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The NY Times story Adding a Big Dash of "Health" to Low-Carbohydrate Diets reports a study discussing a new diet buzz word: Eco-Atkins. BariWise Instant Drinks - Chocolate 7 Servings Per Box Tastes just like chocolate milk except it has 15 grams of protein and is aspartame free. BariWise Instant Drinks - Cafe Latte 7 Servings Per Box All the flavor of a coffee house latte now can be yours in an instant mix that provides 15 grams of protein per fat-free serving.
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The study showed that both groups of dieters lost significant amounts of weight, however the vegan Eco-Atkins dieters LDL (bad) cholesterol went down 20 percent.

Low-carbohydrate diets have long been shown to be an effective method of weight loss-when properly followed. However, there have also been a wide range of health concerns surrounding a diet high in animal products. Animal products are higher in saturated fat, carry the risk of animal hormones, are low in fiber, phytochemicals and many nutrients. High protein diets and high intake of saturated (animal) fats can lead to health problems involving your urinary and cardiovascular systems.
And as was shown in the study, a diet high in saturated animal fats can lead to elevated LDL cholesterol.
Thus, a vegan version of Atkins, would seem to hold the same positive effects on weight loss without all of the negative health effects associated with high intake of animal products.
You can easily eat a high protein vegan diet and reap the many benefits and weight loss outcomes without the negative effect on your health-especially when it comes to cholesterol.

Vegan proteins like soy, pea, hemp, nut, grain and algae proteins are all relatively low or free of saturated fats.
And plant-based foods are much higher in fiber, phytochemicals, enzymes and many nutrients that positively effect your health.How to go Eco-Atkins.
My thoughts and experience on the traditional Atkins Diet: I have to admit that my freshman year in college, there was a brief few months when I waffled in my vegetarian way of life and actually experimented with eating meat again.
There I was at Boston University, filling my cafeteria tray with piles of lean white turkey meat and puddles of spicy mustard to dip it in.

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