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Holiday Weight Loss Basics for Men Over 50 With the holiday season upon us, men over 50 need to focus on these 6 steps for weight control.
Walking into the holiday seasons unprepared can lay waste to your waist management plans.  In fact, many men over 50 will establish over eating and weight gain habits that can send their health spiraling out of control for the new year.
Failing to plan is planning to fail.  When you know a big holiday meal is on the schedule, think in advance about how you’ll eat that day.  What food will likely be served?  What are your healthiest options?  What will your plate look like when served? Creating mental lists and images will help reduce mindless binging and provide structure to your meals. You’ve got to get this one right, period.  It all starts at the grocery store and your shopping habits, because if you bring only the right foods into your home then you’re much more likely to eat the right things.
Eating the right things stats with a macronutrient view, that is balancing the three main categories of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
Protein should come from meats, which can include lean beef, pork, chicken, and fish.  Don’t be too concerned about what kind of meat you have (with the exception of ground beef), believe it or not fat’s not as bad as you might think. Men over 50 should be looking at every health alternative available to them, and a seniors fitness strategy always includes proper nutrition.
So what does “proper nutrition” really mean in an applicable way?  Let’s get into some usable detail! Perhaps the easiest way for seniors to get their diet and nutrition needs straight is through adopting the Paleo Diet. If you haven’t heard, the Paleo Diet is also known as the caveman diet, because it closely emulates our diets going back to the hunter-gatherer days of human evolution.  That’s right, we’re talking about basic lean meat, fish, raw vegetables and fruits. A combination of well-grounded theory and also some scientific proof states that the human genome has not evolved quickly enough to adapt to modern diets.  The thinking continues that our modern diets, including abundant omega 6 fats, grains, dairy, flour, and even legumes contribute to inflammation. Change does not mean you have to have superhuman willpower, it is what you do when a behavior violates your strongest beliefs. If you believe your body was a temple or a divine gift, would you desecrate it by poisoning it with junk food?
Having a lean healthy body does not mean you have to give up everything you love when it comes to your dining experience. You don’t have to isolate yourself and deprive yourself to accomplish your goals.

It is not the bowl of ice cream or the slice of pizza that contributes to weight issues, the trouble is when you use these comfort foods inappropriately for coping mechanisms, eating mindlessly and frequently. To ensure this happens as far in the future as possible, the first place to start is to review what your current diet is and, if necessary, seek the assistance of a nutritionist to put together a new diet plan. A critical aspect of any diet change is that it should not be viewed as a diet.  Diets are short-term in nature and often do not last beyond reaching the immediate goal that has been set. Instead, a diet change should be viewed as a lifestyle and eating habit change, one that you will get used to and maintain for the long-term. In order to successfully implement a lifestyle change, it is important to understand what your personality type is and how you will both initially lose weight and keep it off over the long term. Supplement City Part 6 – Green Tea Extract, Protein, Cranberry and Lemon Author and over-50 fitness freak John Shumate shares his supplementation scheme by listing all of his daily supplements, then providing a detailed description of each one in his multi-part series for masters men Supplement City. Green Tea Extract – Green tea provides many powerful properties, is one of the very best combatants against free radicals, and can be taken in a supplement form for those (like me) who want the benefits but don’t necessarily have the time or want to sip on hot tea during the day.
Additionally, green tea has thermogenic effects that speed up your metabolism, boosting energy levels, speeding digestion, and providing a feeling of fullness so you’ll want to eat less.
Protein – As most know, protein is the building block for muscle tissue.  If you’re working out and trying to gain or maintain muscle mass, a good rule of thumb is one gram for each pound of lean mass. So, for example, if you weigh 200 pounds and have 25% body fat, your lean mass is 200*.75=150, so therefore you need 150 grams of protein per day.
The challenge comes when you’re trying to not gain or to lose body fat at the same time, meaning you’re on a daily calorie budget. Why can a younger person lose weight more easily?  It?s not that older bodies cannot look like younger ones anymore.  It?s just a matter of metabolism. Supplement City Part 5 – Glutamine, Arginine, and Fish Oil Author and over-50 fitness freak John Shumate shares his supplementation scheme by listing all of his daily supplements, then providing a detailed description of each one in his multi-part series for masters men Supplement City. Glutamine is the most abundant naturally occurring, non-essential (meaning our bodies can produce it) amino acid in the human body. Sources of glutamine include beef, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products, wheat, cabbage, beets, beans, spinach, and parsley.

It’s possible for our bodies to  lose up to 50% of its glutamine levels from stressful workouts, and if your immune system or other parts of your body become glutamine-deficient, the muscles’ glutamine stores are first to be tapped, creating the risk for muscle loss.
Foods that contain high amounst of sodium should be avoided as these can lead to hypertension and kidney disease.
You can achieve this state of balance when you understand and practice appropriate behavior.
Green tea is proven to bond with free radicals, taking them out of circulation in your body. Each time you lift weight, a large amount of stress is placed on the body, including muscles and nerves.
It has been shown to have a positive impact on the occurrence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and GIT diseases. Micronutrients such as Zinc and Selenium among others, and fiber have antioxidant properties that help reverse the effects of aging both on the skin and on the internal organs.
To create a new belief system for your behavior, change the metaphors you use to describe your body and the food you eat. Glutamine becomes conditionally essential (requiring intake from food or supplements) in states of illness, injury, or periods of peak physical demand, and that last benefit is why I take it as a supplement. This is a dangerous status quo, but if you start looking after your life at 50, you could be healthier and fitter than you ever were in your younger years. The American Heart Association quotes that a man at this age requires up to 2,400 calories per day, which increases up to 2.800 calories depending on the activity level. The amount of fiber in your diet should be adequate and it can be obtained from whole grains, cereal and vegetables. At the age of 50, dietary practices will not only boost your fitness but also reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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