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Ok, we’ve eaten our body weight in food, relaxed like it was an Olympic sport and have been far too busy enjoying ourselves to exercise.
Are you up and out of the house at 6am – walking the dog, enjoying the sunshine or running on the beach?
We are not telling you to lose weight, get rid of your vices or that you should be more like us. We are trying to pass on the gift of our new found pleasure – eating fresh, amazing food that not only tastes delicious but that gives you health, vibrancy and detoxifies your system. If the meals seem too expensive to you – can you buy just for yourself (you ARE important too) and make a budget version for everyone else for now?
The quinoa salad pretty much takes any vegetables or salad ingredients and is esepcially nice with fetta cheese. The easiest brown rice sushi I make is tuna, cucumber and avocado which I always have in the house so just use the recipe for the sushi method and use up your own ingredients. Bircher muesli with nuts, goji berries, coconut, coconut yoghurt (optional) and chia seeds. Place all items around a plate – drizzle with olive oil, a little lemon and sprinkle with Himalayan salt. Put your fillet of fish on some foil and add a handful of chopped parsley and a tablespoon of butter. Spread avocado and a little mayonnaise over the base of the wrap (mountain bread) and then grate beetroot, carrot, zucchini and cheddar cheese. Lettuce wraps–  2 iceberg  lettuce cups, 2 chicken tenderloins, 4 strips of haloumi, thinly sliced cucumber, tomato, and red onion, avocado and mayonnaise.
Finely chop onion and garlic, add 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil to a large frying pan (that has a lid). 140g Mixed gluten free flour, 1 egg, 300g almond milk, 20-40g rapadura sugar, pinch of salt, 20g melted butter. When sausage, mushrooms and tomato are cooked place on a plate, wipe out frying pan and add a teaspoon of butter. Place pork fillet in a baking dish lightly greased with tasteless coconut oil oi olive oil.  Brush fillet with either oil then season with salt and pepper and 1 teaspoon of ground cumin. I had decided to give the white stuff up for two reasons: first, a nutritional rap sheet that starts with empty calories and, evidence suggests, proceeds to addictiveness and the promotion of obesity. I start my experiment by asking, “What’s so bad about sugar?” But the real question is, “What’s so bad about sugars?” The plural is important, because when you start digging it’s clear that the flower-pattern bowl is the least of your worries. We’re used to hearing that these four calories are empty – energy poured into the body with no additional nutritional value.
The childish but true answer is that it’s hiding, according to Aubrey Sheiham, professor of dental public health at University College London.
Week two is a week of discovery – specifically, discovering how much sugar is in things I like to eat and banning them. It’s within this fraught context that my biscuit battle occurs, at the end of week two when I’m feeling confused and hopeless. While we’d all agree it takes a mental effort to resist sweet foods, research suggests there’s a physical basis to our sugar urges too. What I get particularly cross about is that it can be difficult to spot, thanks to inconsistent labelling.
The response of the food industry, Simon explains, is to argue aggressively for self-regulation.
More worryingly, the food industry is also involved in government-sanctioned nutrition studies and in the bodies which decide the daily guidelines themselves.
When my month without sugar ends, not only do I not go back to cereals and flapjacks, I’m not tempted to. Sauces: Some stir-in varieties contain 25g, while ketchup and salad dressing can deliver 5g even in tiny doses.
Granola bars: Often advertised as healthy snacks, but an average bar contains around 14g of sugar.
Yoghurt: Not as healthy as you'd think – the flavoured and low-fat varieties typically contain around 20g of sugar. My modified Ketogenic diet plan: Please let me emphasize that this is the plan I worked out for my son and it worked for him.
Kiran loves goat milk, which is a dairy product but if you are allergic, dairy intolerant, or just avoiding dairy as in a vegan diet, then substitute with nut based milks or soy (yuck!).
If you are fine with dairy, then go ahead and make your own milk by mixing cream and water, so you have a higher fat content milk. Snacks  – Carrots, celery, cucumbers, dipped in nut butters, roasted vegetable dip, tomato chutney dip, my nut free pesto (click here) and salsa (click here). The interrelationship of the three systems means that one system depends on the other to maintain proper posture and alignment.
Once you have a postural deformity,then you have a tendency to compensate for that deformity with a exaggerated or another deformed compensating motion.
The hamstrings in the back of the upper thigh, flex the knee joint and extend the hips and are critical in establishing a normal range of joint movement. The body compensates for tight hamstrings by increasing motion in, and pressure on, the lumbar spine.
This can put significant pressure on the lumbar spine,and now you develop a back ache because of the added pressure. Pliable and resilient hamstrings are able to keep the kinetic chain in proper posture and the stress created by movement is absorbed by the supple hamstrings. The exercise movement is done by the hamstrings and there is no compensating pressure on the spine. There is also a concept called relative flexibility.Relative flexibility Increases the mobility or frequency of movement and range in a joint or muscle near a body part or muscle with restricted mobility. Relative flexibility can account for overuse, sprain, or strain of a joint or muscle due to tightness in an adjacent joint or muscle. For example, the lumbar spine strain,which we’d mentioned above, due to short hamstrings which limits hip motion. Inflexibility and muscle imbalances are primarily caused by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of a stretching program. Consequently, flexibility training has become increasing important in the ability to correct muscle imbalances.
Obviously,improper posture, along with a deficient or absent stretching program,causes these muscle imbalances. Injury not only can occur working out in the gym,playing sports,running, walking or any of the myriad physical activities you now engage,but as muscle imbalances become exacerbated,even simple daily activities can cause an issue.
Younger people,in pretty good shape, work out in the gym and wonder why they’d gotten injured. Studies were done that verified muscle tightness in the quadriceps and hamstrings,that led to a much greater risk of injury. The obvious example is being right handed and doing everything based from the right hand orientation,or conversely, the left hand orientation. In fact,your entire body is a dichotomy,based on the fact your right cortex operates the left part of your body and vice versa.
So clearly, you can see the reasons for the development of the scientific flexibility training,that was incorporated into modern personal fitness training.

Well flexibility is the the pliability of the adjacent muscle tissue that allows its accompanying joint a full range of motion. Optimum flexibility and movement implies not only the pliability of surrounding musculature,but also a term called neuromuscular efficiency. Basically,what this means is that the nervous system has bundles of motor nerves,kind of like a telephone cable carrying a large amount of wires.
At a specific junction or synapse, the motor neuron,chemically communicates with the muscle fiber,the efficiency of which is dependent upon this neuromuscular control. A total failure here can lead to some of the most serious neuromuscular diseases,like Duchenne muscular dystrophy,which can develop from a defective or mutated protein that is partly responsible for this transmission. But neuromuscular efficiency is ability of the nervous system to properly recruit the correct muscles to produce and reduce force.
Obviously,this transmission of nerve impulses between this synapse is critical for movement,but from a flexibility perspective,it controls the range of motion in the three planes. The musculature upon which this neuromuscular control is based is important because for every contraction there is an opposite elongation. Moreover,there are stabilization muscles that support the process in the three planes of motion. All muscles,their opposites, and stabilizers work together to move a joint through a full range of motion,the efficiency of which is dependent upon the pliability of the muscle tissues and neuromusculature competence. You’ve also seen how the skeletal system fits into the equation,as the lumbar spine can develop pain or can be thrown out of alignment from tight hamstrings or from poor posture. The entire maintenance and optimization process is called flexibility training in the new science of fitness training. The new flexibility training concepts defines postural distortion and a lack of muscle flexibility as the most significant contributors to muscle imbalances.
You saw above that for a joint to move through an optimum range of motion in a specific plane,and for maximum efficiency of body movement,you can’t have muscle imbalances. These muscle imbalances are caused primarily by poor posture due to muscle tightness, or is it the other way around? However, there could be other factors involved, like genetically different sized limbs for example.
So you see we’ve added another skeletal component to the interdependent functionality of the kinetic chain.
But keep in mind that most non-genetic imbalances can be corrected,and flexibility training can extend and maintain the optimum range of motion. The muscle imbalance is always a forced compensation between the primary, opposite, and stabilization muscle tissues supporting a joint.
The bad thing about forced compensation is that it always leads to some form of injury,which can be either minor or major. Forward and opposite side musculature,with the accompanying stabilization muscles,are interdependent. If one lenghtens the other shortens.Or if a primary muscle is atrophied or injured, the stabilization muscle could compensate.
In the motor neuron and the muscle fiber synapse,there is a neurotendinous spindle which senses changes in muscle tension, this is called the Golgi tendon organ. Think of Golgi tendon organs has like a thermostat, cause it electrically senses muscular tension and rate of tension change. Its primary duty is to make the muscle relax when under excessive stress during a 20 or 30 second static stretch for example.
There’s a specific impulse to the GTO spindle that senses tension to the muscle and causes it to relax.
The relaxation of the muscle allows the muscle to be stretched,and the continued and consistent stretch of a muscle will eventually make that muscle flexible and supple. Static stretch is all about training a muscle based on holding that muscle in a stretched and relaxed position for one-half  minute and the consistent and continual repetition of that static stretch.
Bear in mind, that repetitive motions can put excessive stress on the joints after the development of muscle imbalances caused by lack of flexibility.
This repetitive motion injury can be from poor posture on the job,or from the same repeat motion in the gym. So you develop tissue trauma,muscle spasms, and inflammation from these repetitive injurious motions. This is why another stretching technique called self-myofascial release was introduced by the scientific community. This can harm the malleablility of muscle tissue when it forms an inelastic collagen matrix.
Corrective flexibility uses static stretching and foam roll to improve imbalances and non-normal joint motion. Active flexibility is used to improve the pliability and range of motion.Active flexibility incorporates more movement into the exercise,it uses an active stretch as opposed to a static stretch. Functional flexibility is like active flexibility, but is more advanced oriented toward the athlete. It uses dynamic stretching,more movement oriented and designed to take the person through a more dynamic range of motion. Both active stretch and functional stretch incorporate sets with repetitions,rather than holding a stretch for 30 seconds. Keep in mind,that the static stretch is used for corrective flexibility,caused by poor posture and muscle unbalances.All the stretch types use the foam roll stretch to break up fibrous tissue. Have you ever noticed that guys can put away meals without seeing a huge amount of gain, or then shoot off to the gym and come back a few kilos less? A new animal study conducted by Lora Heisler, of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland has found that a class of hormones known as POMC peptides, which regulate body weight, acts differently in female mice than in male mice. In female mice, the source of POMC peptides reduces appetite, but it does not raise physical activity or calorie burning the way it does in male mice. While it is obvious that humans and mice are not entirely alike, the findings may kickstart more studies in the future to figure out exactly what helps us lose weight.
I tried to lose weight on and off for a long time until I found out that I was getting married.
Or are you more of an evening person – heading to a class once Dad is home to take over?
We do not feel deprived, like slaves of the kitchen or sad at watching others gobble down a sausage roll for lunch. I try and have two, give my husband three and the kids one or two and then fill the rest of the plate with the yummy side dishes.
You can buy organic and free range meat from a range of stores, Wembley IGA, the organic stores in Perth, The Boatshed and Mondos butchers. Take your dog for a walk, do a few yoga stretches on your mat, meet a friend for a work out or take a class. These are guides to how to put these types of things together and just use what you have already bought. Dress with olive oil, salt and lemon and it will be delicious regardless of the ingredients.
Mix in a food processor for 30 seconds or until a smooth batter and fry in pancake shaped batches. I have promised myself to go all organic in 2014 and really focus on my health and my family’s… and this has taken so much of the overwhelm away!

Second, there’s no such thing as cutting down on sugar as you might cut down on booze or impure thoughts. In fact, while everyone was busy demonising fat, carbs – including sugar – took its place in many foods advertised as healthy low-fat options.
The first things to go, in week one, are the hits that make up my most obvious sugar consumption – the sprinkle over my cereal, the two I take in tea, the afternoon flapjack, the occasional chocolate bar. Luckily I also find that I like black coffee, which is important because I get energy slumps. Cereal is first to go – without exception, every box I look at contains added sugars, even ‘healthy’ options such as bran flakes and muesli. The National Institute for Physiological Sciences in Japan ran a study with mice, which showed that when they expected to eat something sweet their bodies released orexin, a chemical which encourages the muscles to take up sugar from the bloodstream. I don’t lust after sugary foods at all – in fact, I become unbearably pious, exclaiming airily how easy it’s been. In Britain, these guidelines were first drawn up in 1979 by a committee chaired by Professor Philip James of the Medical Research Council’s clinical nutrition department.
Glucose is the fuel of life, the energy supply that our body’s cells use, while fructose is the evil twin, which is metabolised primarily in the liver. The “Is it sugar?” that pops up every time I go to snack makes me conscious of just how much I snack. My energy levels are more consistent, I’ve lost weight easily (5kg in under two months, while exercising less than normal) and, most importantly, I’m looking carefully and critically at the food I eat. Try jerky instead, it’s a similarly ready-to-go snack, with no sugar and a solid hit of protein.
Try Greek yoghurt instead, it’s 30% protein, and will fill you up effectively to reduce snacking urges. Try sourdough instead, it has minimal sugar and still excellent toasted with a poached egg. I switch around the vegetable options between asparagus, green peas, pumpkin, cauliflower and tomatoes. Have you found that allowing Lentils and Beans (chick peas) etc – still allows for the Ketogenic state? After following a strict ketogenic diet for our son, we slowly increased his carb consumption, while monitoring his epilepsy.
Or after school drop off will you just put the baby in the pram and head for the most scenic walk where you can meet friends and have a green smoothie afterwards?
It is hard getting your head around spending a little more on cuts of meat but our budgets balance out. I thought people were only trying to rip me off by selling the same can of tomatoes for $1 more. I get the butcher to slice it thinly (quicker cooking time too) and my husband gets a couple of slices, I get one and the kids get one each.
Sugar is packaged and processed with so many products, many of which give the impression of being healthy, that it’s full-time vigilance or nothing. And it has invaded apparently unrelated foods to such an extent that it’s difficult to avoid.
Steps taken to defeat obesity drove millions of us to increase our sugar intake, which in the Western world has tripled in the last 50 years. For the first time in my life it feels like I’ve reduced the sugary noise in my diet to the point where I can feel the effect of certain things, such as the increased alertness caffeine brings, or the extra energy a carb-heavy pasta lunch gives me before evening football. There’s the government-backed traffic light system, which colour codes key nutritional values (fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt) for an at-a-glance guide; and, sitting somewhat awkwardly alongside, the What’s Inside Guide alternative, which lists selected guideline daily amounts (GDA) as percentages. It is organised by a group called the Food and Drink Federation, whose members include Coca-Cola, Mars, Nestle and Tate & Lyle. Thanks to complex chemical effects, fructose can suppress the body’s natural hunger feedback loop, says Lustig. As soon as I realise nearly everything has added sugar, I resent it and want something naturally good and enjoyable. Do you feel the same kind of pleasure eating your fresh healthy meal as you would a processed one?
Little did I know that some have preservatives to leave them on shelves longer (hence the cheaper price) or use tricks like filling more with water.
I’ve recently got down to one little expresso in the morning and that is it for my fix.
Otherwise use what you have in the house and switch up the recipes, buying what you can where you can.
When the chicken is almost cooked add the haloumi and cook until lightly browned on each side.
When you turn the sausage add chopped mushrooms and a sprinkle of salt salt, pepper and parsley gently mixing while they cook. In the UK our consumption is around 567g per person per week, an increase of 30% in 30 years.
Flavoured yoghurt is the same, especially low-fat variants which – like so many snacks boasting of lower fat levels – add sugars to improve the taste. But if the food doesn’t arrive, the mice are left with an urge to eat and less energy with which to resist.
But the British Nutrition Foundation, which accepts financial donations from the food industry (including Tate & Lyle and British Sugar plc) and was involved in the committee, objected. If avoiding dairy and are leery of nut-based milks because of allergies, try coconut milk and coconut cream for topping cereals and making hot drinks like cocoa or even coffee (for adults). If you dont think your family will be happy with that (you could always try and see) then buy them your usual cut of meat. We will endeavour to use the ingredients you buy in the first week for the rest of the month long challenge so look at the first week shop as an investment.
Meanwhile, according to NHS statistics, the prevalence of obesity in the UK rose from around 6% in 1978 to 26% in 2010. Still, I last the week, and add up all the grams of sugar I’m no longer consuming, arriving at a figure of 304g.
Hot cooked oatmeal is better than store bought pre-packaged dry cereals and can be topped with coconut milk and sweetened with coconut sugar or pure maple syrup.
Stomping up and down supermarket aisles inspecting labels for sugar has led me to the realisation that, as our food has become more processed, refined, stripped of fat and fibre and built for a long shelf life, sugar has seeped into just about everything as the easy way to keep the stuff palatable.
If we were to design a food system from scratch that was to be health-promoting, it wouldn’t look anything like the one we have now. Almond milk (if there aren’t any allergy concerns)  and hemp milk are low carb alternatives.
As an occasional treat, try my rice flour pancakes which are vegan and gluten free (link to video).

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