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How to build up the muscles of the shoulder girdle, as lots of people, in particular men, prefer this particular group of muscles.
Men who want to remove from the arm and shoulder the extra fat, but, of course, many women also find useful tips here. Professional bodybuilders workout arms give the same amount of time, as well as to pump the rest of the body!
There are several ways to pump up your hands, removing from them with the extra weight: it is necessary, or performs a special exercise program, or to swing himself. Many people believe that to increase the biceps and triceps exercise is quite simple to do and see to it that these muscles are strained. To start propose to talk about the development of the biceps, or the language of professionals – the biceps machine.
This exercise for weight loss can be called a hand isolated or concentrated that is aimed precisely at the biceps. Exercise with straight neck is similar to the previous one, but it does have some advantages: it is aimed at the entire load of the biceps. There are a large number of exercises and their variations, to losing weight and strengthening the biceps.

This exercise can be performed while standing, but we would recommend you to do it while sitting with a focus for the back to reduce strain on the spine, or to apply now. For its implementation must lie on the bench, straightened up his hands to the floor, and ask your partner to give you a vulture.
In my slanted view, the human body must be relative pumped, but then it looks really impressive, and, nevertheless, can not but agree that pumped hands look very attractive.
However, the return to ordinary people, who not only want to develop their muscles, but also lose weight. Choosing the second option implies that the person already knows some of the nuances of this case, since the specific details will have to pay a lot of time. Take a sitting position on the edge of the bench and pumped his hands rest against his elbow into the inside of the thigh (just above the knee), and then begin to bend the arm. Keep your back straight, straighten shoulders and keep your elbows slightly and bend your body forward. You need to bring the dumbbell in a pancake and make the fingers of both hands under the top pancake. In carrying out the exercise, keep your elbows parallel to each other throughout the approach, trying to breed them well in hand.

Bend your arms at the same part of the arm from the elbow to the shoulder should remain stationary.
Common efforts are also able to lead to a significant result in the end, it is better to do something than nothing at all, but this result might not be so, to what you’re aiming for. Although these exercises seem similar at first glance, in reality, they include various muscle bundles. Taking the bar, fully straighten your hands, rejecting in part to the side faces (about 45 degrees from vertical). You then need to gently bend your elbows until the dumbbells will not appear on their heads.
Pay particular attention to the fact that it is necessary to perform this exercise without the help of the back muscles and not making a movement (rocking and jerks) in the hip joint.
To exercise had its own effect; you need to keep your elbows parallel to, not to plant them, take a narrow grip the bar.

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