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I hear this question often, and I know there are a lot of choices out there as far as milk and milk alternatives go, so I thought I would share what my good friend, fitness and nutrition expert, Mike Geary says about this topic.
If you have already read The Fat Burning Kitchen, you may already know that drinking regular, conventional pasteurized milk is not the healthiest choice. And despite the propaganda against it, raw milk is NOT dangerous… not when it comes from a clean grass-fed farm operation certified to produce raw milk with healthy cows.
For those with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance, raw milk is tolerated much better, but some may still be allergic or lactose intolerant to dairy.
Soymilk was the big thing a few years ago, but it's really not the healthy choice it once seemed. Now you have a milk alternative that's high in healthy fats (fat burning MCTs in this case) and also quality protein, with only 1 gram of sugar per 8 oz serving! Adding the whey protein to hemp milk or almond milk would make a great mixture too and make it more balanced as a good healthy milk alternative as well. Pasteurization also radically alters the milk protein molecule, causing allergic reactions in some who may be sensitive to dairy. In addition to her advanced degree in nursing from a major medical school, she has spent the last 30 years intensely studying diet, health and nutrition.
I Love You PLUS the Original Version of the Songs They Covered (vinyl LP record, DIGITAL E.U. If you want to shoot your blood sugar through the roof, rice milk will do the job, and will pack on the blubber just as fast. Hemp milk contains healthy fats omega 3 and 6, is low carb and comes sweetened or unsweetened.

But now you don’t even NEED cereal to acheive that delicious taste thanks to the good people over at Cow Wow. Before you take this line of thinking further, consider some important factors regarding this milk alternative.Humans consume a variety of liquids that make sense for them including lactose free milk. Currently they’ve got Chocolate Chip Cathy, Fruity Trudy, Honey Beatrice, Cinny Minny, Peanut Butter Bessie, and Frosty Francine.
While this type of milk isn’t necessarily harmful, the fact is there’s usually no valid reason to be giving this liquid to a canine.Nutritionally speaking, your dog isn’t likely to benefit from the milk you may want to share. This is true regardless of the form it comes in, lactose free or not. Sure, your pet pooch may enjoy lapping it up but diarrhea or vomiting is a small possibility.Can I Give My Dog Lactose Free Milk? Dogs, however, benefit most by drinking water since it’s the best way for them to stay well-hydrated. It’s very rare to find a dog that can’t handle a little bit of milk and dairy products without an upset stomach. But giving your dog milk or dairy is a very unnatural thing for them, and would never happen out in the wild.Why is a comparison to wild dogs so important? Because even though dogs have lived with humans for quite some time, they’re still very similar in genetic make-up to their wild counterparts. It may sound gruesome but it’s the natural order of things, and it would take thousands more years to get dogs to start producing the enzymes needed to properly handle milk as adults.It’s Not Trouble-FreeLactose free milk was created for humans that are lactose intolerant, or have a sensitivity to it. If you want to give your pet pooch something different then consider a healthy food instead any type of milk product. This is true regardless of if your dog is lactose intolerance or not.Was this Article Helpful?YES   NOAdd Your Own Answer to the Question Can I Give My Dog Some Lactose Free Milk?

I hope it was safe to do this as a way to get fluids into him.Reply Donna February, 2016My 5 year old Yorkie has been on Cesar food for 3 weeks and she loves it.
So I’m letting her have just a little bit, sporadically, with some rice and chicken which she has no interest in unless the milk is with it.
Antacids that the vet has given interact with his other medications he’s on which he also needs. Her food is for diabetic dogs but she eats it all up.Reply Anne February, 2015I have a litter of 4-week old Boxer puppies. Some dogs may at some point stop drinking water, no matter what you try they still will not drink. I have such a dog.One way to get him to drink is to add milk to his water, as dogs love milk or any dairy product.
Lactose free helps by not making him so prone to getting an upset tummy.Reply Terence March, 2014Hi Roy.
Milk has something for everybody – higher blood cholesterol, and increased risk of heart disease and stroke.Why not try adding honey instead of lactose-free milk?

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