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The fact is, 90 days of working out is very tough for many people to commit to from beginning to end, and that is only the beginning of maintaining a lifelong commitment to your health and fitness. If you started this journey with a group of family, friends or coworkers, then you probably saw too many of them fall off.
Plan your workout and memorize the workout circuits ahead of time, but have some options for each muscle group in case the equipment you planned on using is not available. Please be sure to read the article below if you have never done, or are not completely sure how to perform, DOUBLE DROP sets.
CIRCUIT: Begin with Lunge Mid-Air Switch, then Triceps Cable Extension Double Drop set, to Ice Skaters, then Helicopter Abs, to Ab Crunch, to Triceps Dumbbell Kickbacks Double Drop set, then finishing the circuit with Ab Leg Raises, Ab Crunch and a 90 second rest.

CIRCUIT: Begin with Mountain Climbers, then Dumbbell Chest Press DOUBLE DROP set, to Cable Curls DOUBLE DROP set, to Squat Jumps, then Cable Chest Fly DOUBLE DROP set, to Dumbbell Curls DOUBLE DROP set, then Finishing with Foot Taps and a 90 second rest. You are going to continue doing circuit training, but we are separating the exercises and muscle groups in to THREE different workouts that you will now alternate between.
Try your best to use DUMBBELLS, when available, for the majority of your circuit, but DO NOT hesitate to use CABLE or WEIGHT MACHINES if the DUMBBELLS you need are not readily available. Free body drills, multi-movement or plyometrics – These are now added into ALL of your Circuit Training workouts.
You made it to the final stretch, and you probably look and feel much different than you did when you first started.

Great work on making it this far; you’ve made it a third of the way to completing the 90 Day Weight Loss Workout Plan. Know where the equipment is that you can use for your circuits before you begin, and be sure to have some options in case your preferred piece of equipment is not available. The quicker you move from one exercise to the next, the more calories and fat you can potentially burn.

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