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Now worth over $600 million and looking far different than he did a decade ago, the 51-year-old Dre spent much of the early 2000s in the recording studio and allowed himself to get up to 270 pounds before deciding to make a change in 2003.
Formerly known as one of the most outspoken talk show hosts on daytime television, Rosie O’Donnell started her career in stand-up comedy as a teenager before catching her first big break on Star Search in 1984. A decade later and after a series of appearances in films like A League of Their Own and Sleepless in Seattle, O’Donnell was given her own Emmy Award-winning talk show in 1996. Much like Oprah Winfrey, O’Donnell has had some very public battles with her weight over the years with her most dramatic transformation coming recently after admitting in 2013 that she weighed 240 pounds.
Latest fromEntertainment Thando Thabethe mocks celebrities who hide their baesShade alert! Always known for being a rather large guy, John Goodman intended on becoming a professional football player before an injury in college ended his career. Packing up and moving to New York City to pursue acting in 1975, Goodman eventually landed his breakout role in 1988 as Dan Conner on the sitcom Roseanne. One of the most respected actors in the industry, Goodman decided he was tired of the “large guy” stereotype and adopted a healthier lifestyle by ditching what he refers to as “crapola.” No stranger to dieting after losing 60-70 pounds in his early career, Goodman has taken his recent weight loss more seriously (and slower) and is now 100 pounds slimmer than before. There is so much to learn about workout properly, it can be as confusing as you want to make it. Weight Loss Hacks: 15+ Scientifically PROVEN Hacks to BOOST Your Metabolism, Lose Weight While You Sleep, & Eat Your Way to Skinny!
From the best selling weight loss author, Linda Westwood, comes Weight Loss Hacks: 15+ Scientifically PROVEN Hacks to BOOST Your Metabolism, Lose Weight While You Sleep, & Eat Your Way to Skinny! This book provides you with PROVEN weight loss hacks – things you can do in your life that are EASY, but have MASSIVE benefits when it comes to weight loss.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle and putting in time at the gym every day, Dre is now a gym rat who enjoys a grueling routine that has given him the health of a 30-year-old and put him in the best shape of his life.
Ending the show in 2002 and earning the nickname as the “Queen of Nice,” the 54-year-old comedian and actress joined The View where her opinions ignited widespread controversy. Finally serious about her health for the sake of her five children, O’Donnell underwent a gastric sleeve surgery and dropped around 175 pounds in a matter of two years.
The problem is, when you're on a diet, navigating a menu turns one into a guilt-ridden ball of angst. Winning a Golden Globe for his performance, Goodman wrapped up the series in 1997 and has since appeared in comedies like The Hangover Part III, dramas like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and thrillers like 10 Cloverfield Lane.
When asked about his new look and health, Goodman joked, “Just wait another six months and I’ll be back to normal.” Luckily, Goodman’s new and healthier version of normal has stuck.
However, there are some simple tips, tricks and hacks that anyone can do to make working out easier and more effective. This book will jump-start your weight loss, increase your energy level, clear your mind, and improve your overall health!
For example, you will learn the 9-Step Weight Loss While Sleeping System that will have you burning MORE fat all day long – especially in your sleep! Though Dre still raps from time to time, he is better known as the CEO and founder of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics in addition to producing records for rappers like 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent.
Continuing to keep the weight off today, O’Donnell says the surgery was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Doing this will keep your blood sugar levels in check, keep your appetite under control so your less likely to binge on an unhealthy snack and increase your metabolism.Tell the world Tell the world, or at least your world, that you have a goal to lose weight, gain muscle, or even finish a 5k.

Whatever your goal is, telling your friends and family will keep you accountable to them and not yourself.
Social networking websites are a great medium for announcing your goals.The “new exercise” rule Too often I see people in the gym doing the exact same exercises day after day. Over time, doing the same exercises over and over will decrease the effectiveness of your workouts.
Make it a goal that every Sunday night you will search the internet for one new exercise you want to do at least 3 times during the upcoming week.
So grab a buddy at a similar fitness level to you and be amazed at how far you push yourself.Reward yourself This hack is especially useful for someone who can never seem to workout consistently. One of the biggest problems newbies have is they quit because they don’t have an end goal, or their goal is too long term.
Make a short term goal, just a month or two, and if you complete your goal, say lose 7 pounds, reward yourself with new workout clothes. Having a short-term goal and a reward will make you more likely to finish what you started.Exercise to Fast Music A recent study concluded exercising to fast paced songs made people exercise harder and longer. So load your phone up with fast paced heart thumping music before you exercise to increase the effectiveness of your workout.Active Work Meetings Why does a day at work have to involve sitting at a desk 8 hours a day? Instead of sitting at a conference table with others, burn some calories and take a walk around the building.

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