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You can melt the fat around your waist by wearing this belt during your regular activities.
It comes with an exercise and food journal, and also includes a meal planner nutrition log to help you make better food choices. Remember to get the okay from whatever medical professional you are working with before starting any exercise regimen and then hop right into this great workout! I love hearing from you so leave me a comment below and tell me what type of low-impact exercise you are looking for!
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You couldn’t possibly justify taking the time away from your responsibilities to do something like exercise.
But let’s face it – you HAVE to do some sort of activity if you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Research shows that doing the right physical activity helps prime your fat burning hormones and keeps them attacking your unwanted body fat. What if I could show you how to sneak in the necessary exercise to trigger your fat burning hormones to do their thing without you having to take time away from your responsibilities to do it? Before I share my 4 minute fat burner strategy with you, I want to prove to you that working out for this short amount of time, if done correctly, will not only result in weight loss, but it will save you a ton of time that you could be using to be productive at work or take care of your family. Would you like to learn more about how Green Thickies can help you shed fat and sky rocket your energy? Both of the training groups significantly increased their cardiovascular fitness but the subjects in group B saw a significant reduction in fat mass, an average of 14.7% over the course of the study, while those in Group A did not.
Moreover, they discovered that high intensity interval training had greater fat loss effects in those that started with a greater amount of body fat. The study concluded that 20 minutes of high intensity interval training for 15 weeks resulted in significant reductions of body fat (especially belly and leg fat).
Not only do you lose a ton more body fat doing cardio in this way, you save a whole lot of extra time you’ve been wasting doing ineffective workouts.
So, now that you have proof that you can burn more fat in less time by doing cardio in this manner, how exactly should you get started? Essentially, you will workout for a total of 4 minutes, alternating periods of all out exercise and periods of rest. For beginners, using a stationary bike as they did in the study we discussed is the safest way to start. You could use other cardio equipment, such as the treadmill, elliptical or rower, or you could use bodyweight exercises with or without equipment. The best part about my 4 minute fat burner strategy is that you do not need to go to a gym or have any fancy or expensive exercise equipment to do them. Wondering how you can use my 4 Minute Fat Burner Strategy as part of your overall weight loss exercise plan?

I’ve laid out a complete fitness strategy for you in my Fitness Blueprint, which you can get for FREE by clicking here. Using my 4 minute fat burner strategy is the most effective way to burn more 14.7% more belly fat in the shortest time possible. Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them for you.
Katherine is the founder of Green Thickies, the popular green smoothie recipe blog with over 800,000 readers each month.
Simply replace your breakfast and lunch with a delicious Green Thickie and make a healthy 400 calorie dinner and watch the weight fall off and your health soar.
Or if you prefer to follow a structured plan, follow Green Thickies 7 Day Diet Plan to drop a dress size this week. Give your body a much needed detox and lose weight by taking the FREE 7 day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge. This is the easiest, tastiest, fastest, most delicious, most effective detox you will ever do! WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO GIVE YOU THE EXACT DIET I FOLLOWED TO LOSE 56 POUNDS WITH GREEN SMOOTHIES?
We’ve all done it – thrown caution to the wind and had one of those weekends where we’ve eaten everything that wasn’t nailed down. Stay away from fried foods and fats, although they probably don’t sound too appetizing anyway.
You should watch drinking fruit juices, however, that can add to the acidity in your stomach. Bad carbs have been processed so much that the natural goodness and fiber are almost all gone. Because processed foods have only been in abundance for around 100 years now, our bodies are not very good at processing them and turn them quickly into fat.
Part of your weekend bloat may be contributed to lactose intolerance, your body’s inability to digest the sugar in milk. Well, not literally…although walking is one of the best ways to stimulate your digestion and allow painful gas and bloating to pass through.
It helps you burn more calories and shed some inches while you are busy completing your daily routine. You could also vary the intervals each time you do a workout to keep your body from plateauing. These filling nutritious energising green smoothie recipes will help you to naturally reach your ideal weight. This weight is frequently temporary and can be lost within a week, putting you back on track. Water retention can add several pounds to your weight, known as ‘water weight.’ Stay away foods high in salt such as processed foods.

Ginger – can help clear a weekend of food out of your system by helping your digestive tract. A light, one- hundred calorie dinner of a baked potato is gentle on your stomach, offers fiber as well as being fat and cholesterol free. Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C allow your body to burn body fat, allowing it to be flushed out of your system.
High-carb meals can leave you positively sluggish for the rest of the day because they affect your glucose levels. Bad carbs cause our sugar levels to go out of balance, and put us at a higher risk for obesity, heart disease and cancer. Walking also burns 26 calories for every 10 minutes you walk, along with increasing your heart rate.
They have also been featured in worldwide newspapers including The Sun and The New York Times. The intervals tested were 8 seconds for the exercising interval followed by 12 seconds rest.
If the research shows that the benefit comes from intense bursts followed by rest in a repeated pattern, then why as many squats as you can do in 4 minutes with little to no rest?
Sunday is always the big day – the game was on, you ate every snack there was…and to top it off, Mom fixed a huge Sunday dinner. Plums have a mild laxative effect and contain sorbital, a hard to digest sugar that can cause additional gas and bloating.
Rather than weigh yourself constantly, concentrate on how you feel rather than the number on the scale. Don’t pick and choose too often, especially with your low-carb food choices or you won’t see overall results! I’m not totally sure, but it seems like the protocol has something to do with reactions in the body as a result of bursts of activity followed by rest and immediately repeated vs. The active cultures in yogurt contain bacteria that stay busy helping your digestive system break down sugars. Despite the rumors that these drinks can help you ‘burp’ and feel better, all they do is add even more distention to your midsection. Not trying to be negative, just genuinely do not get what the connection is between the research and the specific 4 minute suggested activity, althought that would be a great thing to do if you are trying to fit exercise in. It seems like the squats would be a short version of what group A did, versus what group B did. I would think it would be 40 seconds of squats or squat jumps followed by 20 seconds of rest repeated 4x if it was considered a HIIT method.

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