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Slow and steady wins the (weight-loss) race, so a little inspiration along the way can make all the difference in reaching your goal. Since his debut, Big Bang’s TOP has been loved for his flawless and charismatic appearance. Her tagline, "Changing to a healthier lifestyle, one eensy, teensy step at a time," reflects her philosophy that little changes can add up in a big way!Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Rebecca of Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? Scroll through to learn some common motivation techniques, and share whether or not these would help you.

I'm definitely going to incorporate the weight loss jars into my 2014 plan and the small rewards along the way. However, he stunned his fans by revealing that he lost 20kg (44.1lb) in forty days before his debut. As such, many netizens have expressed their amazement at his self-discipline and self-commitment. So, she vowed to dedicate herself to being healthy, not skinny, and started working toward a weight-loss goal.

She now writes about that at Keeping Up With Katie.Best Weight-Loss Blogger: Margo of Brooklyn Fit Chick 13 of 20 All photosThe Brooklyn Fit Chick's one goal? A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss serves as a community where women can support one another and the ways they live healthfully and happily.

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