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At 206 kilos, it was nearly an impossible task for Adnan Sami to lie down without the aid of pillows. The situation went worse in 2005 when he developed lymphedema in his knees and for this he had to undergo a surgery that layed him bedridden for three months.
The turning point came when his doctors told him that with this much weight he could not survive for more than six months.
Getting excited to see the results, Adnan Sami said, “I started noticing small changes like I could lie down, sleep longer, my sleep apnoea was beginning to disappear slowly, I could stand longer.

Speaking regarding his breakfast, lunch and dinner, he started his day with sugarless tea and for lunch just ate salads with one table spoon of fat free toppings. Due to his huge weight whenever he lied down, the extra fat pushed against his lungs thereby causing sleep apnoea. Internally also he felt that his body was unable to bear his weight and may give up any day. So he opted for a well made diet plan and with the help of this only he lost 40 kilos of weight.

He found it difficult to do daily routine activities like leg stretching and standing straight on his feet.

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