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The BEST way to lose weight is any way that brings you to a calorie deficit at the end of each week, whilst getting enough protein. This also highlights the fact that no specific food or food group causes weight gain or weight loss. With almost 20 years experience, Chriss Tinslay is one of Australia’s leading Personal Trainers.
Chriss started her career into the fitness and personal training industry in 1994  as a receptionist at the local gym she attended and loved. She quickly went on to become qualified and registered as a Master Trainer with Fitness Australia.
Chriss has appeared in the biggest loser DVD series, Mornings with Kerri-Anne and has written her first short book “15 weight loss secrets that you need to know”. Chriss believes that fitness and fat loss should fit into your fabulous life, NOT take over it.   You can connect with her on Facebook where she shares useful tips each and every day. DISCLAIMERThe information provided herein should not be construed as a health-care diagnosis, treatment regimen or any other prescribed health-care advice or instruction.
So, if you can eat 1800 calories per day, you can eat eighteen 100 calories portions per day. A slice of bread, a cup of milk, one medium fruit, one small potato, one yogurt, 3 toasts, one egg, 2 tablespoons of rice, 60 g of fish, 50 g of meat, 3 cream crackers, and so on.
During the day you just need to count how many portions you are eating, and make sure you don’t eat more than you can, at each meal (or day). Because of chronic pain, I tend to lose track :) I lost 35 lbs back in 2010, but gained most of it back when I had to reduce my pain meds. I so agree- counting calories is a tough one, but it’s the portion size that gets us. That’s right Denys, we really need to know the right portion size, so we don’t exaggerate!
The ebook you highlighted is so true in the main problem, fo knowing what to do and not doing it! While losing weight is a prominent theme of the 21st Century, knowing how to lose weight fast is sought after by most.
The best way to lose weight is by making some small but relevant changes in your lifestyle. The best eating plan won’t yield optimal results without a sufficient exercise regime in place.

Let’s stop all of the confusion and empower people to choose their own best way for weight loss. We recognise that they can all work as long as the outcome of money surplus at the end of the week occurs.
Weight loss happens when you burn more calories than you consume (or consume less than you burn). However just like managing a money budget,  isn’t it nice to have a rough idea of what you are striving for?
They say hard work and sound medical guidance is typically the best way to achieve healthful weight loss.
This way you lose weight slowly, which is the best way to lose it (approximately 500 g per week). You just need to check how many calories each cookie has, on the package, and eat 100 calories of chocolate cookies, instead of another portion.
If that’s the case you can adjust the number of portions you eat to lose weight and afterwards, to maintain your weight (usually 2 or 3 portions more than to lose weight).
You might also be interested in: What does 200 calories look like? and How to Eat Right and Achieve your ideal weight. Sure sometimes we get lazy and there are people out there who do need to learn more about nutrition and exercise, etc. Sometimes we just need reminded of what we know to be true and to have someone spur us along to some quick action! I think we need to know a little about everything, to be successful in maintaining the weight we want: nutrition, exercise and also how to stop eating for emotional or other reasons besides being hungry! Then subscribe to my newsletter and use the links below to finally defeat what's standing between you & letting the world really see the amazing woman you are! The need to see results sooner rather than later has motivated people from all walks of life to hunt for something that will work. It is important to consider not only what will work now but also what will ensure you able to maintain a healthy weight for time to come.
It means cutting out all sugars, processed and refined foods, limiting caffeine intake and stocking your fridge with as much fruit and vegetables as possible, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils and so on; remember, the fresher the food the better. You should aim to get active by incorporating a variety of cardio, toning, core-building and strengthening exercises into your week.
You need to earn more than you spend or spend less than you earn (depending on how you want to look at it).

The information and opinions provided herein are believed to be accurate and sound at the time of publication, based on the best judgment available to the authors. While some is good, more is not better, and you’ll lose more weight in the long run by lifting weights. I find for me that it always comes down to being present in my body and mindful eating, when I am successful at living a healthy life and losing weight naturally. There are so many diets and fast weight loss tips on the market, it can become a minefield sifting through it all while trying to decide what is true and what is not. With this in mind, you need to have the right approach to weight loss and what is means in terms of your lifestyle. Include vegetables wherever possible whether it is adding berries to your breakfast cereal or munching on carrots and humus as a snack, the more you eat the better you will feel and the sooner you will see results. Start of by doing something for half an hour everyday and then try and do a little more each time. However, readers who rely on information in this publication to replace the advice of health-care professionals, or who fail to consult with health-care professionals, assume all risks of such conduct. To help make it easier, some easy-to-follow, effective how to lose weight fast tips have been outlined below. Essentially, eating healthy and exercising regularly is the key to optimal health and achieving the weight you want.
While we all know this, implementing it is another story, so let’s breakdown the concept of healthy eating and exercising into more sizeable chunks. Implement these basic principles into your daily life and you will soon discover that you won’t only lose weight fast but you will feel better too! The more water you drink, the less likely you are to pig out, the more hydrated your body will feel and in time more energetic. If you want to make water more flavoursome add sprigs of mint leaves together a slice of lemon.

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