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One of the most important meals of your day beside breakfast it is your healthy post-workout protein shake.   You have to consume your workout shake within 30 minutes ( the best time ) after your workout. The reason I use specifically a Papaya Fruit, Spinach and Raw Cacao is for their dense nutritional benefits.
I recommend you having caffein before the workout, I tried before having it after and I felt a bit weird. Some people that are much smarter than me and love looking in microscopes all day long have concluded that hydration is most important after an intense workout session (agreed), followed by replenishing glycogen stores that were exhausted and getting enough amino acids from protein to stimulate protein synthesis. I hope these post workout foods listed above have given you some ideas for more options when it comes to workout recovery. I used to only ever get whey protein, but I recently started using Vega’s Viva Vanilla plant based protein powder and LOVE it. Thank you for posting where that headband is from because that was going to be my question ?? Best protein shake for me: banana, almond butter, spinach, almond milk, and a drizzle of honey. I’ve never actually bought protein powder- but I used to work at a gold’s gym and made smoothies with whatever they used!
I usually use vanilla whey protein powder, but I’ve always wanted to try plant-based. I’ve never really been into protein powder until I got on Instagram and saw delicious things about Cellucor so I bought a sample packet of Red Velvet Cake Batter. The most widely accepted ratio of carbs to protein for effective recovery is a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. These help your body transfer oxygen to muscles more efficiently, aid muscle contraction, lower blood pressure and this little root also get to tout that magic word that Dr.
Whats best about Greek yogurt is that its a portable snack and its the perfect adder to a recovery shake. Like eggs, it’s considered a complete protein, meaning it provides all of the nine essential amino acids the body needs to function properly. Not all fats are the devil…good fats, like the ones found in salmon, play an essential role in hormone production (think testosterone and growth hormones) which for you lumberjacks, means muscle growth and strength gains. It goes perfectly with a frozen banana, spinach, berries, and almond milk (more of a smoothie than a shake).

I really like Perfect Fit protein because it’s organic, vegan and only has 5 ingredients.
I used to make my husband hold our first when it was shot day, and then I got to comfort breastfeed afterwards ?? Being a Mumma can be very heartbreaking! A lot of the stuff is junk that just enhances peoples view of sharks being these vicious people eaters. For most people, 40-60g of simple carbs is ample for proper protein synthesis, followed by 10-15g of quick dissolving protein.
One cup of watermelon has just 40 calories and is an amazing source of vitamin C, lycopene, potassium and vitamin A. Just be sure you stay away from sugary “fruit on the bottom” varieties, which are packed with refined sugar and unnecessary calories.
The benefit of consuming a complete protein post-workout show a link between protein-rich foods and increases in physical performance, training recovery, lean body mass, muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. The “good” fat found in salmon can also elevate your metabolic rate, which helps you to shed additional fat and build lean muscle mass.
I will not only teach you the HOW of getting extreme results, but you are actually going to learn how to PREVENT FAILURE! It took a second for me to get over adding cottage cheese in the shake (I hate cottage cheese) but I promise you can’t tell at all, it just helps create a creamy texture.
I miss making smoothies like that… but I just can’t bring myself to buy protein powder on my own! I started mixing it with cold brewed coffee and a splash of coconut milk several months ago and LOVE it! I love mixing it with almond milk and a frozen banana — tastes like a tropical vacation!
Sharks kill, on average, 12 people annually and people kill approximately 73 million sharks annually for their fins. The opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent anyone else's view. Its recommended that you replenish those depleted glycogen stores with carbs within the first 30 minutes of stopping exercise to optimize the levels of glucose and amino acids into muscles.

Studies show that beetroot juice, even cooked beets can improve performance when eaten pre-workout, but they also have post-workout benefits too.
A little fun face: an amino acid in watermelon, L-citrulline, has been shown to help maintain healthy blood vessels, increase nitric oxide which improves blood flow. For that optimal protein-to-carbohydrate combination that is so beneficial for exercise and muscle growth, I like to have plain nonfat Greek yougurt with a handful of fresh berries and a little stevia for sweetener. Containing about 17g of protein per 3oz serving, salmon provides essential amino acids to help rebuild muscle tissue. I love to eat salmon grilled over a bed of low-fat cottage cheese with hot sauce…not the norm, but its friggin tasty! Plus, compared to all those other hippie nut butters like cashew, almond, and walnut butter…it’s much more affordable. I even once put cinnamon and a dash of cayenne in chocolate protein powder for a Mexican Hot Chocolate version.
Throw in some guar gum or whatever we call it, and it’s perfectly thick like a frappe! I recommend blending these bad boys up into a shake, but they are also amazing roasted with some olive oil and sea salt.
This stuff is perfect on it’s own, especially when you have someone around to spit the seeds at, or blended into a smoothie. A tablespoon of peanut butter packs about 95 calories, 4g of monounsaturated fat (the good kind) and 3.5g of protein that helps to curb hunger. I attend the 5am class most days, so that is usually the first thing (besides water) to hit my stomach in the morning. Peanut butter is loaded with vitamin E, magnesium and B vitamins which help to convert food into energy.
In fact, vitamin E plays an essential role in helping to prevent free-radical damage after intense workouts so you can recover quicker.
Shoot for an all-natural peanut butter with no added sugars or oils. There are so many ways to enjoy peanut butter, but my fave is on a piece of hot whole wheat toast with sliced banana.

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