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A fat-free diet is both unhealthy and ineffective in helping you to lose weight and body fat. First let’s talk about all of the reasons that you actually need fat in your diet, for both good health and weight loss. In order to absorb these essential Vitamins, we must ingest them with some healthy fat in order to absorb them and nourish our bodies.
Most of you have read and heard about the importance of getting plenty of phytonutrients, chemicals found in plants, which fight inflammation, cancer, disease and oxidative stress.
But recent research has shown that your body needs fat in order to absorb those phytonutrients. Now, I should clarify at this point that the full-fat dressings you eat need to be full of healthy fats, meaning monounsaturated fats like olive or coconut oil. As far as weight loss goes, healthy fats help us to feel full and satisfied, which prevents overeating and giving in to cravings.
In addition to all the things that fat does for you, we have all of the things that fat-free foods do to you. Back in the 90s, nutritionists coined the phrase, the “SnackWells Syndrome.” If you’re not familiar with the SnackWells line of packaged foods, they are a line of fat-free cookies, chips, crackers and other snacks that became hugely popular in the fat-phobic 80s and 90s.
When you consume a great deal of sugar in your diet, it causes huge spikes of insulin in your bloodstream.
Another problem with fat-free foods as a weight loss tool is that they can cause overeating.
In other words, a woman eating fat-free cookies may find that she eats ten before she finally feels satisfied, consuming about 1,000 calories causing a huge spike in her insulin levels. On the other hand, a woman eating her favorite, full-fat cookie may only need two or three to feel satisfied, resulting in far less sugar intake, less insulin secretion and only about 300 calories.
Ladies, cutting fat from your diet or even cutting it down to a bare minimum is not the way to lose weight. For many years now I’ve brought unrefined golden granulated and golden caster sugar for every day use and baking as I’ve read so many articles on processed white sugar and how bad it is for you, I was wondering if my choice in unrefined sugar is better or is it still just as bad? The unrefined sugar is better than processed white sugar but it isn’t your best option.
Sugar-free Cookies: the sad thing here is, when they take out the sugar, they add more fat to make up for it! Trail Mix: The unfortunate thing here is, food companies ruin the nutritional value of trail mix by deep frying the banana chips and covering raisins, almonds, etc with partially hydrogenated oils!
Sushi: Regular sushi with the basics (fish, rice, seaweed, veggies) is usually a good choice.
Yes – not all sugar free products will have this issue, but the majority of them will!
Healthy diet is of special importance in today’s world where people go after fast food and spend a large share of their income for treating the diseases that they acquire due to unhealthy eating habits.
Once you decide to switch on to a healthy life style through healthy food habits the first step would be a proper cleaning of your body and flushing out the existing toxins. Fasting should be well backed by naturopathic principles to achieve detoxification and elimination processes than takes place during a fasting to be done at the finest levels.
There are several reasons for both of these facts, but they boil down to three things: your body needs some fat to function, fat-free foods actually sabotage weight loss by causing overeating, and fat-free foods contain high levels of sugar that sabotage your health and your weight loss.

Then we will talk about what all of those fat-free foods are really doing to your weight loss efforts and overall health. This means that they actually need to be coupled with fat in order for your body to absorb them. Because of their phytonutrient content, their fiber and low calorie content, women trying to lose weight eat piles of raw vegetables in an effort to lose weight healthfully. In fact, one study found that women who ate salads with fat-free dressing absorbed far fewer phytonutrients than did women who ate salad with full-fat dressing. The cheap, supermarket brands of salad dressing are made with partially-hydrogenated fats and unhealthy trans-fats, which makes them one of those “out of the fire, into the frying pan” kinds of propositions. The mood-lifting benefits of fat (primarily Omega-3 fats) also help us to avoid emotional eating.
When food manufacturers take fat out of their foods, they increase the sugar (or salt) content in order to replace the flavor that is lost. Not only does insulin stimulate body to store fat (Not what you were going for), but it can also start a cycle of perpetual fat gain. As I said earlier, many studies have shown that people eating fat-free foods actually consume more calories than people who eat the full-fat version of those foods. With the new year comes lots of new resolutions to get healthier, lose weight, eat better, etc. However, many restaurants have tempura sushi – which is basically battered, deep fried meat or veggies wrapped in seaweed.
Studies show that people who consume diet drinks are more likely to gain weight than people who don’t. The key here is to look at labels and make sure that the meat you’re buying has only 1g fat and no saturated fat per serving.
So just be sure to read the food product labels very carefully when making your decision on which product to buy. I guess nowadays there are lots of fake healthy food up in the store such as diet drinks, it is sort of convincing us that we are eating healthy but actually we are not. I agree that the delay in accepting healthy meals and healthy snacks as part of your diet, will expose you to many life threatening diseases. By doing a fasting for a moderate to long term you can get rid of the toxins that was adherent in your intestines for years.
Add a little olive oil just enough to saute ginger garlic followed by chopped onion and tomato.
If you’re one of the millions of women who still believes that a fat free diet and packaged fat-free foods are the key to weight loss, I have some great news for you: you are wrong. Without fat, they pass through your digestive tract and right out of your body without being used. Now, wearing sunblock is an extremely good idea to protect against skin damage and skin cancer, but we get a lot of our Vitamin D by absorbing it through our skin from the sun’s rays. In other words, the women using fat-free dressing were eating all of those veggies almost in vain. This was caused by two things: the lack of satiety usually provided by fat and the high sugar content of the snacks, which led to addictions and cravings. So you might eat less fat in two fat-free cookies, but double the sugar that you would be eating otherwise.

The more frequently you have these insulin spikes, the less sensitive to insulin your body becomes.
Instead, opt for baked potato chips or tortilla chips – and stick to only a handful as a serving! Granola usually has tons of added sugars and fats (the oats are usually tossed with a sugary syrup before they are baked to give them a sweet flavor). I don’t quite understand this connection, but there are tons of articles out there about it. Your best bet is to just read the ingredients list and use this list as a guide as well ?? So glad it was helpful! I'm a Board Certified Health Coach, wife, mom, and food lover from the SF Bay Area (now living in Ann Arbor, MI!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty, and fun! But if you are getting on to the same old life style of frozen foods, chips, unhealthy snacks, fried items, artificially flavored soft drinks and food that will definitely put your body to get used to the same old stale food which it was used to before fasting. It’s scientifically proven that spices if taken in limited quantities not only give flavor to your food but also protection against various cancers.
Not such a great trade, especially when you consider the effects of all that sugar on your weight loss efforts.
Focus on healthy plant based oils such as olive or palm oil, healthy nuts and seeds and their oils. Unfortunately, a lot of people get misled by unfair marketing from food companies – promoting their products as super healthy when they actually aren’t! Fortunately, stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods offer very healthy packaged trail mixes, or you can make your own by buying roasted almonds, raisins, other nuts, etc and mixing your own.
Some of them are very unhealthy since they aren’t really complete soy, but rather the leftovers from other processing.
But if we’re drinking fat-free milk and eating fat-free yogurt, our bodies aren’t going to absorb that Vitamin D. But when you become less sensitive to insulin, you not only store more glucose as fat instead of burning it as fuel, your body also starts sending more insulin to the bloodstream in an effort to correct the problem.
Include some saturated fats from grass-fed meats and pasture-raised eggs as well as butter, milk and Greek yogurt from pasture-raised cows. And smoothies that are made with ice cream, frozen yogurt, syrups, granola, etc can pack 500-1000 calories per drink!
Traditional protein matches with whole foods like beans and rice is better and more complete. I guess what I’m trying to say is a back-to-basics, whole food diet with limited meat and processed ingredients is best. And if you really love granola so much that you can’t give it up, sprinkle only ONE Tbsp of it over yogurt or oatmeal.

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