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The Superfood Grocer Philippines interviews Nicole Tope on her 100lb weight loss on a nutrient-rich vegan diet bursting with life and energy without counting calories. March 26, 2013 by admin Leave a Comment A lot of people ask why switch to a 100% plant based diet?
Get ready to become that best version of yourself: a stronger, healthier, more Supercharged you -- bursting with life, passion, and energy, free from sluggishness and disease. We aim to educate and empower others, especially fellow Filipinos, to choose to live Super lives -- for themselves and their loved ones -- through excellent plant-based nutrition.
There’s no better way to live than to have a strong, vibrant, healthy body in fighting form, to be doing what we love with those we love, while making positive waves in the world. There are some people who are health conscious yet they are obese, there are some who are very athletic yet have high blood pressure, some look fit but they have diabetes, what's wrong? A book so controversial, it's given South Africa a different perspective on how people should be eating and what they are putting into their mouths. The Real Meal Revolution  book will explain to you everything you need to know and the science behind it. The talk only took an hour but with that, so much interesting and mind blowing information was shared. To my fellow runners, maybe Carbo Laoding could be a thing of the past, why not try load up with natural fats like eggs, bacon, cheese and butter before every run? When I arrived in the Philippines, I immediately started BANTING or the LCHF way of eating. Did you try any other diet beforehand and if so please share your experiences with other diets and how you feel a plant based lifestyle is the most sustainable?

I have a background in training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so telling my teammates whom I train with regularly that I switched to eating a plant based diet brought about weird stares and shaking heads in the beginning. We also believe in doing what we do best in order to serve, help, and enable others, whether local communities and farmers, animals, or end consumers who want to learn how to live to become their healthiest selves.
How you can lose fat from doing this, how you will feel stronger doing this and how it could change you as a person and the way you buy and eat your food.
I saw some videos on you tube about the raw vegan lifestyle and it really resonated with me. Meaning the majority of my calories come from carbohydrates(fruit) and a very small amount from fats. According to the book, athletes in the old days normally fed and performed better when they were placed on a high fat diet.
I eat only raw fruits and vegetables and two or three times a week I eat overt fats, meaning avocado, nuts and seeds. I was living a plant based lifestyle blindly while simultaneously trying to research and figure out the right way to do it.
Believe it or not food has a direct effect to one’s health, to other beings, the environment and even the well being of other people.
But if you need to make it a transition, substitute with Stevia, Xylitol or Erythritol - NOT artificial sweeteners. Asthma attacks are less frequent and I'm not craving for any sweets, breads or anything that has high carbohydrate and sugar content. I figured it out through trial and error, where as I would recommend doing your research before embarking on your journey!

Nothing else!  Even better if you can get hold of grass-fed dairy products (to ensure that the cows have not been given grains or antibiotics or hormones).
I am now more aware about what I buy in the supermarket about the labels and what's in there. Usually in the form of smoothies or mono meals( eating a large quantity of one kind of fruit) and then for dinner I have what I refer to as my “hour salad” because it quite literally takes me an hour to eat! There are numerous instances where an athlete can have a horrible diet but still win the world championship. Especially in combat sports like Brazilian jiu jitsu where technique and experience is king.
My friends and family didn’t quite understand in the beginning, but, have become much more open minded as I continue to thrive living this way. It doesn’t matter if you have the better diet, if your opponent has superior technique most likely that will be the deciding factor. These goes for other sports as well, I do believe that people can definitely out train a bad diet. By fueling my body properly it runs efficiently and all extra weight is eliminated naturally.

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