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A sacred heart diet as supposed to be had been started at the Cardiology Department, Sacred Heart Hospital.
Basically, this diet is a 7 days diet plan where the person is given a pre fixed diet consisting of a soup recipe and a guide for eating seven days diet.
The sacred heart soup recipeThis soup can be taken at any time of the day as it adds no calories to your body. Day 1: Soup and Fruits (except Banana)On the first day, you can have fruits like cantaloupe, watermelon, berries, apples, oranges.
Day 3: Soup, Fruits and Vegetables (except Potato)On the third day, you can have all the fruits including those you had on the first day and all the vegetables you had on the second day. If you had religiously followed The Sacred Heart Diet until today, must have shed up to 7 pounds!!!!
Day 4: Soup, Milk and BananasWith the diet, plan followed for the first three days your body must be craving for carbohydrates, calcium and potassium.
Day 7: Soup, Veggies, Brown Rice and Unsweetened Fruit JuiceYou can stuff yourself with vegetables, soup, steamed brown rice and fruit juices as much as you can.
If you don’t want to have beef in your diet, you can go with skinless boiled, broiled or baked chicken. If you had religiously followed The Sacred Heart Diet until today, must have shed up to 10 – 17 pounds!!!!
The diet makes the Dieter avoid the intake of processed foods such as flours and refined sugar. Sacred heart diet makes the person’s diet rely on fruits and vegetables for one week, which is beneficial for not only belly fat reduction but also aids in the weight loss and healthy body. The American Heart Association and Sacred Heart Hospital disagree with the fact that they have any relation with the diet.

The new study was presented yesterday at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago.
The research shows that radiological imaging reveals that women with more visceral fat had increased bone marrow fat and decreased bone mineral density.
The results add to a growing body of work that suggests visceral fat is worse for your body than subcutaneous fat. According to obesity statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 72 million American adults are considered obese. While the United States discusses the growing concerns over belly fat, the United Kingdom is considering a 'fat tax' on junk food to help curb their rising obesity rate.
The National Women's Health Information Center has reported that 10 million American woman have osteoporosis and 18 million more have low bone mass, placing them at risk for the disease. It was given as a treatment to obese people to lose some weight before undergoing an operation. Include loads n loads of green leafy vegetables like romaine, spinach, lettuce, other vegetables cooked or uncooked.
For the breakfast, you can have fruits and for the lunch and dinner have veggies together with the soup. So to fulfill their deficiency one must have at least 3 bananas and drink as much milk as possible together with the soup on the fourth day. The diet suggests that the Dieter must have about 10 – 15 ounces of ground beef, one can of the tomatoes (6 fresh tomatoes) and at least 1 cup of soup on the fourth day.
Long thought to protect against the disease, high levels of belly fat may hurt bone health and increase women's risk for developing the bone-weakening disease, research has determined.
Miriam Bredella, a radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, "because obese women at 30 should have totally normal bones," according to a report by Live Science.

Subcutaneous fat lies just below the skin, and visceral or intra-abdominal fat is located deep under the muscle tissue in the abdominal cavity.
However, there was no significant correlation between either subcutaneous fat or total fat and bone marrow fat or bone mineral density. Previous studies have linked belly fat with an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, said Live Science. It’s a diet plan where you can eat as much as you can or want but only the foods mentioned below.
However, The American Heart Association and Sacred Heart Hospital disagree with the fact that they have any relation with the diet. The diet has a remarkable resemblance with the cabbage soup diet and claims that a person can reduce 10 – 17 pounds in the first week.
So, you have to include only soup and fruits in your diet on the first day and nothing else. Genetics, diet and exercise are all contributors to the level of visceral fat that is stored in the body.
Obesity is associated with many health problems including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, sleep apnea and joint diseases. However, it is always advised to consult your physician or nutritionist before opting for The Sacred Heart Diet. Excess visceral fat is considered particularly dangerous, because in previous studies it has been associated with increased risk for heart disease, said the report shared by the Radiological Society.

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