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Bollywood music has always kept independent music on its back foot but the indie scene is now gradually making its space back again in the country.
Adnan Sami is one singer who has easily managed to balance his career between independent music and Bollywood music. The guy, who gave us chartbusters like 'Lift Kara De' and 'Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mei' among others in early 2000, feels that he has a deeper connect with independent music emotionally than Bollywood. In an exclusive conversation with ANI in the national capital, Adnan said, "Both the genres are beautiful for me because they all come from the same seven notes.

The singer recently treated his at Gardens Galleria, Noida with his soulful melodious voice when he performed after a gap of long four years in the national capital. Adnan Sami also revealed that Delhi has a very emotional crowd and he is an emotional person. Adnan Sami is set to perform at his first public concert in the capital after getting Indian citizenship. The evening is called Adnan Sami Live and he will perform for two-three hours, organisers told us.

Pakistani singer and actor Adnan Sami Khan getting prepared for a rockstar role in his upcoming movie. Considering that Adnan has only performed at private gatherings in the NCR in the recent past, and it's been four years since he performed at a concert here, the organisers are expecting a good response.

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