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International would have to be one of THE leaders in the world with regards to losing weight!
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Black and white is a contrasting outfit as well, just for most people, it is too much contrast.
What is great about this look is that the combination of skirt and boots make my legs look longer. After childbirth we can feel overwhelmed by our new status as mother leaving us out of sorts with who we were nine short months ago.
Yoyo dieting promises a quick fix to get us back into our favourite pre-pregnancy jeans, it seems like a goal within reach and for some of us, yes it might be.

There is the temptation to yoyo diet without making health a priority; as a result quick fix methods that don’t provide any lasting results can creep into our lifestyles derailing healthy weight loss plans. Yoyo dieting then kills our dream to lose tummy fat returning lost weight almost immediately. The real answer on how to lose weight fast doesn’t come and go with fads but can be found in the lifestyle choices of happy, healthy mothers. Don’t let yoyo dieting kill off your long term weight loss plans instead kill off yoyo dieting, and see how it will help you lose weight for the long term.
Some extra weight does come with pregnancy of course, but it isn’t the result of ignoring our health. The fact is though if you are able to get back into your favourite old clothes fast it will likely be temporarily; if you yoyo diet it doesn’t mean keeping off the weight.

This causes many to start a course of yoyo dieting methods that can have adverse affects on blood pressure and cause fatigue. Here I share my tips and tricks and all of my outfits: the good, the bad and the ones that had some room for improvement. Weight gain is a natural part of motherhood and managing the loss of this weight should be just as natural.

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