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The first thing to remember about fat loss is that it must be, without exception, specific to your body type and your lifestyle. I have worked with hundreds of people over the years, some have dropped a stone in a month others it has taken 6 months and this is down to three main factors.
Our bodies have muscle memory, so if you have done regular exercise (3 times a week) over a number of years you will get back into shape faster. Eating out is the biggest reason why people slip off their fat loss program, either your boss is pushing you to order a pizza or your friends are ordering a big bowl of pasta. You have had a long day at work you get home late and there is nothing in the fridge so you order a take away. Play the movie through, eating take always or a big bowl of pasta late a night will pile on the ponds and leave you feeling lethargic the following day.
Some diets allow you one day off, I don’t think this is the route to go, it’s only for 4 months and one day off often leads to more so best to be strict. You go round to a friend’s house who has cooked a big pasta dish and a lovely cake for desert. Accept that your nutrition isn’t going to be perfect, whilst you should stay on track things always come up and sometimes we just want so pig out, or miss an exercise session. I feel its important to explain in some detail about how nutrition is broken down and the effects it has on your body.
Fresh vegetables and herbs such as spinach, lettuce, rocket, courgettes, broccoli, aubergines, peppers, cherry       tomatoes, sweet potatoes, baby new potatoes, cabbage, spring onions, mushrooms and red onions; basil, coriander, parsley, thyme etc. It’s become common place that fat contributes to weight gain and therefore a diet program should cut out all fats in order for it to work. Flax seed is a great source of omega-3s and fiber, and I suggest you start implementing it into your diet immediately. Monosaturated fats are good and found in nuts, olives, peanuts, avocadoes and olive and canola oils.
So to conclude you should stay away from all processed foods, increase your fish intake, reduce your fatty meats such as pork lamb and read meat and add in flax seed to your meals where appropriate.
Vegetarians often find it hard to implement enough protein into their diets however good sources of protein include soya, tofu, beans, and pulses as well as this dairy products such as yogurt.
You will notice I haven’t talked that much about exercise and mostly about nutrition, this is because your nutrition is key to loosing belly fat.
My professional opinion is that you should all go and see a well respected nutritionist and do things properly from the outset. Carbs aren’t evil, food should be enjoyable but pay attention to the types of carbs you are eating and your portion size. If you are a sugar burner and the chances are if you are not already slim you are, then you need to be prepared to be a bit miserable for between 2 to 4 weeks whilst your body adjusts. Your diet and exercise will require constant adjustment in order for you to see the best results and should be specific to you.
About Tim Hayes Lifestyle FitnessTim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness began with a vision – to create a results-driven, flexible and, above all, realistic personal training service. PrinciplesOne of the most important principles we work with is meeting you exactly ‘where you’re at’ on any given day. Personal TrainerA Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness Personal Trainer will look at what you do in everyday life and how you go about it, taking note of the movements and habits you repeat often and naturally. Our primary goal is to deliver a specific result for each client and this is addressed on an individual basis.
With Jorge Cruise's new weight loss plan The Belly Fat Cure, you don't count calories, you count carbs and sugar. When following Cruise's "carb swap system," you are allowed 15 grams of sugar daily along with six servings of healthy, unprocessed carbohydrates, with a serving being between five and 20 grams of carbs. Cruise is also not a fan of most artificial sweeteners, like apartame, sucralose, and agave nectar.
The Belly Fat Cure contains four weeks of meal plans and over 100 recipes accompanied by photos illustrating "belly good" swaps.
The book cover claims you can lose "four to nine pounds lost every week," but I feel that losing weight more slowly is healthier and more sustainable.
I found going out twice a week..well, MAKE IT SMALL and get as close to the rules as you can!
Even though my results were disappointing, will give it another week before I give up and go back to Atkins where I've had good luck in the past. Staying away from processed junk (thanks celiac disease!) has helped my blood sugar readings and weight loss, but I'm still working on the tummy fat.
Raw fruit has lots of fiber, I don't understand his exclusion of fruit but allowing whole grains. Sorry but anytime I have extra tummy fat, I can't buy into the idea that it comes from eating fruit.
It’s not possible to lose weight in one specific area; however, through exercise you can target a specific area that you wish to lose belly fat naturally in.
Also, keep in mind that you won’t lose belly fat overnight and that there is no one “cure” that will melt away all of your belly fat. When trying to lose weight of any kind, especially losing belly fat naturally, diet is important. Instead, replace all of those unhealthy foods with wholesome fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
You will have to choose exercises that will focus on your midsection to tone your stomach area. Lee Cork is a Fitness Enthusiast and owner of the Brawn Definition Blog and Champion Health Brand. Lee focuses on Muscle Building for Men and Strength Training aswell as Muscle Nutrition and Dietary guides and articles for both Men and Women. Get the printable version of this seven-minute HIIT workout here!When it comes to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Is there a PDF printable of the entire 7-Minute HIIT Workout with all the images and instructions?
Belly fat is one of serious health issues that most of the people face due to the present sedentary lifestyle.
Belly is one the most gullible zone where fatty tissues accumulates .This accumulation of extra content in the fat cells causes the belly to bulge. These exercises usually involve the help of fitness equipment like the treadmill, the stepper, cycle, to name a few.
Aerobics is another form of exercise that involves the utilization of large groups of muscles in a rhythmic pattern so as to reduce belly fat. It is researched and scientifically proven that one has a tendency to gain weight in the mid-section when one is highly stressed. Drinking less water can cause the stomach to get constipated which can result in a bloated tummy and a bad digestion, hence one should increase the consumption of water so to clear the bowels effortlessly and prevent the belly fat from accumulating. In order to get rid of your belly fat it is very important to cut down sugar from your diet completely. While drinking water does lots of good for your body, you can also quench your thirst by drinking some fat-burning beverages.

So you have decided to get rid of your belly fat, just keep in mind that there is no magic wand to give immediate results. Simply following a diet that someone has written in a magazine or book will not necessarily give you the same results as the models or people they advertise with.
You must understand your strengths and weaknesses and respect these before embarking on a fat loss program.
I myself am not naturally lean and so have to be vigilant around diet and exercise in order to maintain a fit and healthy looking body. Most of the before and after pictures you see in various weight loss publications have used people who have been in shape before.
The more disciplined you are the faster you will create a new relationship with your food, exercise and essentially your body.
Having some acceptance around this is key for staying on track, don’t give yourself a hard time just keep going. Simple carbohydrates provide a quick release energy, which means your body will break them down quickly. As the name suggests they have a more complicated structure than simple carbohydrates and as a result the body takes longer to break them down. Fat plays a vital role in the delivery of vitamins A,D,E and K, nutrients stored in fatty tissue and the liver until your body needs them. Not only is this not true its detrimental to any diet plan, what’s important is that you eat the right types and quantities of fats. Natural oils are heated to a very high temperature and bonded with hydrogen to create an entirely new form of fat that stays solid at room temperature allowing manufacturers to churn out thousands upon thousands of food products that appealed to our natural cravings for fatty foods. The problem with saturated fats is that when they enter your body they tend to do the same thing they did when they were in a pigs or cows body: rather than be burned for energy, they’re most likely to be stored as fat.
Like omega-3s, these fats help reduce cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease, but they also help you burn fat.
Chicken and fish are very rich sources of protein with a low fat level, others such as lamb, duck and some cheese are high in protein but also high in unwanted, and largely saturated fats.
And if you aren’t feeding your body what it needs to perform, your exercise routines may not be as effective as you think.
Do not assume what works for one person will work for you, if you are struggling seek professional advice don’t spend hours slogging away at the gym and eating food you don’t particularly enjoy when its not working for you as it will only lead to disappointment, if nothing changes nothing changes. We understand that what might work well on one day might not work so well on another and respect the body’s natural intelligence.
By creating fitness programmes based on so-called ‘functional movement’, we work with the body rather than against it, helping you reach your physical best in keeping with your unique physiology. We do not promise specific results as each client is different and results vary from person to person. Should you choose to follow the plan, the cover of the book promises that you will "lose four to nine pounds every week," which sounds a bit gimmicky to me. Too much sugar and too many processed carbs, which are quickly metabolized into sugar, increase the levels of insulin, and he explains "insulin manages blood sugar levels and controls the accumulation of fat — especially around the waistline." Since protein and fat do not affect insulin levels, you are allowed unlimited quantities while following the plan, and these nutrients have a high satiety factor "so it is unlikely you will overeat them," adds Cruise. The eating plan reminds me of a modified South Beach or Atkins diet, but skips the seriously unpleasant carb-free induction phase. The book is really easy to use as a reference guide, and all the photos certainly help provide motivation.
Cruise does admit that only two to three of those pounds will be from real belly fat, and the rest will be from eliminating "trapped waste matter" — probably another reason to eat all those whole grains packed with fiber. Let me know if you have tried this diet and what you thought about it in the comments section below.
With weight loss products being very competitive, many claim to be the secret to belly fat loss. Don’t aim to have a body identical to a celebrity’s and aim for getting in the best shape possible that you can for you particular body type. It will take work, but of course, like with everything, there are ways to shorten the process.
Eating foods high in fat and sugar and low in nutrients will only contribute to the amount of fat that you have on your stomach. Incorporating weight training into your routine will help you to lose much more belly fat as well. You can edit the content that appears here by visiting your Widgets panel and modifying the current widgets in Sidebar 2.
While it may feel unpleasant to push your body to go faster and harder for that short time period, the rewards are worth it: HIIT helps you blast more belly fat, save time, and burn way more calories (even after your workout is long over) than a lower-intensity workout alone. Flab around the midsection of the body can lead to a host of health issues therefore all those who possess this belly fat and are always on the lookout for easy ways to get rid of it.
A 20 minute session that can be divided for using all of these machines can result reducing the flab easily. It involves practicing certain postures like pawanmukta asana that not only eliminate the belly fat completely; it also improvises the overall health of a person. People land up having a bloated tummy due to the consumption of unhealthy food at odd hours.
If one is perseverant and willing to take simple steps it can be quite easy to reduce the odd bulge around the stomach region. These beverages not only taste good but are also found to be excellent in burnin belly fat. Ideally the simplest way to avoid people noticing your belly fat is to divert their attention to other attractive parts of your body.
If you think that by cutting sweets completely from your diet you can safely continuing enjoying your alcohol, you are just fooling yourself. Getting adequate sleep does not only help you to cut down fat from your midsection, it also helps in losing weight from different angles. Those thin people that eat junk food all the time and never put on weight have naturally conditioned metabolisms. Your body will go into withdrawal from carbohydrates as it tries to figure out how to turn fat into energy. This is because your body will remember how to readjust itself to a previously conditioned state and will not essentially have to start from scratch, thus seeing results much faster than someone who has never trained before. This seems like an obvious statement to make but the fact is, is that most people whilst they say they are committed are not. This is why you will feel an energy burst straight after eating foods with a high simple carbohydrate, or sugar content.
This is not to say they should be eliminated however, but you should choose your meat and dairy products wisely.
They are the fats found in fish, and a diet high in omega-3s has been shown to help protect the heart from cardiovascular disease. Research has found that the body burns more fat in the 5 hours following a meal high in monosaturated fats than after a meal rich in saturated fats. This is of course a blanket statement and does not take into account body typing or daily activity.
I also don’t want this article to turn into a book so watch out for more articles on exercise and fat loss.

I’ve worked with clients in the past who once they had proper blood tests done and knew what foods worked for them, saw much better results, especially when it comes to that stubborn belly fat.
This flexible way of working means we’re always delivering exceptional results driven sessions, giving you the work-out that will challenge you best on the day.
The fitness guru doesn't consider his plan a diet per se, because when following it you don't have to give up the foods you love (like bacon and burgers) — that is, unless you love fruit.
Essentially, the plan will have you reading labels for hidden sugars and looking for whole grain alternatives (think bread, pasta, and tortillas) for your six servings of carbs. Oddly enough, Cruise doesn't encourage exercise either, since it's believed that muscle mass helps process insulin. Also, how can he be against sugar substitutes but yet you can eat at BK which is loaded with over-processed ingredients? Since everyone’s body type is different, what you can achieve will not be the same as what another person can. You can lose a significant amount of belly fat naturally in a short time by changing what you eat alone.
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A study published in the American College of Sports Medicine's Health and Fitness Journal found that a few minutes of training at almost your max can accomplish all of this in way less time than a traditional workout. Just HAD to include this in my Links You'll Love round-up this week so everyone can give it a try!
A bloated belly can give an uncouth appearance and can be a cause of embarrassment and lowered self-esteem. It has been observed that due to low metabolism it is difficult to go for long sessions of workouts.
Eating the proper food at proper times in short intervals has shown excellent results in the reduction of belly fat. When a body is under stress these hormones are released and they aggravate the growth of fat content near the abdominal organs resulting in a bulge.
Some of the superb fat-burning beverages that you can easily prepare at home are ginger tea, matcha green tea and fresh fruit juices. For example, if you have long, lean legs, make them more noticeable by wearing slim pants or skirts.
You might also have come across several posts claiming that a glass of alcohol daily is good for your body. With these top 10 best ways to reduce belly fat you will be able to show off your toned body.
This book is written to guide you with your fat loss program but it’s important that you think outside the box and adapt this to your circumstances and lifestyle. Their bodies are very efficient at burning fat at rest and are not, what I would call ‘sugar burners’. Remember if you have been a sugar burner all your life suddenly telling your body to change is going to be met with some resistance. Time and time again I have clients who use stress, parties, work functions, weekends etc, as an excuse. Research has shown that omega-3s actually alters the body’s metabolism and spurs it to burn fat more efficiently. The basic principle of this diet is to get your body burning fat more effectively and this is done by reducing your carbs and increasing your protein levels. Cruise believes the secret to dropping belly fat is eliminating sugar and processed carbs, and his list of belly bad food includes foods naturally high in sugars like carrots, beets, and most fruits.
He does suggest walking for cardio and places three abdominal exercises toward the end of the book. It requires a lot of perseverance to shed the belly flab totally but one can get started on this mission by first attempting to reduce it. One need not exercise for long hours, instead sessions, as short as 20 minutes a day is sufficient to loose flab easily, not only from the stomach area but all over the body. Consuming a plant based diet food also helps because it is low on calories and is highly fibrous. The best way to de-stress is by relaxing in the form of following a hobby, meditating, going for a slow walk and doing many other such activities.
It has been found that excessive sugar in the body leads to accumulation of fat, mostly around your belly.
Herbal teas have ingredients that assist in cleansing the body, accelerating metabolism and also reduces stress. Showing off your cleavage cleverly is another trick that will make people stare at you without noticing your belly fat. But before following them blindly you must understand that these studies do not publish the cumulative damaging effect of alcohol on your body. This resting time helps the body and brain to function efficiently and thereby assists in burning those stubborn belly fat. The efforts that you are making to get rid of belly fat may start showing off after few weeks. Think of sugar as a bad relationship, whilst it gives you instant gratification it will never for fill you long term and it’s time to move on.
There are supplements out there you can take but fish is also a great source of lean protein so I suggest you get your fish oils from fish. The diet laid out in the program as a result has much higher levels of protein which can be reduced once you have reached your desired body shape.
Cardiovascular, aerobics, free hand exercises, calisthenics, Yoga are some of the easy forms of workouts.
Some of the harmful effects of sugar include insulin resistance that causes other metabolic problems in the body. Lack of sleep or rest can leave you feeling exhausted and eventually hinders your physical performance. Cruise concedes that after you reach your ideal weight you can add in two servings of fruit of day, but he still sounds wary. If I'm going to go out of my way to avoid sugar, I think sugary processed stuff should be the first thing to go or to be eaten a very limited amount of the time, not fruit. The ACSM's interval workout consists of 12 exercises, which should be done at an intensity of eight on a scale of 10; each exercise lasts 30 seconds, with a 10-second rest in between. Moreover besides cutting down sugar it is equally important to avoid all forms of artificial sweeteners. Furthermore, not getting enough sleep can even hinder the production of important hormones that regulate body metabolism.
So make sure that you avoid late night works and give your body adequate rest that it needs. Keeping the intensity up — and the rest periods short — is key, so keep reading to learn the moves and then get going!

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