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Thanks to the "supersize" syndrome, McDonald's is often pegged as having out-of-control portions. Did you know, nearly 15 years ago, Jared Fogle succeeded in his weight loss endeavors by consuming only Subway for lunch and dinner, every day for almost a year? Taco Bell's promotion of the late night "fourth meal" implies an unhealthy night time indulgence in rich, cheesy, over-stuffed burritos. Recent survey by Consumer Edge Insight looks at what families with kids look for when choosing a restaurant and which quick-service brands offer both kid-friendly menus and healthier menu options. According to Restaurant DemandTracker, a recent survey of restaurant customers in the United States, households with younger kids are much more likely to seek out restaurants with kid-friendly menus, and many of those consumers are looking for healthier food items on the menu for their families. When rating quick-service brands among consumers who have children under age 12 and who are aware of each restaurant, McDonald’s ranks #1 in terms of the most people thinking it has a kid-friendly menu (65%) , followed by Burger King (57%), Wendy’s (52%), Dairy Queen (45%), and Chick-fil-A (43%).  The quick-service restaurant brands that score best in terms of offering at least some “healthy food choices” among consumers with children under age 12 are Subway (69%) followed by Wendy’s (46%), McDonald’s  (45%), Quizno’s (42%), and Chick-fil-A (35%). Among families with older children (age 12-17) in the household, McDonald’s still ranks first in terms of people thinking it has a kid-friendly menu (58%), followed by Burger King (54%) and Wendy’s (48%), but Sonic grabs fourth-place (with 41%) and Chick-fil-A again comes in fifth (with 36%).  The quick-service restaurant brands that score best in terms of offering at least some “healthy food choices” among consumers with children age 12-17 are Subway (69%) followed by Wendy’s (46%), Quizno’s (41%), McDonald’s (38%), and Chick-fil-A (35%). Consumer Edge Insight LLC is a market research and consulting firm that helps clients who want to have deeper insight into how consumer behavior is changing around the world and how to profit from those changes. With whole grain breads, low-fat meat options, and plenty of veggies, Subway delivers healthy choices without sacrificing the convenience of fast food.

But it seems this popular chain is encountering an identity crisis--and thankfully for us, it's a healthy one. But on their new Fresco Menu, all items have fewer than 330 calories and only 3g of bad fat. The research covers the quick-service, fast-casual, family-dining, casual-dining, fine-dining, and pizza-takeout segments in detail. Bake the potatoes until almost tender (potatoes should still have a little bite) 45 minutes to 1 hour.
I come across a new disgusting Halloween snack every year that gets added to my recipe book. Choosing a hamburger, apple dippers, and a 1% low fat milk jug gives you 385 calories, 6g of bad fat, and 645mg of salt, a well-balanced meal for any age-group. Just remember, a foot-long sandwich may be a good deal, but it's not the best option for calories sake. Their menu now offers Kentucky Grilled Chicken, an oven-roasted alternative to fried chicken pieces. Replacing high-fat cheeses with tomato-based salsas quickly cuts calories and reduces bad fat without surrendering the flavor your taste buds crave.

In terms of toppings, choose the Veggie Lover's, both with 180 calories, 3g of bad fat, and 530mg of salt per slice. Gross Halloween recipes are fun for parties, especially as an addition to a spooky buffet table. So ditch the Big Mac, which has 540 calories, 12g of bad fat, and 1040mg of salt, in favor of its happier counterpart.
Our top picks are the Fresco Crunchy Taco, which has 140 calories, 2g of bad fat, and 290mg of salt, or the Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco, which has 160 calories, 2g of bad fat, and 430mg of salt. I get such a reaction out of the kids that I also like to make easy but gross Halloween snacks for after school. Also, to cut out additional calories and bad fat, watch out for condiments like mayonnaise and ranch dressing, and opt for a dollop of mustard or a dribble of vinegar instead. HoliCoffee is a collector inspiration channel only and we really appreciate the hard working of origin blogger[s].

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