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More often than not, eggs are mistaken to be fattening because of their high cholesterol content. Meal:  Soft boiled eggs are great for those who are trying to lose weight, two soft-boiled eggs and boiled sweet potatoes are great for breakfast.
Bananas are popular breakfast items because they are easy to eat, cheap and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Meal: You can add bananas to a basic pancake recipe, mix in some chopped almonds, drizzle with honey and serve. Low-fat plain Greek yogurt is a better option than regular yogurt because they are not as fattening. Importance facts of healthy breakfast for Children and AdultsImportance facts of healthy breakfast for Weight loss To start the day, breakfast is essential in our everyday lives. Best food that can help your slim dietWhat best food that helps us lose weight and maintain a good body shape? However, what most people don’t appreciate is its very high protein content and how it is a necessary food item to have for breakfast.

Ever since we were kids, we were all aware that oatmeal has a rich fibre content that aids in digestion and lowers the body’s cholesterol.
Overnight oatmeal is popular these days amongst weight watchers because they are easy to make, healthy and truly delicious.
Eggs, apart from what everyone fears—cholesterol and fats, have 13 nutrients that are essential for a healthy body. Having an oatmeal breakfast also means that you will find yourself fuller for a longer period of time. Simply pour in almond milk, oatmeal, chia seeds, honey and bananas into a mason jar and refrigerate overnight.
It is therefore very important to understand how each and every breakfast food item benefits your body especially if you are trying to lose some weight. Having a breakfast that is high in protein will prevent you from having hunger pangs throughout the day. The anti-oxidants found in berries can reduce your cancer risk, helps you fight neurological effects of aging and help you achieve a beautiful glow on your skin.

It is also a good way to keep a healthy muscle mass especially for those who are body building. She is a certified dietician with experience in Type 2 diabetes and menu planning for weight loss. I just wanted to point out, that although nutritious and called a nut, peanuts are actually a legume.
Everyone is saying they’re great, but other than eating a handful, like I would a piece of fruit I really wanted to know what else I could do.

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