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I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have had the opportunity to participate in online health and fitness challenge groups – first as a new challenger, and then as a coach. These are some of the results that people have received from participating in our health and fitness challenge groups. Elizabeth – Since having completed a Challenge Group a few months back, I have been able to maintain my motivation to be consistent with my goals. Maria – I went down two pant sizes and 9 lbs with the 10 week program of T25 and drinking my shake everyday! Nichole – I lost 8 lbs and 12 inches in 3 weeks with the 21 Day Fix and drinking Shakeology.
Kerry – I first started drinking the Chocolate Shakeology every day for 6 months, and worked out at home!
Kiersten – In approximately 16-17 weeks, with a brief hiatus, doing T25 Alpha and Beta plus almost daily Shakeology, I lost 12 pounds and more than 20 inches. Brian – I tried Insanity twice on my own but took 4 months to do the 2 month program. Krystle – I am entering the third phase of P90X on monday and have lost 5 pounds, have muscle definition (ahh I have muscles!!! Oh man, I do need to lose weight, but I always have some excuse when it comes to the eating part.
Have you ever wished to have the support and motivation necessary to creating a healthier lifestyle for you, and in turn, for your family?

I am continually inspired by those who have taken a leap of faith to join our team and better their health. In being consistent, I have become stronger, more energized and flexible, my endurance has increased, and some of my sweet cravings have decreased.
Being in the online challenge group has given me the support and motivation to stick with the daily workout.
Way more energy, and working out at home in 25 minutes is the ONLY way these results would have been possible. I’m down 4 pounds, and I can literally feel my body composition changing from mushy to toned on a daily basis. I have always wanted to be fit but have had ups and downs having to do with health and stress. Its so important to set examples of healthy living for your kids and making yourself feel better too! I finally got into a challenge group and completed Insanity 60 days straight through without missing a day. T25 helped me tone up and helped in my preparation for a bicycle challenge for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) this past September, cycling 150km in two days.
You are not alone in your desire to better yourself, and you will not be alone as a participant in our challenge groups.
I have been doing T25 for 6 months and find it so easy to fit into my schedule, I have only missed 1 workout in 6 months and that was on Christmas Day and my family had the stomach bug.

I have since found a few other Beachbody programs I am enjoying such as P90X3 and Les Mills Combat. It gave me the encouragement I needed to push play everyday and push myself to work harder. Exercise is such a great stress reliever and I am feeling much stronger now thanks to the challenge groups and fitness programs. The challenge groups are amazing and really continue to help me stay accountable and motivated to do my workouts every day. None of this would would have been accomplished if it weren’t for our Team Perseverance Challenge Groups and all of the caring coaches we have.
So from all of these workouts and from drinking Shakeology everyday I’ve lost 38 pounds and lost 36 inches!!!
I will be honest and say that I am still an emotional eater and that at the end of the day I sometimes still succumb, but I am working on it and these programs really help.

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