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This isn’t a crash diet, it’s simply healthy eating based on foods that promote fat loss and discourage fat gain. You’ll notice there are a few otherwise healthy foods (fruit!) on the list of things you’ll eliminate – it’s necessary to promote rapid fat loss.
Combine with our 10-minute Tone & Strengthen Base Workout to maximize results and sculpt a strong, shapely body as you lose the fat! You get fat because carbohydrates, even those from whole grains, quickly convert to glucose. Eliminating carbs forces your body to mobilize its fat stores for energy, fueling everything from brain function to muscles to normal biological functions. Protein and Fat create virtually no insulin response and provide the ideal energy for your body.
Contrary to popular belief, the fats from the meat, eggs and vegetable sources (avocado, nuts, etc.) recommended here won’t make you fat. Crashfit is about the ideas, people, activities and gear that make you a little more awesome each and every day. Crashfit's Tone & Strengthen Workout is just 5 quick exercises to sculpt and strengthen your entire body in only 10 minutes. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. If I stuck to my plan for 75% of my meals last week, I’d aim for 80% (or higher) this week. Making small changes allows you to achieve small victories, building your confidence and getting the success snowball rolling.
Learn how to eat right to fight harder, gain lean muscle weight, burn fat, or just look sexy!
I blame recent technology and modern society for creating busier lives and contributing to poor eating habits. The human body has remained virtually the same for thousands of years yet there are new diets coming out EVERY YEAR!
I’ve heard of the protein diet, the atkins diet, the vegetarian diet, the high-carb diet, the low-carb diet, and the SLOW-carb diet.
As a fighter, eating properly increases your performance, decreases your recovery time, while maintaining a lean (and sexy) body weight. The boxing diet varies from a normal diet in that you have to center your diets around your workouts.
Aside from breakfast, the workout meal is the second and only other big meal on your training day.
If you need, have a SMALL snack before or after the workout, followed by a recovery meal when you get home. Later meals in the day should be kept small so that you’re not going to bed starving, but also not sleeping with unused calories.
The glycemic index is a chart ranking all carbohydrate foods according to their effect on our blood sugar levels. High GI carbs (bad carbs), are simple carbs like candy, that break down too quickly flooding your blood with too much sugar.
Regularly consuming too much carbs (sugar) at once increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes over the long run.
Low GI carbs (good carbs), are complex carbs that take longer to breakdown thereby providing constant energy throughout the day. Follow the glycemic index chart and do your best to eat carb foods that rank low on the glycemic index. Many seafoods, such as white fish and shell fish will qualify as lean meat and also provide good essential fats. Micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) are different from macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fat) because they are only necessary in tiny amounts. Fiber is a carbohydrate found in whole grains, nuts, wheat bran, vegetables, oats, citrus fruits, apples, barley, beans, etc. There are supplements I do recommend, like fish oil, omega 3, flaxseed oil, and other stuff that’s hard to find in regular food. Protein bars, energy snacks, and sports drinks providing quick carbs or sodium (lost through sweat) can be beneficial for long workouts but aren’t necessary.
Creatine causes your body to retain water weight which makes you bigger and helps your performance because their is more water to transport nutrients throughout your body. Whey protein is not needed at all if you’re eating the right foods in your normal diet. Personally, I think it’s disrespectful to your trainer to drink when he tells you not to. Any food that is prepared, stored, or transformed into other forms for consumption or storage is considered processed food. Canned apple sauce – is processed food, possibly loaded with unhealthy preservatives to last longer and sugars to make it taste better.
For example, if your diet requires 1,000 calories to fulfill your normal lifestyle AND boxing workout, then you might get about 500 calories from carbs (50%), 300 calories from proteins (30%), and 200 calories from fat (20%).
Another way to choose your nutrient ratio, is to find a ratio that helps you consume the least calories. Once you find the perfect nutrient ratio to fit your body type, weight loss goals, performance goals, whatever, you only have to follow your calorie intake. The trick to gaining muscle weight is to consume more calories than you use WITHOUT OVER-eating! More tiny snacks throughout the day, especially before your workout (nuts, crackers, apple). Good carbs are Low GI carbs, good proteins are LEAN meats + nuts, good fats are mono and poly fats (nuts, fish, olive oil).
Perfect dietThis article breaks it right down to the basics of why, what, when and how in regards to the diet. It really is everything that it took me ages to find and work out myself, all in one handy little resource, you really deserve to be congratulated on such a thorough and concise guide to nutrition. Oh, and its sometimes handy when the rest of your life gets in the way and you only have 5 minutes for breakfast before you get to work!
When I was in the Army, we were heavily encouraged (sometimes forced) to drink at least 2 gallons of water. From what I’ve read out there, 1-2 gallons is the recommended standard (parallels your recommendations) for normal people, and then I factored in the sweat loss during the morning runs and afternoon workouts.
First thing to do in the morning?Usually when I wake up in the morning, I eat a bowl of cereal and then run but I am trying to lose weight.
Great guide!I just wanted to tell you this is a great resource, I especially love how you have reference links below each topic for our own research. Some complete this process for their whole round of HCG, others will do it for half a round of HCG, and some people do it weekly.
Now all your protein parts of your HCG meals will be ready to thaw and to eat quickly when it is time for an HCG meal.
Remember that not all brands of stevia are allowed on the HCG diet, the top brand of stevia that's allowed on HCG phase 2 is called 'Sweetleaf Stevia' and that is the brand of HCG that we choose to sell for the HCG diet. The Doctor’s Diet has become a very popular plan and people want to know if it meets expectations.
But in addition to the obvious, Travis Stork also wrote the book in a way that helps you adopt the changes he recommends.
In this phase, you kick things off by switching over a new way of eating that will help initiate the weight loss, hence the STAT name. There is a limit to how many calories you can eat, but the best way to utilize the STAT plan in my experience is by simply never eating to 100% on major meals.
There is a lot more flexibility within the Restore plans, but at the same time major emphasis is on healthy eating, though there certain things you will be able to eat such as popcorn. Examples of Restore foods: Everything in STAT + cherries, bananas, oranges, wine, extra virgin olive oil, popcorn, vodka, wine, beer, pears, grapes, pasta (whole grain). Weight loss results here aren’t going to be as quick as during the STAT plan but at the same time, the results you will be ongoing. You will implement many of the lessons from phases 1 & 2 and try to adopt this diet into your life such as snacking in between meals. Following the guidelines of the Doctor’s diet is truly a great way to improve your way of life. Some users complain about the wording in the Kindle edition of this book difficult to see (not really a con, but something to keep in mind). For the most part, this plan is a great approach to not just weight loss, but long term health.
Like I said before, this is NOT a short term fix and it will require commitment to stay on. Also, although it is true one can eat grains during the STAT plan, only one optional serving per day is allowed of a whole grain, as are an optional single serving of a healthy oil and an optional half-cup serving of a high density vegetable. Overall, The Doctor’s Diet is a reduced calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, high-fiber, well-balanced, healthy way to eat. When you eat grains, sugar and other carbs, your fat stores remain intact and unused, and the carbs simply add to them. In fact, your cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels are all likely to improve.
That’s normal, but they’ll pass after the first week or so, after which you’ll notice your energy levels will become more stable, without the ebbs and flows common after large, carb-heavy meals. Just one little cheat opens the floodgate and makes it far more likely you’ll cheat again and sabotage the entire plan.

The videos, photos, workouts, exercises and information, collectively "The Information" provided on this website are for informational purposes only and are used solely at your discretion.
As I tell my daughter in soccer, if you get a little bit better each week, by the end of the season you’re going to be a whole lot better. Brian Wansink, a nutrition researcher from Cornell University, found that when people try to lose weight, they have better success with making small changes, rather than big changes.
This isn’t just a boxing diet plan, it’s a common sense diet plan for anybody to feel and look like a champ!
It is more convenient, socially and personally rewarding to eat crap as we maintain busier lifestyles in school, work, or training. I’m not sure how it came to be that we humans have lost our ability to eat intelligently, something we were born to do naturally.
The way I see it, successful marketing has been repackaging the same facts about proper dieting over and over again to be resold to the poorly-informed (and overly self-conscious) public. The secret to eating right has more to do with common sense than all the science in the world! Boxers need more nutrients than the average person to workout, develop and repair the body. If you wait till your stomach is grumbling, your body is already starving (decreased energy and recovery rate).
Eating within 30 minutes of your workout triggers your body’s recovery phase immediately. Eating a wide variety of foods is key to proper functioning, growth, repair, and maintenance of your body. Starchy foods like breads and pasta will provide a high number of carbs whereas hard foods like vegetables and fruits provide a lower number of carbs. Simple carbs (bad carbs) are considered high glycemic carbs because they cause large fluctuations in blood glucose. The sugar high forces your body to regulate the blood sugar level by releasing high amounts of insulin into your blood.
If you do eat too much in one meal, walk around and exercise to use up that sugar before it affects your blood glucose or gets converted into fat. You don’t have to recount carbs or recalculate anything, just switch off high GI foods like Cornflakes for low GI equivalents like Mini Wheats. From a boxer’s standpoint, protein deficiency can lead to fatigue and loss of muscle mass. Current dietary guidelines recommend a balanced protein diet of lean meats, seafood, and nuts. If you’re just referring to the quality and quantity of the protein in the meat, white and red are equal.
A balanced diet including nuts, whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetable will offer plenty of vitamins and minerals. Humans can’t digest the fiber so it passes through the small intestine helping to keep the body healthy.
In this day and age, supplements are sold under the illusion that they give you some magical performance boost you could. I actually noticed more of a difference eating the necessary foods than just taking a pill.
What if it claims to give you natural nutrients to increase your natural recovery processes? It is better to get your protein from foods because you also pick up the benefits of other vitamins and minerals that come in natural food.
My trainer gave me 100% in and out of the ring, and I feel it’s unfair to give him any less. Americans today have busier lifestyles and don’t have as much time to prepare natural foods.
The processed foods you should avoid are the ones made with trans-fats, saturated fats, or large amounts of sodium and sugar. Strict vegetarian diets that avoid animal foods will lack vitamin B12 unless they eat certain fortified cereals or take pills. See if there are other foods out there that offer cleaner carbs, or higher quality carbs, or come with other nutritional benefits. If you use 3,000 calories a day, then you probably need to consume just as much (unless you’re trying to lose weight, then eat less). Instead of counting every piece of bread and chicken your eat, you can follow a nutrient ratio to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients without over-eat any of them. Look at the nutrition labels on your food and see how many calories you’re consuming with every serving.
Keep adjusting your nutrient ratio and daily calorie intake until you come up with a complete diet that leaves you feeling energized throughout the day, pumped during workouts, lean in the mirror, and still feels full! Your body begins to eat itself, breaking down not just your fat, but the muscle you worked long and hard to build.
They either starve you, or deprive your body of essential nutrients for only short-term weight loss.
Use lower deficits for long-term weight loss and higher deficits for short-term weight loss.
Decrease your entire calorie intake, instead of only your carbs (maintain your nutrient ratio!). This information is very consistent with everything I know about metabolism and nutrition and you bring it into do-able terms. But 1 correction The only thing wrong with this article is the amount of water suggested to consume daily.. Combine that with my personal experiences and you see why I feel 2 gallons is a much safer recommendation for boxers. Sorry to disagree, but Ive gone through roughly 2 gallons over the course of 8 hours before. This way you don’t have continually handle the HCG meat and get your hands all juicy.
Other brands or stevia are not allowed on the HCG diet, such as Stevia in the Raw, Truvia, Z-Sweet, Purvia, Only Sweet, Sun Crystals, etc. Yes, they are more expensive because they do not contain 'fillers', but they are best to ensure fast weight loss. Using different flavored HCG stevias in your HCG allowed drinks will help make the HCG diet do-able and fun! This review will provide you with everything you need to know about it so you know exactly what to expect. This is an important approach to dieting that will help with weight loss while not making you go hungry. A lot of suggested snacks in the Doctor’s diet are actually high satiety foods with low calories. It’s going to come down to eating most of the foods you already had during the first 2 phases.
While the Doctor’s diet is more standard, the 3 Week Diet is better for faster results. Trying to restrict calories will make your body want to hold onto its current fat stores, which will make this hard, and it isn’t.
You may even notice that you’re not starving when you wake up in the morning or craving sweets late at night.
Sugar is particularly insidious…one taste and you’ll just want more, it actually is addictive, and even drinking artificially sweetened beverages may trigger an insulin response, which tells the body to store fat. Crashfit and BikeBoardMedia, Inc., are not liable for any damage or injury caused or sustained as a result of your use of The Information contained herein or shared via other online, print or other media.
HOWEVER, I did speak to boxing coaches, personal trainers, fighters, doctors, one nutritionist, and even friends that lost weight. It wasn’t until I tried boxing that I saw the difference between looking in-shape and being in-shape.
Extreme hunger is usually countered with the next diet mistake, over-eating, which increases fat storage. Once you have a full breakfast, you can make it through the rest of the day on smaller meals to avoid getting hungry.
Secondly, running on an empty stomach helps you lose weight because your body will be burning off stored fat instead of the food you ate that day.
Your biggest meals (like breakfast and before workout) come earlier so that you have all day to burn off the calories. Deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances in diet will lead to reduced physical performance, illness, and many other negative impacts on health. I recommend serious boxers to drink 2-3 gallons of water per day, spread out into 1 cup every hour, starting with one right when you wake up and ending with one right before you go to bed. Drinking too much water during the workout may give you cramps or make you feel like throwing up when the training gets too intense. Complex carbs (good carbs) are considered low glycemic carbs because they produce only small fluctuations in our blood glucose and insulin levels.
The body can’t store protein so you need a little of it everyday (especially on workout days).
Baking, broiling, roasting, and grilling are excellent low-fat cooking techniques that preserve the health benefits of lean meat. Be careful that you don’t eat fish that have too much mercury, which is known for interfering with the brain and nervous system, along with other serious health problems. And then there are bad fats that only clog your arteries, make you fat, and increase your risk to heart disease, cancer, etc.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for proper functioning in all parts of your body from bone growth to brain function to producing red blood cells.
Fiber is great for weight control because it slows down the movement of food through your intestines. You have every right to do whatever you want with your body, but do it on your own time and not on someone who really believes in you and trains you hoping you might one day turn pro and give him a 10% cut. If your muscles need 30g of protein a day to repair worn-out muscle, then that’s the minimum you should consume. Aside from figuring out how many calories your body needs to function, you have to figure out how to divide up those calories.
This would be a problem because you’ll compensate by eating too much pasta to get full and likely end up over-eating more calories than you need.
After a week of watching your calorie intake, you’ll be able to estimate on the spot if your servings are too big or too small. The problem with those diets is not spreading the deficiency or surplus over multiple meals. It’s usually much easier to create a calorie deficit from eating less than from working out more. Did that make no sense?) Basically, if you eat too much in one sitting, the extra will be thrown away as waste.
When I first got home from the Army and tried normal civilian food like hamburgers and pizzas, I felt my arteries clogging right away. Using the right healthy diet principles above, you’ll be able to create a very healthy boxing diet to fit your lifestyle, diet, and workout habits!
I believe the only deficiency that a strict vegetarian diet will have is vitamin B12, which you’ll have to get from pills. I really worry for the safety of the readers and feel the risk of dehydration is much greater risk than over-hydration. Sure, it was hot and work was heavy, but this average person office worker stuff doesn’t hold up when you sweat copious amounts.
The whole point of the Doctor’s Diet is to get you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes more than just eating.
You’re basically going to set the foundations for eating right and after the 14 day period, things will ease up.
Stork recommends eating nuts, particularly walnuts as a great source of protein, energy as well as satisfaction.
Travis does point out some obvious things, he also takes the traditional and most proven approach to helping people improve their health.
Once you’ve hit your target weight, you can bring things like fruit, milk and others back into your diet, which is outlined in our Healthy Eating Food Plan (coming soon). Thus, when you eat carbs, they are predisposed to be stored as fat, even if you exercise a lot. You must eat well to perform well and it was then that I realized the true value of good nutrition. These crazy diets work for a little while, until your body suffers from starvation or deficiencies in essential nutrients. It’s easy to under-eat and end up starving during your workout or over-eat because you feel so hungry after the workout.
If you don’t eat at the right time, it matters very little whether you eat healthy or not–because the food gets transformed into fat anyway! One mistake usually leads to the other, putting your body in a vicious cycle of starvation (decreased metabolism) followed by periods of over-eating (fat gain).
Every friend I’ve had that lost 50-100lbs of weight (epic miracle style), did it with just this one principle alone. It’s not necessary to do your runs in the morning, but the common belief is that it burns off fat stored from the previous night and energizes you for the day.
If you’re like me and spend 5 hours sweating non-stop in the gym, you need a big meal. When your kidneys don’t get enough water to function, the liver is called in to help.
Too much protein (over 30% of your caloric intake) will lead to dehydration and toxic build-up.
Red meat has been linked to many disease with the heart, cancer, etc, because of its high saturated fat content.
This slows down your food absorption, keeping you full and allowing you to last longer with less food. Processed foods are made of raw foods that have undergone a manufacturing process to make it last longer or taste better. Unfortunately, processed food can have harmful ingredients added to improve shelf life (sodium) or enhance flavor (sugar, MSG).
Deficiencies in vitamin B12 lead to weakness, depression, and other problems with your body. What you want to do is spread the extra food across your 5-6 meals giving your body more chances to absorb all those extra calories.
Every athlete, fast metabolism or not, must eat as clean as possible to maximize their performance.
For more information on each tip & to learn how to do each HCG trick keep reading for more details.
These products are not intended to diagnose or guaranteed to treat, cure or prevent any disease. This diet may be difficult to maintain for a lot of people, but at the same time it’s certainly worth trying especially if you already have problems that you need to deal with. Most importantly, I made sure that everything the experts told me did not conflict with anything my trainers told me.
This leaves you hungry and sends your body into starvation mode (decreasing metabolism), making it stingy for energy and storing everything you eat as fat. Eat light foods so that you’re not training with a half a steak still digesting in your stomach. Don’t forget that lean meat is dry meat so try to add some broth or prepare it in a way that retains moisture and flavor. I only cheat like once every 50 meals.) I know other diets allow you to have a cheat day every week but this is fighting. There are also horror stories of other toxins being added to the food without your knowledge. Fortunately, you can take pills for vitamin B12; and all your other essential nutrients can be found in plants. You might have to add some things, remove some others, and make some substitutions along the way.
Your body’s metabolism will decrease to an all new low and remain there even after you give up boxing. Losing weight will require a calorie deficit whereas gaining weight will require a calorie surplus.
I’ll devour a large pizza for lunch, then go out and have thai food for dinner, washed down by soda.
HCG has NOT been approved by the FDA for weight loss, and we agree that HCG alone does not induce weight loss.
Red meat is more beneficial than white meat in many ways because it has more vitamins and minerals your body needs. If the food feels heavy in your stomach, takes long to digest, gives you a sugar high, or makes you drunk, it’s not good for you. From what I’ve seen, most people need to eat more fruits and vegetables while consuming less processed food, sugars, and fats.
You cannot just increase protein, you have to add carbs and fats to balance your overall diet.
I can usually feel the difference within 1 or 2 days as soon as I start eating on a cleaner diet. Even now, I can easily run 5 miles on any given day without having been running, and I owe it to having a clean diet. 2-3 gallons per day is far from ridiculous depending on your circumstances, mainly work load and exercise routine. It is when the HCG is combined with the very restricted diet reference to on these pages that some participants do report weight loss. Sure, you consume more saturated fat with red meat but this is less an issue if you’re exercising. Some bodies are more efficient than others and this has more to do with your lifestyle than it does with your body type, size, age or shape.
Before using this product (as you should before beginning any product), please consult with your healthcare professional, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, have any medical conditions or are taking any medications.
But even the hardest working athletes in the world do not need more than 1.5 gallons in a day.
Its bad for the kidneys to drink too much water, and it also flushes out essential vitamins and minerals. And if a person needs 2 to 3 gallons of water a day to feel hydrated, that is a major sign of diabetes..

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