Kelly in twitter, saying said Kelly one of the most inspiring weight loss celebrity that helped them downsize a lot! Now Kelly Osbourne diet, workout secret and her weight loss motivation revealed in SELF megazine! Kelly Osbourne diet is also a strict diet plan, she is very smart to arrange her timetable to decrease the total calorie intaken. Kelly’s workout plan not includes the cardio exercises, but also includes an interesting hula hoop exercises! Kelly has her own weight loss motivation and she revealed the little secret to keep her moving.
Though Kelly dosen’t like compare herself with the others, it seems people like to see the compare.
Victoria Wellman writes for The Daily Mail, “Losing weight is always a question of mind over matter, but for one morbidly obese wife and mother, getting healthy was easy and fun. Moore recently wrote about her weight loss experience for The Huffington Post, explaining, “My husband Keith and I were seriously overweight most of lives.

The breaking point came for Jen in September 2009 when, at a local amusement park with her daughter, she was asked to get off a ride because they were unable to securely fasten the safety bar over her stomach. Hooping has been a big part of her personal transformation, not just in terms of losing the weight, but in finding a new career for herself as a result.
Alternatives and Similar apps like Easy Paleo Diet - Best Weight Loss Diet Plan For Beginners, Start Today! That’s why I said that the rest of us would realize we must be able to do this if she can.
I too felt the same way about her experience- helps us put our own situation in perspective. She has an incredible story and has documented her whole weight loss her and has inspired countless people along the way. The author of this blog, Stephany, hopes to motivate others as she was motivated to lose weight. Nicole, the author of this blog, credits the women of Tumblr for helping her to lose weight. Oanh shares her ongoing weight loss story with her readers and motivates them to lose weight too. Carolyn blogs about losing weight while dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and being fruit intolerant. This blog is written by Jon, a 23-year-old who takes the reader through his weight loss journey. The author of this blog has already lost 130 pounds and takes you on his journey to lose more! This self-proclaimed “geek girl” is trying to get healthy and inspire others while doing so.
This great blog features photos of things the author looks forward to after she loses weight.
This blog is written by a woman who transformed her body and hopes to inspire others to do the same.
We Aim To Bring You The Best Articles, The Latest Interviews And The Most Motivational Galleries.
How Kelly Osbourne, the 28-year-old celebrity dropped 70 pounds since 2009 so successfully?

It’s OK to have a healthy envy and look up to somebody and set goals, but you have to realizethat you’re never going to be exactly that person. Sarah Cramer is back with a new mini hoop tutorial for a plane break we think is really interesting!
With Pokemon Go sweeping the planet, Stephanie Combs spins up some Pikachu cosplay and some sweet hooping moves. I am loading today and this is my first round of four that I finally understand what I am undertaking. Below are some of the best weight loss tumblr blogs for motivation as found on the Tumblr website.
Check out our interview with her here and click here for her beginner’s weight loss guide.
This great blog follows a 25-year-old mother and wife as she takes on her own weight loss challenge. I am, after teaching for over 2 years, one of the slowest learners i’ve ever met, hahaha!!
Thanks to Chica for her many videos and interviews like this one and for helping me find Robin Woodall works. I’m on my 2nd round with an ultimate goal of 30 more lbs and reading these blogs, especially hcgchica, has been incredibly helpful.
Now she supplements her hooping with some cardio machines and some strength conditioning for her muscles. You have a talent for communicating with us in a way that feels like we are all in this together. And then I started teaching in Feb 2010, and it totally snowballed, so then i was teaching in addition to my own personal hoop time.

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